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2010-12-07, 06:52 PM
Okay guys, this is that time again when Malfunctioned has an idea that he probably wont follow through with. But I hope I will this time.

I made a gaming system. Sorta.

Well I'm still working on it. I'm going to post the completely bare bones of it now and hopefully update it when I have more time.

The system is intended to be quite rules light but not completely.

Okay, so a brief system run down.

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Dice Used: D6
Rolling System: Dice Pool, doubles counts as success, extra dice over two count as a success. (Two 4's = 1 Success, four 4's = 3 Successes)

Character Creation:

25 Point Buy, 3 Overstats each with two statistics contained. Overstat is equal to the sum of the two statistics.

Body: Strength (Physical Strength + Combat Aptitude), Speed (Agility and Reflexes, rank is number needed to hit character). Body x 5 is HP

Personality: Charisma (Manipulation and Forcefulness), Composure (Stress resistance and Fear/Control resistance). Familiar Control is Personality x 2

Mind: Intelligence (General Knowledge and Max Magic Modifiers), Arcana (Magic Points (Arcana x 10) and Arcane Knowledge)

Weapons: The basic weapon is simply a stick. A basic stick. This adds +2 dice to the attack pool. The base weapon can be modified to produce more of less damage, each damage modifier also modifies the cost of the weapon at the same rate. The modifiers so far are as follows:

Light (-1)
Curved (+1)
Flexible (+1)
Heavy (+1)
Long (+1)
Sharp (+1)
Double (+2)
Ranged (+1)
Exotic (+1)

The weapons modifiers do not have any other affect aside from Combat Modifiers but do give you an idea about what the weapon is capable of. Other modifiers can be added to help describe weapons. For example, a greatsword can be represented as [Greatsword +4 (+2 Base, +1 Heavy, +1 Sharp)] yet a Kusarigama could be shown as [Kusarigama +4 (+2 Base, -1 Light, Flexible +1, Exotic +1, Sharp +1). Both have the same rating but are separate weapons with different capabilities.

A weapon will do one point of damage for every success it reaches.

Armour: Armour is relatively simple, especially when compared to weapons. The base armour gives your opponent a -2 to the Attack Pool. The modifiers work relatively the same way as weapon modifiers but more specific.

A character can benefit from a rank of armour equal to their Strength before suffering a cumulative -1 penalty to Speed for every point above your Strength.

Light (+1 to Force)
Heavy (-1 to Force)
Flammable (+1 to Fire)
Fire Resistant (-1 to Fire)
Brittle (-1 to Cold)
Warm (+1 to Cold)
Conductive (+1 to Electricity)
Rubberised (-1 to Electricty)
Reactive (+1 to Acid)
Neutralising (-1 to Acid)

For reference, a normal jacket or coat is around a 1 overall, perhaps slight difference in Fire and Cold resistances depending on materials. A heavy leather jacket would be a standard armour with heavier and more protective materials being higher ranks.

Magic: The part many of you have probably been waiting for....Magic. Like armour and weapons in this system magic and spells are quite variable. There are several modifiers and each one changes the amount of Magic Points needed to cast the spell. The maximum number of modifiers you can add to a spell is equal to your Intelligence. To figure out the cost of a spell you must define the effects of the spell according to the modifiers given. The base dice pool is equal to your Arcana score.

Energy (Fire, Cold, Acid, Electricty)* (+1) - Without this modifier the spell uses Force magic as default.
Damage (+1) - The spell deals damage according to it's successes as a weapon.
Range (+1) - The spell can be used at range rather than through contact.
Hold (+1) - The spell can hold enemies in place, acting as a cage or bindings.
Heal (+1) - The spell can, instead of hurting, heal damage equal to its successes.
Move (+1) - The spell can allow the use new modes of travel such as flight, wall-walking or swimming depending on the other modifiers used.
Apply (+1) - The spell can add its effects to a person or weapon, being discharged when the wielder chooses so instead of instantly.
Shield (+1) - The spell can protect against an amount of damage equal to its dice pool.
Dice (+2) - This modifier adds another dice to the pool in exchange for increased Magic Points spent.
Explosion (+2) - The spell affects all those around the user or target instead of just the target or user.
Change (+2) - The spell can change the user or target in some physical manner dependent on other modifiers.
Harm (-1 to Mana Cost) - The mana cost can be reduced by taking damage to yourself, every 2 points of damage reduces the cost by 1.
Calling (+2) - The spell allows you to summon another being under your control. The power and type of creature is dependant on other modifiers.
Magnitude (+3) - Magnitude is the sheer power of the spell. This modifier is dependant directly upon the GM. It is the difference between a spell Calling a small imp and a great demon or giving yourself fins and webbed fingers/toes rather than transforming into a immense shark-man. A base spell has Magnitude 0.

