View Full Version : Bleach d20 PrC (my first, so be gentle)

2010-12-03, 03:37 AM
This is a PrC for the Bleach d20
As said it is my first homebrewed class so I don't know about what tier it is, if it is overpowered or if the requirements are to hard/weird. Therefore feel free to be harsh (It's the only way I'll learn)

Things like SEP is a system like PP for the psion or maybe powerlevel for DBZ (so if you don't know the system, no worries :D)

Follower of Aizen
5 levels

must be evil alignment
Will save rank 10+
SEP score of 6+

HD: D8
BAB: Good

fortitude: Good
reflex: Good
willpower: Bad

level 1 Inner hollow, Hollow mask
level 2 Bonus feat
level 3 Twisted Reiatsu
level 4 Bonus feat
level 5 Resurrecíon

Inner hollow: You gain the "Inner hollow" feat

Hollow mask: Str, dex and Con bonus equal to twice FoA level, fasthealing equal to class level

Twisted Reiatsu: Increase your SEP by one step

Resurrecíon: bonus to Str, Dex and Con equal to FoA level, Hollow growth equal to spellcaster stat modifier (maybe spellscore divided by two?)