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2006-07-24, 04:59 PM
Of the Transitive Planes, The Plane of Shadow is probably the strangest and most perverse. What you see before you is a twisted reflection of the town we know and love. It is inhabited by people who look vaguely familiar, yet completely strange. All the places in the town are here, but they seem more malevolent, as if someone had made the corners sharper and more deadly. The buildings jut out at odd angles defying the laws of architecture and physics. Time seems to flow differently here, as the needs of a physical body are held off by the nature of shadow. All light is dimmed, and magic seems to warp, making even the most harmless spells into malevolent forces. Any astute observer here at dawn or dusk will also notice that the sun (or its dark reflection) rises in the west and sets in the east.

2006-07-25, 04:25 PM
((I guess no one cares about the tranistive planes))

2006-07-25, 04:27 PM
(( Wait until Darius starts posting. :P ))

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-07-25, 10:26 PM
(can I wander in there?? or is there an entrance?)

2006-07-26, 02:01 AM
((Anyone can wander in here, its pretty much open territory. Yopu can get in through any use of shadow magic, or any number of portals scattered around the town.))

*A paladin walks in, though a shadow, takes a deep breath and speaks to noone in particular, the inhabitants give him a wide berth*

Ahhhhh, my home again, an odd place for a paladin to live, but I have learned through the years that shadow is no more evil than any other force in nature.

2006-07-26, 02:34 AM
*Enters behind*
Yes...one would tend to think that the Void is some sort of evil place rather than just a storehouse for captive or dead souls.

2006-07-26, 05:16 AM
A red thing appears through a rip of black. It looks round, like a mother in law checking out her daughter's new house.

"So" it says "How do you go about seeing if there's a copy of yourself here?"

Darius Midnite
2006-07-26, 07:05 AM
(( Wait until Darius starts posting. :P ))

((Hey! I have feelings too! I think...))

2006-07-26, 08:50 PM
*Fenric appears in the shadow equivalent of the slums, eyes blazing brilliant red with a mighty shroud of fire and darkness surrounding him.

The enraged shadow screams his defiance into the darkness, and stomps off toward the area where Trog's tavern would be on the material world.*

2006-07-26, 08:52 PM
(( Shadow Trog? Shadow Kantur? Shadow LLama!? Wonder what they would look like... ))

2006-07-26, 08:53 PM
((Don't forget Shadow Kyrian....oh wait, he's already at Trog's... ;D))

2006-07-26, 08:55 PM
((Shadow Kantur would look no different to how you normally don't see him... ;)

V Normal Kantur's chipper and happy! When Hoseki's around. Though White? On a Rogue/Shadowdancer? Hang on...technically it has no hide penalties...Hmmm...))

2006-07-26, 08:57 PM
(( No, Shadow Kantur would always be happy and chipper. And he'd only wear white. ;) ;D ))

2006-07-26, 09:05 PM
*Fenric goes to his knees in the shadow analog of room #8*

Dark Powers of Shadow... The goddess Hel has abandoned the aspect Wukei with whom you made your deal. Her contract is forefit by reason of abandonment. I ask you to take me back, and I present you with this gift: the strength of the souls of 144 mortals.

*An evil chill fills the area*

Yea, and she has done even so. We accept thy gift... and thy soul

2006-07-27, 06:18 AM
Having gathered no information, but seen Shadow Fenric go to where his material version lived the Red Thing flys away from the town, to where it's own dwelling is on the material

2006-07-27, 07:24 AM
*steps through a portal*

(inner monologue) Shaddows... The shaddow of myself... is what I've been hiding, unwilling to face. Shaddows of the past? Possibly. Probably. Maybe its time to face them.

*meets the shaddow form of himself*

Ah... You have been the darkness in my soul for too long.

*the shaddow splits, and becomes several forms surrounding Cardel. To an outsider the shaddows look like dark blurs, but it is clear that Cardel can see the features of them in clear detail.*

My seven deadly sins... Heh, how quaint. Then test me, and I shall rid myself of you...

((Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnn!))

2006-07-27, 03:57 PM
*Fenric walks in from other parts of the shadows, and comes over to where Trog's Tavern is. He sits and watches the others talk.*

Kantur's not there... guess I'll just wait here, then.

2006-07-28, 04:24 AM
The red thing reaches the place where it constructed a house on the original plane.

It walks around the area for a while, searching for some evidence that anything was ever there.

Not finding anything it sits down on a rock, holding it's clawed hands up in the air and watching the play of shadowlight across them.

"You are unique among the Parallel Worlds" it says aloud "The result of a Low Probability Event"

Sighing, the red thing stands, makes a black rip in the air and steps thorugh, appearing in the same place just outside the new Town. It looks round for a moment at the empty space then flys off in the direction of Town

2006-07-28, 10:50 AM
Strangely enough, there is no shadow Vindemiatrix.

*Enters Shadow Trog's tavern; a portal opens in the door to the real Trog's Tavern.*

2006-09-08, 10:37 AM
*mMyobi and the five shadow wraiths quietly slip through the streets of the shadows of Town, heading toward the temple.

The scent of Fenric's evil still lingers in the place, and mMyobi grins wickedly. The tingle of the Dark Powers also still haunts the place where their great servant dwells - for Fenric has failed to escape them.*

2006-09-09, 10:24 PM
*mMyobu watches the Temple of Inari in a mixture of glee and confusion*

And they call me stupid. Such news as this will please the new master indeed!

*The hell-hound races back to his evil master's lair to report on what he has heard*

2006-09-11, 12:06 PM
*mMyobu returns to the shadows of the stairwell in the Temple of Inari. He is shocked to see Atreyu*

My priest is here now? Well: at least he got away from the godruped. I'll get him to ask...

*mMyobu sends a telepathic thought to Atreyu*

Hi, Llama... I helped you, now you can help me. Why don't you find out where Kazuki has gone to for me?

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-09-11, 12:46 PM
*A grateful llama answers back* "Sure. No problem. They're so cute. I guess you really want to see them. I bet that evil me probably ate your Fenric's kits or something."

2006-09-11, 12:48 PM
*mMyobu grins*

Yes, I really do want to see them... that awful godruped ate a lot of people

*mMyobu senses a presence nearing the temple, and makes sure he is good and invisible to the material plane. He mutters to himself*

Who the frell is that?

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-09-11, 12:50 PM
"who? Gez? Myobi?"
(oh, he says to himself)

sure. i'll find out which temple he's in for you.

2006-09-11, 07:29 PM
A Halfling appears suddenly, jumping out of no where, holding a boomerrang that gives off shadowy wisps. She eyes about, mummering softly to herself before setting the boomerrang on her hip, she disappearing again and appearing in the material realm in the same place, from a shadow of Trog's tavern.

Kerigan has arrived, and she has no shadow, because instead she is the shadow, out of techniality.

2006-09-14, 10:31 PM
Once again Kerigan appeared, falling a foot onto the Town street, infront of the ruined (Least I think it was ruined) temple of Iruain, With her Llama target in tow.

"You know... Your a disqusting creature... Always spitting in peoples faces and all..." She mummered, grabbing her Talentan sword and readying to slice his head off.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-09-14, 10:37 PM
*The weakened and stunned creature weakly bleats out "We are not." *He tries again to stumble to his feet, but can't will himself to move.*

(do what you have too.)

2006-09-14, 10:40 PM
((And now I coup de grace.))

"Tch, Yeah you are..." Kerigan brings the blade down, letting it cut cleanly through the neck with it's many, many qualities of cutting. And the fact that its on the shadow plane makes it a bit better. Double checking to make sure, She checks that the head is severed and that the body is no longer breathing.