Erica, a small-time mage, is being chased down by some street thugs after her money. After they corner her in an alley she decides that it's time to drop the masquerade. Deciding she doesn't want to kill the men she settles on binding spell. Erica has a Intelligence and Arcana of 6, this means she can use up to six separate modifiers on the spell.

Erica settles upon a spell that will use rings of ice to hold all three of the men in place. The spell requires the modifiers of Energy (Ice) (+1), Range (+1), Hold (+1), Explosion (+2) giving it a total Magic Point cost of 5. She doesn't feel that her Dice Pool of 6 will be enough to hold the men so she charges it with extra power with the Dice modifier. Charging 4 more MP into the spell gives it a total of 8 Dice and a MP cost of 9.

Her dice give her a total of 5 Successes, just enough to hit the men. They are now imprisoned in the ice until they can either summon the strength to break out or the ice melts.

Casting the Spell.
In this world the power of words is much stronger then our own. In order to cast a spell the proper words must be formed and as such most modifiers have their own syllable that must be spoken to cast it. The syllables can be in any order but must be pronounced to have any effect.

Cold: Vo
Fire: Ka
Acid: Dun
Force: Tro
Electricity: Zas
Damage: Do
Range: La
Hold: Shan
Heal: Pin
Move: Bre
Apply: Haas
Shield: Fan
Explosion: Mala
Change: Wax
Harm: Gah
Calling: Quel
Magnitude: Vun (+1), Valon (+2), Veronam (+3)

Erica finds herself in another mess, a demon hot on her heals and a car that will not start. Looking around she notices how tall the buildings around her. Looking at herself she formulates a spell. A transforming spell that will allow her to scale the walls and hopefully escape the creatures grasp.
"Bredowax" comes rolling out of mouth and her body starts to morph, her finger extending into strong claws that could both allow her to climb to safety and harm the creature if need be.

So that's what I've got so far, the rules for Familiars still need to be worked out, but so does the rest of it as well :smalltongue:, so I'll upload then when I figure them out.

So....any advice, opinions or ideas?

2010-12-07, 07:04 PM
The magic system reminds me of Chaos Magic by Mongoose Publishing.

Other than that, seems to be good enough.

2010-12-07, 07:10 PM
I like it. Still rudimentary, as you mentioned, but I think it shows promise. I don't understand what you mean by overstats and statistics though.

2010-12-07, 07:13 PM
The magic system reminds me of Chaos Magic by Mongoose Publishing.

Other than that, seems to be good enough.

I don't actually know that system but thanks. :smallsmile:

I like it. Still rudimentary, as you mentioned, but I think it shows promise. I don't understand what you mean by overstats and statistics though.

An Overstat is one of the three main stats: Body, Personality or Mind. A statistic is one of the two stats that make up the Overstat.

2010-12-07, 11:54 PM
Very promising. My suggestion would be (depending on the magic focus) to make the language more in-depth. Give it syntax, separate words, and I would change magnitude a little. Base, Modifiers, and Tense would help with that a lot too. Basically make it to where there's an actual "magic language" and what you say matters, etc. Once it's suitably complicated (enough to deter all but the actual magic user) limit the number of spells they can keep written down. :smallamused: Then they have to really think about their spells, and have to know the system to be able to cast or else they'll end up doing something really random.

Most of that is just what I'm doing for mine, and you should probably ignore, (I've always wanted a "rune-based" magic, that operated much like yours does there but I've never actually gotten around to it) but syntax would be a must (in my less than expert opinion). So "Bredowax" would come out too "Move, Damage, Change".... in that order. Since I'm mean to my players I would slam her into a wall and break a bone. "Moved into the wall, causing Damage, and Changed her arm to broken." :smallbiggrin:
(The proper way to channel the spell, should I have ran it, would have been "Waxhaasdo; Haasbretro" aka "Change to Apply Damage (target hands); Apply Movement through Force." Course with the system as it is, quite a bit of it is left up to interpretation, so there's multiple ways to run any given spell.)

As always my opinions are my own. It's a well established fact among my friends that if I spout enough random bull at you then eventually you'll come up with an idea. The link to myself is questionable, but still. :smalltongue: