View Full Version : Deathmaze (Spell, 3.5e, Peach)

2010-11-30, 02:14 AM
The idea is to summon a maze that causes you damage on failed attempts to leave, making "not leaving" a viable alternative to those inclined to metagame and to just sit in one spot in the illusion and roll full round actions for about 2 minutes out of the 10 minute duration.

What's the best way to turn this into a lethal spell, preferably not by changing it to a 9th level spell slot?

Without context, Maze has a 2 minute duration for a 10 int creature, adding context, failing a ridiculous amount, or not being able to make the dc20 int check means it can last for 10 minutes.

Perhaps a save vrs. the maze or shortening the duration would allow damage to be added?