2006-09-14, 10:41 PM
((Llama! NOOOOO!!!))
I curse ye, gods!!!

((all OOC))

2006-09-14, 10:42 PM
((Just a friendly reminder about double-posting...that's what the "Modify" button is for...))

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-09-14, 10:44 PM

2006-09-14, 10:50 PM
((Just a friendly reminder about double-posting...that's what the "Modify" button is for...))

((Oh come on. They were three days apart. It doesn't matter))

2006-09-14, 10:50 PM
Kerigan grins, picking up the now severed head. "Right.. One down then..." She tosses it up into the air, tossing her sword onto the ground next to her and quickly grabbing her boomerang, throwing it up at the flying head with deadly accuaracy, making the head fall to earth again with wisps going off it. "... Huh, That was surprisingly easy..." Shurging slightly, she catches the boomerang as it makes its way back to her, and dons it on her hip, grabing the sword.

"... Ah what the hell.." Turning back to the Llama, she begins to hack at the body, not doing complete cuts, keeping it in one piece, but also cutting off good chunks of fur. After doing that, she quickly grabs a convient stake from a near by broken spear and impales the Llama head on the corpse. Happy about her work, she wraps her arms around the body and shadow jumps, letting the dead corpse fall in Trog's tavern, while she disappears again quickly.

((Shaved Llama! <.< ))

2006-09-15, 04:52 AM
((Could've been worse Llama, at least she didn't apply the dreaded Backwards Fur Stroke))

2006-09-15, 04:11 PM
*The wraith turns it's eyes on Kerigan and speaks to her*

I exist here as well. Your abilities are impressive for a mortal, but I am native to this place. What do you seek from the balance of all things?

2006-09-15, 04:14 PM
((Kerigan isn't on the plane of shadow... She can only be in one plane at a time, mate.))

2006-09-18, 12:59 AM
*mMyobu stalks his way down the street from Inari's temple back toward his own, when he sees the shadowy form of Atreyu standing on the street*

Hey, priest! What happened to you?

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-09-18, 01:11 AM
*Atreyu turns to mMyobu.*
"It all happened so fast. I was attacked and turned into this to restore balance to the Town. Did you ever find the kit you were looking for?"

(continued tomorrow)

Darius Midnite
2006-09-18, 03:32 AM
Darius enters the plane of shadow through a rip in reality. The drow do not look like himself, he is transparent as an shadow. He looks around and takes a deep breath with a smile on his lips. He sits down by a nearby tree and closes his eyes with a sigh.

2006-09-18, 09:38 AM
*mMyobu shakes his head*

No, it has been very difficult. But I have found a lead... The priest Exachix brought gifts for the kits. He entrusted them to Krystal for delivery, but she was unable to arrange it between being hurt and the recent cold and snow.

She's so late now, she'll have to use her magic to deliver the presents. If you could help her out, you would also be able to get me the list of destinations. Then I could go visit them.

*The hound grins*

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-09-18, 09:59 AM
*A grin spreads across Atreyu's colorless face.* "Good thinking. I'll go see what I can do to help her out."

*Atreyu heads over to the Temple of Inari.*

2006-09-18, 10:01 AM
*mMyobu trots to the temple to watch*
*mMyobu grins in evil glee when he hears the location of the temple that Kazuki was sent to. He waits to see if Atreyu will faithfully report back.*

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-09-18, 03:14 PM
*Atreyu materializes on the ShadowPlane, stepping out of a tree. He looks around for his friend, Other Myobu.*

2006-09-18, 03:16 PM
*mMyobu walks up to Atreyu, a happy grin on his face and his tail wagging*

You did very, very well. You deserve a reward for that: what would you like?

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-09-18, 03:27 PM
"Thank you, Mighty Myobu. I'm happy to help." *He beams with pride at the compliments.* "I'm sure he'll love a surprise visit."

*Atreyu thinks about the offer* "you mean like more spells? Or maybe a magic item? A wand of cure light maybe? Or did you have something in mind?"

(yes, I'm aware of CLW and its effect on undead type creatures. He isn't.)

2006-09-18, 03:29 PM
*mMyobu blinks and chuckles*

You always crack me up... You mean there's no particular desire topmost on your mind that you strive to obtain? Tell you what... here's an amulet with a single Miracle in it. When you make up your mind, use it.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-09-18, 05:04 PM
*Atreyu takes the amulet and places it in his pouch.* "Thank you, Myobu. I'm sure it will be useful. Especially, if anyone tries to kill me for being an "evil creature." *He grins.*

"Do you want anything else?"

2006-09-18, 05:14 PM
*mMyobu shakes his head*

No, run along and deliver the gifts: I'll be visiting them presently. I'll let you know when I need anything else.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-09-18, 10:07 PM
*Atreyu nods and takes off along the shadow plane looking for Japan.*

2006-09-19, 06:34 AM
((As you do. "That looks like it, oh no, it's Belgium" ))

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-09-19, 02:14 PM
*Atreyu returns from his trip. The packages successfully delivered.

"That took forever to get back. I knew I should have taken a left at Albuquerque. Thank the Gods that smart alec talking rabbit was there to point me in the right direction. He was a great help, even if he did keep calling me Doc."

2006-09-19, 02:16 PM
*A manifestion of mMyobu appears*

Hey, llama-priest. How did your trip go?

I've got a question for you... You've been around these foxy guys for a while, right? What do they like to eat? I've got a fox... guest staying with me, and I don't know what to feed her.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-09-19, 03:36 PM
"The trip went great. It took longer than I thought to get there, but I've learned a lot about the shadow plane and how to travel on it."

"Hmmmm..." *he thinks.* "The kits like mice, but adults really like chicken. Even as shadows, they eat chicken. It does taste good as a shadow. Of course, I haven't eaten anything but chicken. That reminds me, the craving is really starting to pull at me. I should probably go eat something at the temple."

*He looks to see if mMyobu wants anything else before he goes.*

2006-09-19, 03:37 PM
*mMyobu grins*

Chicken! That's great. Thanks a lot, Llama.

*the hellhound lopes off toward the Countryside*

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-09-19, 03:39 PM
*Atreyu smiles, happy to help a friend, and trots off to visit the temple.*

2006-09-19, 08:21 PM
*Krystal appears on the plane of shadow, having absorbed too much energy to remain on the material plane. She cackles with glee and assimilates the energy into herself.*

Oh, Father! You never bothered to tell me about that! So this is why we drain mortals...

*A hellhound pads up behind her*

Krystal, daughter of Fenric?

*Krystal turns her deadly red gaze on the hound*

Who wants to know?



*Krystal smiles and jumps to the temple gardens*

2007-01-06, 10:34 PM
mirror-Mybou drifts around the place, fading and semi-transparent

Where... is... that... llama.. priest...

2007-01-07, 12:08 AM
mirror-Myobu drifts to the Temple of Inari, and the glowing portal that is the magic circle there. Looking through the portal, he sees Atreyu and his hopes raise.

Must contact him

2007-01-07, 12:22 AM
mMyobu watches happily as the portal opens, and he steps through

2007-02-04, 03:56 PM
Two figures appear in the shadows. One of them, a man, wraps his black robes around himself and looks around Are you sure it's safe here? The shadows have eyes. the other, a woman, walks a bit ahead Don't worry yourself about such things. she says coldly.

The man frowns I suppose I should be grateful for your aid, but I am not about to take foolish risks. the woman smirks Which is exactly why I freed you from your sad little existence, and not someone else. I have helped you, now you will help me. she says, still walking. The man follows silently.

