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Sir Swindle89
2010-12-01, 03:09 PM
Has any one homebrewed or published a medival fantasy version of the Star Wars saga edition rules set? I don't think it's OGL allowed but that doesn't stop random folks on the tubes from posting stuff for it.

It's a reasonable system and I think a D&D version would be fun.

So help me if some one says 4E I will get rather upset!

2010-12-01, 04:57 PM
I've actually made one myself, well 1/2 way there anyway.

I haven't posted it online because I'm unaware of the legalities of blatantly ripping off a system like this is and would rather be safe than sorry.

2010-12-01, 05:03 PM
I made an Avatar Saga Edition (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119433) - it's incomplete, though. Could be a useful base.

Violet Octopus
2010-12-01, 09:27 PM
Sword and Sorcery SAGA (http://gneech.com/swordandsorcery/) seems all right, despite the garish web design.

Mando Knight
2010-12-01, 11:16 PM
It works straight-up as a decent psionics-heavy system, if you replace the weapons with D&D ones. Swap in D&D races as you like. Roll Pilot into Ride (adding the latter to every class with Pilot but no Ride) and drop Use Computer, Mechanics becomes focused on traps (disable device and such become rolled into one skill) and smithing (i.e. weapon modification), but is otherwise unchanged. Jedi becomes the standard gish, with a Paladin-type being a Soldier/Jedi. You can rename the Jedi as Psychic or Magic Warrior, as you wish, but I'll continue to call them Jedi for ease. Force Points become Action Points, Force can become Magic or Psionics or whatever, and so forth, making Use the Force Spellcraft or some such instead. Vehicular Combat is replaced everywhere by Mounted Combat.

Add in a Mage class, which has d4 or d6 HD, Force Sensitivity and Training, and access to the Jedi Consular and possibly Sentinel talent trees. They get the Noble skill and bonus feat lists, but the Jedi's number of skills trained. Force Training is too strong to be added to the Bonus Feat list of any class, so don't give it to the Mage, either. Some of the Noble talents can be absconded for the Mage class, as well. This is essentially the Cloistered Cleric, Psion, and Wizard/Sorcerer all in one class, defined by the Force Powers you take.

Consider adding in spells that scale like the existing Force Powers, though your job is easier if you have access to all the books, especially TFU, Jedi Academy, and KotOR. Clone Wars also has a few Force powers.

I'd also recommend the following further changes:
Armored Defense is free, encouraging armor use, especially for the equipment bonus to Fort.
Scouts gain Armor (light), and Soldiers Armor (heavy). Jedi could get Armor (light) as well.
Scouts and Soldiers gain proficiency in all simple and martial weapons. Jedi gain proficiency in simple weapons and martial melee. Nobles are proficient in simple weapons, Mages are proficient in either Wizard or simple weapons (your choice), and Scoundrels get the Rogue weapon list.
Lightsaber talents and powers can be used by anyone trained in UtF/Spellcraft/whatever and wielding an appropriate weapon (consider stealing 4E's weapon system instead of 3.5's, then limit Lightsaber stuff to Heavy and Light Blades)
Medpacs remain roughly the same, but more fantastical (simple splints, healing potions, bandages).
Transfer Vitality gains its Force Point augmentation for free, and instead its new FP augment is "add 1d6 to the amount of HP recovered."
Remove Stormtrooper armor, Vonduun Crab armor, armored spacesuit, and Corellian powered armor, otherwise using the core armor to represent analogous fantasy armors. Shields are pulled from 3.5, and shield proficiency is given with Armor (light) or Armor (medium), depending on your preference. The AC bonus is added to Reflex instead.
Consider adding the Armor Check Penalty to UtF/Spellcraft, with an exception through an extra feat given to Jedi (if they get armor) and Soldiers (since anyone can take Force Sensitivity).
Characters get double their HD instead of triple their HD on the first level. The HP is increased due to the higher number of dice rolled for energy weapons.
Use the Scum and Villainy tech modification rules as a baseline for magic item creation. Tech Specialist could be renamed Master Smith. Magic items would be handled through an Imbue Item feat or talent (available to Jedi and Mage), following both the Tech Spec and tech modification rules, allowing them to stack with the Master Smith modifications (masterwork, magical weapon).
Depending on the talent or feat, starship-related things become either naval (if mostly useful on large ships) or cavalry (if for starfighters) related.