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2010-12-03, 11:43 AM
Greetings. Nearly a year ago now, I resolved to run the Call of Cthulhu campaign 'Tatters of the King'. Now, finally, everything has fallen into place, and the first session will happen on Sunday.

So, I thought it might be cool to write it up and share it with you guys. Tatters is an investigation based story, building up to sudden moments of horror and action. If that sounds like your thing then watch this space. Or one down there: V

I'll post up the setup and the PC's shortly

2010-12-03, 01:10 PM
Here we go. The teaser I sent to the players.

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs1208.snc4/156011_10150338919640113_691760112_16228109_176230 6_n.jpg

2010-12-03, 02:29 PM
Relevant to my interests- I just yesterday did some research into The King in Yellow and was considering a MnM villain based on the same. But I digress- *pulls up a seat with bowl of popcorn*- do go on.

2010-12-05, 06:41 PM
First, the Cast:

Dr. Warren Bedford: Aging but experienced retired Professor of History and European Languages at University College London. Pursues his goals with a frightening intensity. Possesses the most prior Cthulhu Mythos experience.

Mr Dixon Hill: Hard bitten, ex-cop, private detective originally hailing from Chicago. Fled to London to avoid the mob. Old acquaintance of Dr. Bedford's.

Rev. James Thatcher: Fervently pious Anglican minister, published in the burgeoning field of psychotherapy. Experienced real, supernatural, horror in his youth, and now takes the fight to evil with a blessed silver maul.

Ms Dorothea Dietrich: Femme Fatale double agent spy, playing both Germany and England for her own profit. Uses wealthy dilettante lifestyle as a cover.

Mr Herbie Hughes: Hack Film Director/Producer/Actor, running down on his luck, with an alcohol and gambling problem. His glory days behind him, he has left America to avoid his angry debtors

Miss Lulu Jenkins: Mr Hill's secretary. Young and beautiful, she aspires to become a famous dancer. Cheerful, innocent, and bubbly, she is probably going to be the first to go insane