After a moment he nods And what is it you wish from me, then?

The woman turns around to face him I need nothing more than what you'll do on your own. I have things to do, and the fewer who meddle the better. That is how your little vendetta will serve me. You will get your revenge and keep certain people busy, and I will be free to carry out my plans without interruptions.

The man thinks this over, then nods in agreement and smiles a bit Very good. What if I need to get in contact with you?

The woman turns around I will find you when needed. and disappears into the shadows. The man frowns and disappears as well.

2007-02-04, 04:19 PM
A pair of creatures appear in a fairly large portal. One of the two is a elven man, dressed in complete black clothing. He has a hood pulled over his head. He is translucent, and floats above the ground, as if he wasn't actually there. Next to him, an especially malevolent looking minotaur stands.

The army, how is it coming along? The elven man says

Everything is going according to plan. I suppose you have begun the "research" of the tombs?

The man grins. Well, he would if the hood didn't hide his entire face.

Yes, we have. Although, we have come found difficulty proceeding. We also have not discovered the artifact you had mentioned, but we have discovered that my father is apparently looking for it also. No one is expectant of our alliance except for two people. Rex Idiotarum and Mauril Everleaf, but they are to be trusted.

Your father? He must be dealt with. If anyone else other than the Guild finds it, our plans shall be ruined.

The man's image shifts suddenly.

Great. Time is of the essence, and my time here is over.

The image dissapears. The minotaur dissapears in an explosion of energy.

2007-04-26, 12:28 PM
Rhea and Tenshin appear in an area roughly corresponding to the Desert on the material plane. They look around while waiting for the others to appear.

2007-04-26, 12:33 PM
A portal opens and Kazuki steps through. He looks around casually.

Never really cared for deserts.

2007-04-26, 12:39 PM
Rhea looks at him Nor me.

And this part of the plane very much resembles a desert. It is even darker and more uninviting than most other places on the plane of shadows, and it's obvious that the greatest threat here probably comes from the negative energy that is likely to exist in greater concentrations than otherwise normal.

Tenshin frowns a bit at this.

2007-04-26, 12:49 PM
(( Hm.. I'll move Mitsuya so we can get on with it. ))

Mitsuya enters through the portal, followed by Izumi. The portal promptly closes behind them, and Izumi also looks around.

Such a pleasant spot for a picnic. Who brought the refreshments?

Kazuki chuckles

I fear we left them in the temple.

2007-04-26, 12:52 PM
Tenshin smiles a bit at them, while Rhea starts moving around a bit, searching for anything. There's no obvious structures or anything in sight, so likely the place would be hidden.

2007-04-26, 12:55 PM
Izumi summons a small, shadowy roadrunner ( the speckly, lizard-eating sort; not the warner brothers character )

Be a dear and find out where strangers are camped here.

The little creature scurries off.

2007-04-26, 12:57 PM
Rhea and Tenshin both watch the creature run off. It searches for a while, then stops, from a distance seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

2007-04-26, 01:04 PM
Izumi watches as well

No guarantee that our quarry is there, of course, but it is worth a try; would you not agree?

2007-04-26, 01:07 PM
Rhea nods I'd find it odd if a lot of different people decided to live here, but I guess I find it odd that anyone would live here at all. she says and smiles a bit, then moves over to the roadrunner

2007-04-26, 01:14 PM
Kazuki, Izumi, and Mitsuya follow along closely.

2007-04-26, 01:17 PM
As they reach the roadrunner, they can spot a doorway, highly concealed and almost impossible to see if you don't specifically look for it. It obviously must lead down into some underground complex.

2007-04-26, 01:47 PM
Izumi bends down and feeds the small bird

Thank you, my friend.

Kazuki begins casting preparatory spells, as do Izumi and Mitsuya.

Looks like we're "here".

2007-04-26, 01:51 PM
Rhea and Tenshin nods and follows Kazuki and Izumi's example by casting the usual protections

Tenshin then tries to open the door but finds it warded. The ward is "easily" dispelled, though, and Tenshin walks in followed by Rhea.

They enter a small corridor that leads slightly downwards. As could be expected it is completely dark down here.

2007-04-26, 01:54 PM
Izumi chuckles and looks at the companions

Are there any of us who cannot see in darkness?

Kazuki manifests Umbral Sight, as he doesn't have it as a native ability. He does it for Mitsuya as well.

2007-04-26, 02:01 PM
Tenshin smiles and continues warily, Rhea following behind. Obviously they both have ways to deal with the darkness.

The corridor leads into a large chamber with doors on each side. On the floor is a large symbol of a black and purple flame with a shadowy sword through. It looks a lot like a holy symbol you'd find in a temple, and it might seem very vaguely familiar to some, but not really.

As Tenshin steps into the room there's a faint burst, and she freezes in place. Izumi (maybe Kazuki, I don't know) would be able to detect Shadow Magic at work here. Obviously a trap.

2007-04-26, 02:06 PM
Izumi notices what happened, and inspects the effect carefully.

Kazuki notices something happened, but he's not that adept at shadow mysteries.

Mitsuya pokes her player so she can get back on her own login.

2007-04-26, 02:06 PM
Mitsuya hmms and looks at it.

2007-04-26, 02:10 PM
Tenshin appears to be paralyzed by the magic. The room beyond the corridor is filled with shadowy strands, a bit like tripwires. It seems that anyone stepping into the area will be paralyzed. It doesn't do anything else.

The place is eerily silent.

2007-04-26, 02:17 PM
Izumi hmms and attempts a Greater Shadows Fade to dispell the paralysis on Tenshin.

Kazuki walks up to the corridor

I'd recommend hiding your eyes, folks.

Kazuki begins to cast an augmented Sunbeam spell.

2007-04-26, 02:19 PM
Mitsuya closes her eyes, while wrapping some cloth around them.

2007-04-26, 02:23 PM
Tenshin shakes the paralyzis off and shudders. At the same time 4 figures appear, one next to Izumi, one next to Mitsuya, one next to Kazuki and one next to Rhea. They all stab at their target with their blades, before jumping back into the shadows they came from.

Rhea, having closed her eyes, is taken completely by surprise and falls to her knees as she's stabbed, grabbing her side to try and stop the bleeding.

2007-04-26, 02:29 PM
Kazuki blasts a Sunbeam donwn the tripwire hall just as hes' stabbed


Izumi gets a "tink" on her Solid Shadows field, and scowls.

No more silly light spells, darling.

Kazuki grumbles and starts a Cure Serious Wounds, Mass

2007-04-26, 02:31 PM
Mitsuya is stabed and looks at Kazuki, seeing he's healing, before twirling her mace slightly and turning to where her attack came from.

"Neither of you are wizards are you?"

2007-04-26, 02:36 PM
Kazuki finishes casting his healing spell.

Izumi looks at Mitsuya

I am, after a fashion. What did you have in mind?

2007-04-26, 02:37 PM
The intense light of the sunbeam might briefly reveal figures moving in the corners of the room. It doesn't seem to affect them much, though.

Tenshin frowns at the hidden enemies as they appear, using the same tactics again: appear, stab, disappear. She manifests Ultrablast, hoping to hurt them before they're gone.

Rhea stands back up and frowns as she dodges the second attack

2007-04-26, 02:38 PM
Mitsuya hmms and stands as her wounds are healing.

"Curious as to our offensive, buffing and defensive power."

She finally gets the defensive capabilities of her mace going and gains AC bonuses! And swings at them of course.

