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2010-12-03, 03:12 AM
Solar Charms

Everywhere At Once Prana
Cost: 5m-45m, 1wp-5wp Mins: War 5, Essence 5 Type: Simple (Dramatic action)
Keywords: War, Mirror (Ever-Present Doom Lord)
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: None
The Solar is where he must be, when he must be. Such pitiful limitations as distance are irrelevant. The Solar carves out a portion of their soul and Exaltation to create a limited duplicate, choosing the extent of that duplicate's power when he creates it. The duplicate has Essence 1, permanent Willpower equal to the temporary Willpower of the Exalt on the Charm's completion, and a War rating equal to one-fifth the number of motes that the Solar spends on this charm, to a maximum of the Lawgiver's (War-1). The Lawgiver must also spend one Willpower, plus a further one Willpower for every dot of War that the duplicate will have beyond 5. The duplicate also has the Lawgiver's Charisma, Appearance and Intelligence ratings. The duplicate has only 1 in all other Attributes, and no dots in any Abilities other than War, but may have any War specialties that the Exalt possesses. It is otherwise identical to the Solar, including possessing all mundane equipment and mundane versions of all artifact equipment that the Lawgiver owns and is carrying on his person at the time. It may not benefit from Training effects, nor may it gain or spend experience points. So long as the duplicate exists, the Solar must keep one dot of temporary Willpower 'committed' to the duplicate, being unable to recover it until the duplicate dies or the Charm is ended. The death of the duplicate ends this charm.

Should the Exalt so desire, he may have multiple duplicates extant through this Charm at a given time.

Mirror: Ever-Present Doom Lord. Death is everywhere, unhindered by mortal restrictions on matter. This Charm is identical to its Solar counterpart.

Manifold Army of Self
Cost: 40m, 4wp Mins: War 6, Essence 6 Type: Simple (6 long ticks)
Keywords: War, Combo-OK, Mirror (Horde of Reflected Death)
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms: Everywhere At Once Prana
The Solar is her own army, needing no mortal soldiers to change the world with her power. This Charm creates a unit of duplicates of the Solar with Magnitude equal to her (Essence-5). These duplicates are identical to the Solar in all respects, save that they have Essence 1. These duplicates rely on the Lawgiver's direct presence and power for their existence, and hence dissolve if they leave the unit. Such a unit needs no relays. If the Solar already commands a unit, she may instead fill as many special characters as she wishes with these duplicates with a single use of this charm, so long as this does not create more duplicates than she otherwise could. All duplicates created through this charm have all the equipment of the Solar, except that artifacts are replaced with mundane variations where appropriate and other magics are not replicated.

Mirror: Horde of Reflected Death (Prerequisite: Ever-Present Doom Lord). The Abyssal sweeps across the world like a shadow, engulfing all in their path. This Charm is identical to its Solar counterpart.