2007-04-26, 02:39 PM
Kazuki gets cut again, though not too badly.

Allow me to reiterate: SHOCK!

Izumi frowns at the second "tink" against her shield, and looks around for a target while manifesting Sharp Shadows

2007-04-26, 02:44 PM
There's a collective scream as atleast some of the attackers are hurt by Tenshin's blast. Then they appear again to stab.

Tenshin casts a quickened Dimensional Lock and grins at the attackers as they appear again to attack, then find themselves unable to disappear again. She then manifests a blast of cold at the one nearest to her.

Rhea manifests a bolt of fire at her attacker.

All four of them take up defensive positions, now that they can't flee.

2007-04-26, 03:39 PM
The one facing Izumi should have been hurt when he tried to stab (Sharp Shadows is like Fire Shield: a passive defense that causes harm to attackers

Izumi sends her special Ephemeral Storm of razor-sharp tentacles to try and shred her attacker.

Kazuki sends a more standard Ephemeral Storm to try and shred his attacker.

2007-04-26, 03:41 PM
Mitsuya hmms and casts Cure Serious on Kazuki.

2007-04-26, 03:43 PM
((What is special about Izumi's ES?))

Izumi's attacker is shredded and killed, while Kazuki's winces in pain but manages to avoid death and strikes at Kazuki. Rhea and Tenshin's is burned and frozen, but manages to continue his attack. The last one moves to stab at Mitsuya

2007-04-26, 03:53 PM
(( mechanics-wise, her DC is higher, it overcomes resistance better, and the damage is worse. Think of it as an Epic-level shadow mystery instead of a basic one. ))

2007-04-26, 03:55 PM
((Ok. Not that it matters much now that the attacker is dead anyway, but nice to know in the future))

2007-04-26, 04:01 PM
Izumi manifests two ... (( forgot the name, it's basically mindblades made out of shadows )) and swings visciously at the one attacking her husband.

2007-04-26, 04:06 PM
The one attacking Izumi and Kazuki dodges gracefully and tries to stab Izumi, hoping he can get past the shield

Tenshin manifests Psychic Crush on her attacker, and he falls to the ground with a blank stare.

Rhea looks around to see where she can help

((Looks like Exy left))

2007-04-26, 04:09 PM
(( Yeah, he had to go while the board was still dazed - he posted it on ... <.< >.> ... that other forum ))

He scores a cut along Izumi's arm, and she yelps.

Kazuki tries to catch the assailant in a Blade Barrier

2007-04-26, 04:12 PM
((Ah, missed that))

The man is shredded by the blades and stumbles, bleeding heavily. He tries to flee down the corridor towards the exit as the one previously attacking Mitsuya runs up to attack Izumi, trying to stay away from the swirling blades.

Goblin Music
2007-04-26, 04:15 PM
a huge portal of shadow magic opens up and Rryss steps out along with 3 shadows then it closes

2007-04-26, 04:21 PM
Izumi's face sets into a snarl as she raises her blades to attack.

Kazuki drops the barrier, and then tries to hit the attacker with a Holy Smite

2007-04-26, 04:23 PM
The one fleeing falls over dead at the smite, the other frowns and spins around in a flurry of slashes as he begins to get desperat, which also shows by the fact that he doesn't manage to dodge Izumi's attacks very well.

Goblin Music
2007-04-26, 04:27 PM
Rryss Wanders around

2007-04-26, 04:30 PM
Izumi takes several more cuts, one fairly deep, as she presses her attack.

Kazuki casts Cure Serious Wounds, Mass again.

2007-04-26, 04:35 PM
((Goblin Music: Not to be a jerk or anything, but there is no way your character would know about this particular spot on the plane of shadow, or that anything is going on here. Just popping up in the middle of a plot like that, when your character has had nothing to do with the plot before, is metagaming and usually rather annoying. Just wanted to point that out.))

Tenshin and Rhea wake up from their brief daze and both send an energy bolt at the last attacker. At the combined attacks of them all, he falls quickly.

Goblin Music
2007-04-26, 04:38 PM
(sorry edited my post)

2007-04-26, 04:42 PM
Izumi looks at Kazuki

Your sister would have been useful to have along.

Kazuki nods

Karl wouldn't have been bad, either. Or Yoshi... oh well.

They look around at the others.

2007-04-26, 04:45 PM
((It's ok, mistakes can be made :)))

Tenshin smiles a bit and looks around. Rhea frowns at the bodies and follows Tenshin.

There are a few doors on the left and right of the room, and a larger door across from the corridor. The doors on the left and right lead to a number of small livingrooms and a small study. Nothing of particular interrest.

2007-04-26, 04:48 PM
Kazuki laughs

Come on: it's always the big door.

He summons an Umbral Hand and curls it into a fist before sending it at the door.

2007-04-26, 04:50 PM
Tenshin grins Yeah, but the small doors often hold random treasure

The door shatters, revealing a smaller, circular room beyond. It's difficult to make out what's in the room from here, though.

2007-04-26, 04:59 PM
Kazuki and Izumi cautiously approach the door, checking and looking carefully.

2007-04-26, 05:04 PM
There doesn't appear to be any traps or anything. The room is mostly empty aside from a magic circle. It is probably mostly used as a summoning chamber, when used at all. On each "side" of the room is a heavy stone door

In the deep shadows a pair of eyes can be made out. Something is hiding there, but it doesn't seem like it's hoping for an ambush, rather like it hopes that they'll just pass by.

2007-04-26, 05:56 PM
Kazuki nudges Izumi and points out the eyes. Izumi looks over

Hello, there.

2007-04-26, 06:01 PM
The thing frowns, which you can't see, but it's pretty obvious anyway Just go on and leave me alone, I won't do a thing, and I have nothing you can take.

Rhea tilts her head and narrows her eyes I know that voice... don't I?

The voice might actually sound rather familiar, to Kazuki atleast, not sure about Izumi

2007-04-26, 06:04 PM
(( I'll go with that. ))

Kazuki also peers carefully.

You sound familiar...

2007-04-26, 06:08 PM
The thing sounds a bit nervous I don't think so. Now, just move on, I'm no threat to you... or anyone... anymore. it says bitterly

Rhea frowns Laeral?

The thing scowls and tries to move further into the shadows.

2007-04-26, 06:10 PM
Kazuki blinks

Ah... heh... hmm...

We'd rather expected you to be the one behind this, actually.

2007-04-26, 06:14 PM
He almost seems amused Then you are nothing but ignorant fools. I'm nothing now.

Rhea sighs, not sure how to feel

2007-04-26, 06:22 PM
Izumi sniffs at that commeent

You are quite a bit more than nothing, though that could easily enough be arranged.

Who has done this to you?

Kazuki nods

Odd as it would be to help you, if they're the same ones that we're after, then helping us gives you vengance on them.

2007-04-26, 06:30 PM
He laughs derisively, although it's rather hollow I am but a reflection, a faded memory. You did this to me. You and your cursed friends killed me, twice, and now I'm nothing, even less than a ghost. There is nothing but loss and darkness. he says, the bitterness almost solid Atleast I can have the pleasure of watching her kill you... or worse

2007-04-26, 06:35 PM
Izumi and Kazuki look at him

Her? Who is she?

2007-04-26, 06:40 PM
I wouldn't speak her name. She dislikes people talking about her.

2007-04-26, 06:50 PM
The foxes freeze in dead time.

2007-04-26, 06:52 PM
((I should be going anyway. We'll save the big secret for tomorrow :smallbiggrin:))

Goblin Music
2007-04-26, 10:06 PM
Rryss vanishes Along with his Shadow companions

2007-04-27, 09:32 AM
Izumi rolls her eyes

That gets so old. "Don't use my name: wah wah wah".

Kazuki looks concerned

We might want to consider summoning some additional assistance, though. We're a touch cleric-heavy right now.

2007-04-27, 09:48 AM
Tenshin thinks But who would we call for?

Laeral decides to just watch them silently and bitterly

2007-04-27, 10:14 AM
Kazuki shrugs

Karl and Yoshi could be fetched quickly. Arden's kicking around there too, somewhere.

2007-04-27, 10:19 AM
Tenshin nods and looks around a bit

((I'll leave Arden out of this, I think.))

2007-04-27, 10:21 AM
Izumi goes over and examines the magic circle.

(( Generally usable, or is it tied to some use? ))

2007-04-27, 10:26 AM
((I'd say generally usable.))

2007-04-27, 10:46 AM
Izumi smirks

How convenient to have a circle ready to use.

Izumi opens a portal to the temple in WinterHearth, and Kazuki gets the attention of a priest. He explains the need and sends them off to find Karl and Yoshiro.

2007-04-27, 10:51 AM
Tenshin looks at the circle Very convenient. then turns to the doors

2007-04-27, 10:58 AM
Soon, Kyrian's paladin and the dark captain of the RazorWings are standing in the room

Can't believe you guys started a party without me.

I can. And it is unsurprising that the... revelling got out of hand, either.

2007-04-27, 11:04 AM
Tenshin raises an eyebrow at them, then turns back to the doors. There are runes on both doors, telling those on this side to pretty much stay the hell out. Obviously someone likes their privacy.

Laeral frowns from his place in the shadows, wishing they'd get on with it instead of lingering here.

2007-04-27, 11:14 AM
Yoshiro sneers at Laeral

You again?

Karl spins his mindblade-pistols.

Which one, do you think?

Izumi contemplates the doors, and Kazuki listens carefully at one of them.

2007-04-27, 11:21 AM
Laeral scowls at them I'm tempted to say the same.

There's no sound coming from the other side. The door doesn't seem to be trapped, but it's warded with shadow magic to keep unwanted people out.

2007-04-27, 11:23 AM
Yoshiro laughs derisively

I'd have my little friends tear you apart again, but there's little point.

He turns to look at the doors.

Well? Pick one and let's be on with it!

Izumi shrugs and casts Greater Shadows Fade to try to remove the warding from the door near her (that Kazuki was listening at)

2007-04-27, 11:29 AM
Since I won't bother with rolls and stuff, the ward fades and the door can be easily opened. Beyond the door is another room, even darker than the rest. Little can be seen of it from this angle, though.

2007-04-27, 11:32 AM
Kazuki casts Light into the room.

2007-04-27, 11:37 AM
The room remains just as dark, as the light is extinguished by the magical darkness.

2007-04-27, 11:54 AM
Izumi shrugs and enters, followed by Kazuki, Karl, and Yoshiro.

2007-04-27, 12:05 PM
As soon as Izumi steps into the room, there's a violent burst of negative energy, tearing at everyone near the door ((Symbol of Weakness and Symbol of Death))

Both Tenshin and Rhea winces, although only Tenshin was close enough to be touched by the energy.

2007-04-27, 12:24 PM
Fun! Izumi is immune, so that's no trouble.

Kazuki is too high level for Death, and saves against Weakness.

Karl flares briefly white as his Negative Plane Protection kicks in.

Yoshiro... flops over dead.

[royalblue]You wimp. I oughtta drop you a level.[/color]

2007-04-27, 12:31 PM
((Poor Yoshiro :)))

The room is much larger than the previous ones, and both doors in the circular room actually leads here. The room appears to be a sanctuary, with a large altar against the far wall. There are no statues or symbols revealing which deity the sanctuary is dedicated to, however. There's an almost tangible sense of despair filling the room.

A person is sitting on the altar, watching the group silently. She's dressed in black and dark purple robes and is holding a blade, which some might recognise as the one Kio was carrying (the artifact, not her usual blade). At first sight, especially because of the darkness, she actually looks like Kio. Looking a bit closer a few details convince you that it's probably not Kio anyway, mostly because of her completely black eyes.

On the wall behind her, chained to the wall, hangs another figure. Only those who actually know Kio well would be able to recognise her behind all the blood and wounds. She doesn't move, but from the look of her it's most likely that she's still alive (atleast technically), as it looks like she's repeatedly been brought to the brink of death, then allowed to slowly recover. It's a horrible sight, even in the darkness of this place.

2007-04-27, 12:37 PM
Izumi shakes her head

Cute place you've got here, almost enough to give a chapel of the Votaries a run for their money. This is your cue for the "evil villan" speech

Kazuki resurrects Yoshiro with grumblings that there had better be treasure around to cover it.

Karl moves off to one side and casually spins his mindblade-pistols.

2007-04-27, 12:43 PM
She shrugs I am not good at speeches, sorry to disappoint. Actually I wonder a little why I'm still here, bothering with you at all.

Tenshin frowns and stays in the background. Rhea watches the figure on the wall in horror.

2007-04-27, 12:48 PM
Mitsuya hmms and looks at the figure.

2007-04-27, 12:51 PM
Izumi shrugs

Saving yourself the trouble.

Izumi reaches through her crystal and begins a shadow weave.

Kazuki begins a spell, as does Yoshiro.

Karl pouts

What? No grand threats, or exposition of your sinister plans, or anything? Before my sibs start wailing on you, how about you explain why you're torturing Kio. I bet you're the one who sent that guy after Ilias, so an explanation there would be good, too.

2007-04-27, 01:02 PM
She sighs Very well, since you amuse me somewhat... I'm torturing Kio because I don't like her. Just like I didn't like our father. You see, I apparently wasn't "good enough" for their little "paradise", so instead I'll just destroy it. Starting in the small with Kio. she shrugs and stands up Not that it'll bring me any joy, but atleast it's something to do.

She thinks a bit As for Laeral, he was fun to play with. Very open to my sugestions. Hunting Ilias was his idea, I just decided it would be fun to motivate him a bit more.

2007-04-27, 02:27 PM
[most of] the foxes look at her in disbelief

You're her sister?
That's sick!
We cannot allow you to do such a thing.


Karl looks at Yoshiro with some concern

You've been hanging around uncle Zak a bit much, Yoshi

2007-04-27, 02:31 PM
Mitsuya hmms and smiles to Yoshi, then back to her.

2007-04-27, 02:36 PM
((Heh :)))

She frowns Half-sister. And obviously our father didn't want anything to do with me. Now he spends eternity with me. And Kio... she will too. I'll show her how it feels.

2007-04-27, 02:38 PM
Mitsuya seems slightly confused.


2007-04-27, 02:43 PM
Izumi shakes her head


Kazuki scowls

What have you done with Ilias?

Yoshiro shrugs at Karl, who shakes his head

2007-04-27, 02:51 PM
She turns to Mitsuya They left me, and forgot about me. Didn't care about me for a second. I learned a lot from that, and I intend to return the "favor".

She turns back to the others Ilias won't be coming back. I may not have had much to do with his death, but I won't allow him to return now. I'd just have to spend time and energy on killing him again.

2007-04-27, 02:53 PM
Mitsuya shrugs.

"Have you considered when we succeed they'll only come and kill you? Look! If you try to make peace with them... do you think they'll hurt you? Maybe you can try and becomes friends even."

2007-04-27, 03:05 PM
Friendship... love, hope, it is all an illusion. I don't care for any of it anymore.

2007-04-27, 08:06 PM
Yoshiro scowls

Then perhaps oblivion will suit you. Enough of this talk!

The short-tempered conjurer summons six shadow Abishai. The dark dragon-demons squawk and flex their talons.

Izumi releases her weave, attempting to Dimension Anchor the woman.

Kazuki casts Holy Vestament, tired of getting hit so much

Karl says "Radiance"

2007-04-28, 01:40 AM
((On briefly before going to visit my sister. I'll be back on later, but I have no idea what time. I hope we can wrap this up then... hopefully))

Shadowy tendrils immediatly burst out from the corners of the room, grabbing and beating at Yoshiro, Izumi and the Abishai. ((Elder Shadow Elementals, there are 4 of them))

Akiya ((And now she has a name. Easier that way :))) simply lets go of the sword and takes a step back. The sword hangs in the air briefly, then blurs and changes into a chakram before flying at Kazuki, moving in a chaotic and very confusing way.

Kio never used the full potential of that sword. A pity, even if it's a bit too chaotic for my tastes. she mutters as a shadowy, dark purple shield rises around her.

Tenshin frowns and stays in the back, ready to heal anyone if needed.

Both she and Rhea turns ethereal.

2007-04-28, 01:45 AM
Mitsuya hmms and casts Prayer, ready to heal or do damage.

2007-04-28, 01:50 AM
((And I just missed Fenric. Oh well, not enough time to do a lot here anyway.

... To be continued... later))

2007-04-28, 01:51 AM
((Dun Dun Dun!!!!!))

2007-04-28, 08:38 AM
Yoshiro jumps back as his aibshai claw at the tentacles. He turns to Akiya with a dark scowl, and targets her shield with a Dispell

Karl takes several sound thumps, and fires four times at the elemental facing him (Radiance: Holy+Light damage)

Kazuki dodges, but takes a nasty cut. He sighs and casts Magic Circle Against Chaos

Izumi fades incorporeal while on full defense.

2007-04-28, 01:54 PM
Mitsuya hmms and casts Magic Stone at a tendril.

2007-04-28, 03:32 PM
Since the shield is a supernatural ability, the dispell does nothing.

One of Karl's bullets hit, another graces a tentacle, causing the elemental to withdraw briefly, before resuming it's attack, focusing solely on bringing Karl down.

The chakram oddly enough seems to try and dispell the magic circle as it moves on it's own to attack again.

One of Mitsuya's stones hit the tendril.

Akiya casts Destruction on Karl.

The two elementals not fighting Karl and Yoshiro continue lash out at the abishai

Tenshin casts Disintegrate on an elemental.

Rhea sends a bolt of fire at another.

2007-04-28, 03:33 PM
Mitsuya hmms and casts Dispel Magic To try and counter Akiya's casting.

2007-04-28, 03:57 PM
((I'll let Fenric decide if the spell is countered or not.))

2007-04-29, 12:28 PM
((I originally double-posted this yesterday. Now it is all mooshed into one big post))

A portal begins to manifest in the odd, bleached reverse shadow of the usually dark K.N.A.V.E.S Castle.

"Well now...let's see what I can scrounge from this carnival town, hmm?"


After rounding up the hapless shadows of various KNAVES (Clergyman State stayed dead in this world), State describes to them their situation:

"Well, men, I'm guessing that you haven't seen your illustrious leader in a long while. This is because I died. I have come from a world beyond...a world that I would guess is unlike any that you have seen."

He snarls this last bit, and many shadows flinch:

"A world of light."


A very brief time later, KNAVES propaganda is beginning to show up in the Plane of Shadow. Portraits of State deck various walls all over town, inscribed with cruel slogans such as,

"THEY STOLE YOUR WORLD. STEALING IS A CRIME. RESCUE YOUR SHADOW BRETHREN FROM THE HANDS OF THE LIGHT-WALKING CRIMINALS" (Portraying shadow K.N.A.V.E.S troops and the skeletal Statesmen marching on the bodies of the fallen of the material world, led by Sir Conviction. Czar Prohibition appears to be feasting on the corpses.),

"K.N.A.V.E.S: TRUE LAW IS IN THE HANDS OF NO ORDINARY MEN" (Layers and layers of countless shadows giving the odd K.N.A.V.E.S. neck-salute to Clergyman State, with what appears to be Inquisitor Verdict and Seductivo Illuminario flanking him) and,

"IF YOU DO NOT SUPPORT THE STATE, THE STATE WILL NOT SUPPORT YOU" (Depicting Magister Terrorem holding a bottle of War and Affadavit's Insanity over a stereotyped criminal-figure. One single drop has fallen and already the man appears to be convulsing).

State has set up a podium outside headquarters, and is eagerly giving speeches to the shadowy masses, describing vividly the atrocities that the world of light has put them through.

"The harsh light has brought us naught but pain...pain and agony! It is their world that forces you to be confined to this realm...confined like prisoners of war! Well, I will have you know that the law is a war, and the lawless are CHEERING IN THEIR VICTORY! The lightbearers tromp through your beloved plane! They see you as evil, strive to wipe you out when you get too close! Well I will have you know something about the lightbearers..."

State slams his spectral fist on the podium and laughs theatrically,

"They are AFRAID of you! Wear the Scale of K.N.A.V.E.S, and assert your superiority! Their light is a crime against your kind...and now is the time to end it, ONCE AND FOR ALL! JOIN THE PARTY! TAKE BACK THE WORLD THAT WAS TAKEN FROM YOU!"

He pauses, breathing deeply and working off his passion,

"You do not die for your State..."

He raises a fist and yells, to a rather scary fascist cheer,


((I was figuring, how can I make State more evil? I know, have him rally otherwise docile, if creepy and somewhat malign, creatures into political violence!))


He leaves, having happily incited an angry mob of potential recruits. Poisoning minds...where would he be without it?

2007-04-29, 04:49 PM
Sir Conviction stumbles out of the portal from KNAVES, slightly wounded. "Damn githyanki pirates..." He looks around.

2007-04-29, 05:52 PM
The first thing he'll see is the aforementioned propaganda. Lots and lots and lots of it. After that, it's all NPC shadows so the scene is yours to decide.

2007-04-29, 06:01 PM
Conviction sets about exploring the area. He occasionaly stops to have brief conversations with shadows, many of them recognizing him from the posters. His player is far too lazy to actually describe these conversations. They were probably boring, anyway.

Oh, and a helmet that looks suspiciously like the one from NecroPaladin's drawing of Conviction appears on his head. He blinks a few times. "Where did that come from?"

The Geomancer
2007-04-29, 06:28 PM
Czar walks out of the portal, looking around for his shadow replica. If I was me made out of the essence of shadow, where would I be?

2007-04-29, 06:32 PM
Conviction heads back to the portal area and catches sight of Czar. "Hey, Czar. What do you think of the new helmet?" He gestures to the helmet that recently popped into existence on his head.

The Geomancer
2007-04-29, 06:35 PM
Spiffy. Czar says, turning to face Conviction.

Have time to help me out some? I'm looking for my shadow self.

2007-04-29, 06:36 PM
"Thanks. And sure, its not like I have much else to do at the moment. Too bad I don't have a shadow self here, it might be interesting to meet him..." Conviction shrugs. "In any case, you have any idea where to start looking?"

The Geomancer
2007-04-29, 06:38 PM
Not in the slightest. It might help if I new more about shadow people. Are they just shadow versions of us, or are they our complete opposites? That'd mean there is a Chaotic Good crocodile running around here.

2007-04-29, 06:40 PM
"Must be just shadow versions. Or all those shadow people that just joined would be Chaotic Good." Conviction takes a brief look around the area.

The Geomancer
2007-04-29, 06:42 PM
Not necessarily. Those could be the shadow versions of out enemies. That sort of ironic soldier is right up State's alley.

2007-04-29, 06:47 PM
Nearby a dark vapor shifts off of a withered and blackened tree. Yellow mist churns inside the center of the mass of rolling smog, writhing around its form but never straying from its place in the center of the shadow's form.

A pure black skeletal hand extends from the rolling fog of darkness and another arm, followed by a simple head with tendrils of darkness extending off of it into the air. It stares at Conviction and Czar with its yellow eyes, conformed into a V and the only discernible feature on its face.

Light dwellers... No place here...

(( *Whistles to self* ))

2007-04-29, 08:11 PM
Conviction looks over at the shadow creature. "What is that thing?"

The Geomancer
2007-04-29, 08:19 PM
What thing? He follows convictions eye's. Oh...

2007-04-29, 08:24 PM
The shadowy being continues to shift and form out of the pool of darkness at their feet.

I am a shade... I am numen.... Interlopers not welcome...

Wisps of the shadows that make up the numen drift from its form. It extends its long-fingered hand.

2007-04-29, 08:26 PM
"We'd better get ready for a fight..." Conviction summons his longspear and assumes a fighting stance. "We're with KNAVES! Stand down, if you know best!"

The Geomancer
2007-04-29, 08:28 PM
Czar roles his eyes. Lets just kill this thing and get it over with.

2007-04-29, 08:32 PM
The numen lowers its hand, it continues to glare at them with its angular "eye," K-N-A-V-E-S? Not familiar with them...

The yellowish fog that forms what would assume to be its "heart" swirls and eddies within its dark form.

2007-04-29, 08:34 PM
"As you command, sir." Conviction says, with a small amount of sarcasm and a smirk that is hidden by his helmet. He backs up a few steps, poised to throw with his spear, then leaps forward and throws the longspear like a javelin, aiming for the monster's "heart".

The Geomancer
2007-04-29, 08:37 PM
Czar growls and leaps through the air towards the numan, attempting to slice it with his claws.

2007-04-29, 08:41 PM
(( Numen, as in the spirit presiding over a thing or place. ))

With something close to surprise the numen watches as the longspear flies towards him. Strangely enough as it impacts the "heart" the monster momentarily stops, and the longspear sails harmlessly through it like it were made of smoke. The shadows continue to churn around it and two large wings extend from its back, giving it the appearance of a winged demon made of smoke.

K-N-A-V-E-Si attempt to harm numen... What is K-N-A-V-E-S?

The claws pass through it much like they would if Czar was attempting to hack through a thick smog, they just seep back together after he's done moving.

The Geomancer
2007-04-29, 08:46 PM
((Ach mispellin damons strik agorn!))

Czar growls in frustration. He lashes out with his teeth, trying to eat the thing. ((Czar has been spelled so that he can eat and digest anything))

2007-04-29, 08:51 PM
(( Ah, too bad for my little foggy-smog-shadow friend. ))

Czar succeeds in gobbling up part of its form, and its wings disappear altogether as the fog scrambles to readjust to maintain its shape.

Numen never attack light dwellers... yet they still fight... Evil wicked solidssssssssss...

Parts of its form start to drift away into the air as it finishes its last sentence. Floating away into the surrounding atmosphere.

The Geomancer
2007-04-29, 08:53 PM
Czar sticks out his tongue. What ever that was, it tasted terrible.

He then gets swallowed by some shadow dead time, thus completing the food chain.

2007-04-29, 08:56 PM
You can almost hear it cry out "What a world. What a world..." as it drifts off into infinity.

((Goodbye numen, we hardly knew you. *Sniff*

You know of course that I am going to use another one of these guys later, maybe a bit more powerful one that won't get destroyed by a strong gust of wind. ))

2007-05-01, 09:37 AM
[Chamber of Evil]

(( Hmm. hmm. hmm... What shall I do? Destruction is a touch spell, so she's really out of range for that. But Karl hasn't been reduced to vapours yet in an adventure, unlike most of his siblings. hmm hmm hmm ))

(let's assume she did one of the long-distance casting tricks; but it will cost you initiative :smallwink: )
Karl gets two more shots off before being reduced to a fine powder.

Izumi attempts to dominate the elemental facing her.

Yoshiro growls

Let's do this the old-fashioned way, then!

He casts an Anti-magic shell to fill the entire room.

Kazuki yips as his shield goes down, and once again takes a nasty slash.

2007-05-01, 12:05 PM
((Ah, antimagic... always lots of fun :)))

Izumi succeeds in dominating the elemental and it turns to her, awaiting her order. ((But would the domination last in the antimagic field?))

Akiya curses at the antimagic as all her wards go down, leaving her surprisingly vulnerable. She turns her attention to Kio's sword which, as an artifact, is unaffected by the antimagic, and concentrates on it. The sword stops it's attack briefly.

The 3 remaining elementals (not technically summoned, since this is their home plane) turn their attention to Yoshiro, now that the abishai are likely gone too.

Rhea and Tenshin frowns and watches the fight, now pretty useless too

2007-05-01, 12:17 PM
(( Her elemental command isn't magic - Izumi gets to keep it for the same reason the elementals remain at all. ))

Izumi directs her elemental to go pound on Akiya, and drifts that direction herself. She glares at Tenshin

What are your teeth and claws for, Kitsune? Go bite her!

Kazuki bares his fangs and snarls in a lunging attack from his side of the room.

Yoshiro goes on full defense and dances around the blows, keeping the elementals occupied, but taking some serious thumps.

Karl sits in a dusty heap on the floor.

2007-05-01, 12:49 PM

Tenshin shrugs and does so. Rhea sighs and draws whatever she has that can serve as a weapon and follows.

Akiya, focused on the sword, is beaten, bitten and clawed pretty badly as she desperatly tries to maintain concentration and avoid the worst hits. She stumbles and falls with a scream as the sword glows brightly with the power of a Disjunction, breaking down the antimagic field.

2007-05-01, 12:50 PM

Tenshin shrugs and does so. Rhea sighs and draws whatever she has that can serve as a weapon and follows.

Akiya, focused on the sword, is beaten, bitten and clawed pretty badly as she desperatly tries to maintain concentration and avoid the worst hits. She stumbles and falls with a scream as the sword glows brightly with the power of a Disjunction, breaking down the antimagic field.

2007-05-01, 12:52 PM
Izumi and Kazuki simultaneously call up their Ephemeral Storms on the hapless Akiya

Yoshiro casts a Chain Lightning on the elementals.

Karl remains a pile of fine dust.

2007-05-01, 01:24 PM
Akiya negates Kazuki's storm and steals the energy with a Warp Spell. Since she has unbelievably high saves, she manages to stay alive despite Izumi's ES. She looks pretty beaten, though, as she winces and casts Heal. Curse you all! she mutters angrily

The elemental fades away into nothingness. The two others continue their attacks.

Tenshin casts True Resurrection on Karl, while Rhea steps back from Akiya a bit

2007-05-01, 01:56 PM
Kazuki casts Heal, Mass

Izumi manifests Greater Life Fades on Akiya

Karl snarls, manifesting his blades (free action), and promptly fires four radiant bullets at Aikya
Yoshiro sends a Disjunction of his own at Aikya.

2007-05-01, 02:16 PM
One of Karl's bullets hit, the others miss. Akiya winces at the pain of the bullet and Izumi's spell, and frowns as her shield is disjoined. She turns to Yoshiro and tries to dominate him ((As Dominate Monster)), and (if successful) ordering him to attack Izumi.

One of the elementals attack Kazuki. The other grabs Rhea with it's freezing tenctacles

Tenshin casts Disintegrate on the elemental attacking Rhea.

2007-05-01, 02:37 PM
Mitsuya hmms and casts things.

2007-05-01, 02:38 PM
(( Not immune, but his Will save is good to start with, and he gets a bonus. ))

Yoshiro snarls at the attempt to dominate him. He retailiates with Twinned, Maximized Magic Missiles.

Kazuki is knocked out by the blow.

Karl manifests an Energy Ray (Fire) at Akiya, augmenting it with 10 points.

Izumi ... is running out of good things to use ... so she tries to touch and drain Akiya instead.

2007-05-01, 02:47 PM
Akiya sneers as she's burned by the ray and drained a bit by Izumi. She then manifests Tomb of Night on Karl, as Kio's sword wakes back up and burst into flames before attacking Izumi.

Rhea gasps for breath before the elemental strangling her is reduced to nothingness by the disintegrate.

Tenshin turns to Akiya and manifests Decerebrate

2007-05-01, 02:50 PM
Mitsuya casts Insect Plaugue at Akiya.

The Geomancer
2007-05-01, 02:52 PM
Czar spots a dark crocodillian blotch moving in the distance, he runs over to it.

2007-05-01, 02:53 PM
Kazuki sits up groggily and whispers a prayer to his father.

Yoshiro fires a twinned, maximized lightningbolt at Akiya

Izumi, with a fly speed of 40 and perfect manuverability easily keeps away from the blade, but can't manage much else. She tries to dodge around to get Akiya between the psychotic chaotic blade and her. She also tries touch Akiya in passing.

Poor overmatched Karl is entombed.

2007-05-01, 03:00 PM
Akiya doesn't seem much bothered by the lightning, and she's not easily touched. She's quite annoyed at the insects, though, and casts an ES of her own at Yoshiro. She's clearly getting rather frustrated by it all

Tenshin draws the last elemental's attention away from Kazuki to give him time to recover.

Rhea tries to free Karl, but having no experience with Shadow Magic makes it difficult

The Geomancer
2007-05-01, 03:02 PM
Stop you shadow! Czar growls at his own shadow. The shadow slows and turns, facing Czar. You speak to me light-dweller?

2007-05-01, 03:02 PM
Mitsuya hmms and casts Flame Strike.

2007-05-01, 03:28 PM
Yoshiro screams as the sharp tendrils slash him up. He flops over, unconscious and bleeding.

Karl pounds away at the inside the shadowy coffin.

Izumi continues to dance around to avoid the terrible blade.

Kazuki stands up, and his eyes are red. His voice sounds a little different...

You bit off a bit more than you could chew, attacking my friends and family.

A deep blue circle inscribes itself on the floor around Akiya, and the stuff of shadow seeks to vacate the circle as swiftly as possible. (Alter Reality: void))

2007-05-01, 03:50 PM
Mitsuya bows to Kazuki and looks back at Akiya,

2007-05-02, 10:40 AM
The void never really seems to take effect, atleast not long enough to do too much, and Fenric might feel someone attempting to banish him ((done by deity of DR 18, in own sanctuary... good chance it works))

Akiya frowns and cast CCW, but still looks rather beaten and certainly not happy I admit this did not go as intended, but it won't matter in the end. And I haven't failed yet.

Kio's sword casts Haste on itself, and continues it's attack on Izumi

Tenshin casts Mass Heal, and Rhea sends a bolt of fire at Akiya

2007-05-02, 11:03 AM
Fenric is unceremoniously banished.

Kazuki casts an enhanced Flame Strike

Yoshiro hops back up and casts Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting on Akiya.

Izumi casts a Haste of her own, taking a nasty burning cut of opportunity to do so. Then she continues on full defense, dodging and weaving around, and trying to get the sword to hit Akiya instead (and to touch her again if she can).

Karl pounds away on the inside of the Tomb of Darkness.

2007-05-02, 11:23 AM
Akiya screams in pain at the devastating spells and falls to her knees, gasping for breath as she just barely manages to cast Heal. Kio opens her eyes slightly and coughs, and despite her lack of strength she manages to seize this opportunity while Akiya is unfocused, to take control of the sword briefly. It makes a sudden turn away from Izumi just as they pass close by Akiya, and with a swift strike it impales her. Akiya's eyes go wide and she gasps as she looks down at the blade sticking out of her chest. I... won't... she tries to speak

2007-05-02, 11:24 AM
Mitsuya sighs and bows her head to Akiya.

"Will you let Kio and Ilias go?"

2007-05-02, 11:38 AM
Izumi stops fleeing and manifests Shadows Fade to release Karl. (( I think she's out of greater ))

Kazuki charges up to Akiya, his hands glowing with deadly energy. He stops a hair's breadth from her

Where. Is. Ilias?

Yoshiro draws out a large gem and saunters up.

Besides the simple expedient of asking your corpse, there are other ways to extract the information once I've put your soul in this gem.

2007-05-02, 11:56 AM
Karl is released.

Akiya smirks and coughs up a lot of blood You just... don't understand! Ilias... is gone! she coughs again, barely able to speak And... so are you! she sneers and in an instant lets out a surge of disruptive energy. She falls over dead, as channeling all that energy so quickly takes it's toll and leaves her little more than a withered shell. The temple begins to shake violently as it is being torn apart by a vortex of negative energy ((Simply speaking, the whole place will soon be consumed by a gate to the negative energy plane))

Kio looks up in panic at the violent disruption and desperatly tries to speak Her... holy... symbol... she manages to speak before falling unconcious from the strain.

Rhea and Tenshin runs over to free Kio from her chains..

2007-05-02, 12:02 PM
Kazuki does a quick search, and snatches the only thing that looks like the right holy symbol.


Yoshiro yanks the sword from Akiya, and grabs Karl: they teleport away.

Izumi and Kazuki go over to Tenshin, Rhea, and Kio

Do you have Word of Recall prepared?

2007-05-02, 12:03 PM
Mitsuya goes over with them.

2007-05-02, 12:12 PM
Since Akiya is only wearing one thing that could possibly be considered a holy symbol, it is certainly the right one. It seems to be a small disc of deep black sapphire, surrounded by some kind of dark purple crystal. It should be easily recognisable to anyone who knows just a little about the FR pantheon.

Tenshin nods at Izumi and picks up Kio while Rhea quickly grabs what looks like Kio's equipment from a table near the altar. Just hold on, I can take us all back

2007-05-02, 12:17 PM
Izumi and Kazuki nod and get ready.

2007-05-02, 12:22 PM
Assuming Mitsuya is ready too, Tenshin speaks the word of recall and they all disappear, instantly returning to the temple.

Only a few seconds later the entire structure collapses in a massive burst of negative energy, leaving nothing behind but swirling mass of shadows.

The Geomancer
2007-05-02, 03:15 PM
Czar and his shadow are deep in conversation. The shadow is nodding, and Czar is doing most of the talking.

2007-05-02, 03:30 PM
A faint shade slowly appears in the swirling shadows where the dark temple used to be. It floats around there for a few moments, then drifts off into the distance, seemingly without any direction or purpose... it simply drifts off.