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2010-12-08, 07:49 PM

So as an introduction to Dungeons and Dragons, I picked up the revised 3.5 edition of Pathfinder a few months back (converting from 4th edition due to simple waning interest). Since then, I looked over just what was different in this revision. Among other things, Polymorphing effects had experienced a huge upturning to not be broken (my jaw dropped with a resonating crack when I read the old polymorphing spell descriptions.) For those of you unaware, polymorph has been broken up from about two spells to maybe a dozen or so, and they allow you to take any form of a specifc creature type and size, that grant you certain abilities depending on the spell type (the animal/magical beast iteration being spread from 3rd to 6th level for the wizard) and the level determining your maximum and minimum sizes taken and the size modifiers therein. And while this isn't nearly as broken as the previous types - which not only gave completely unbalanced abilities never designed for adventuring hands that could put a polymorphed wizard on par with any fighter by way of turning into a hill giant or something, but ALSO allowed any form to be taken; you know, wizards have to think hard about spell selection, and if a chance to turn into a ghost to glide through a dungeon's walls doesn't come up, a huge red dragon will likely be appreciated, making polymorph ridiculously versatile AND powerful for a mere FOURTH level spell (you only get to be one, dammit). Maybe those specific examples don;t work, I haven't played 3rd edition or anything nor do I have any such books on hand, but you get my meaning. However, a lot of the forms you can take are depressingly absent. I think preparing a spell that allows you to take the form of a particular creature type is an efficient means of balancing, but we only got access to those creature types that teh creators figured out how to balance.

Anyway, on a whim, I felt it necessary to get the ball rolling, and maybe someone's already tried, in which case a referral would be nice so taht I may expand on their work. I'll be adding some polymorph effects once I figure out what each level an effect should be and would greatly appreciate the advise of far more experienced players on what the confines of appropriate levels and abilities are. For now, lets focus on an idea for the Druid I've been mulling over for a while, specifically its polymorphing Wildshape Class Feature. Typically, the Druid leads ahead of the wizard by a full level in what forms it can access (recieving the 3rd-level spell Beast Shape 1 with far greater duration at level 4 for example), so I'll use this as something of a baseline for my new feat tree here., though as always, advice is welcome. I've considered making these feats instead the features of a PrC.

Magical Beast Shape
Not settling for the mundane, however powerful, you can now assume the rarest forms of nature's repetoire.
Prerequisite: Wildshape class feature (able to assume a diminuitive or huge animal as Beast Shape III)
Benefit: When using Wildshape, you can assume the form of a small or medium Magical Beast, as if using Beast Shape III. At 10th level, this instead functions as Beast Shape IV, allowing you to take the form of a large or tiny magical beast. In addition, you no longer take a penalty to Wild Empathy checks involving magical beasts.

Wild Dragon
Your power of nature is such so as to allow you sway with the primal might of the dragons, incarnating their power with your very form..
Prerequisites: Natural Spell, Wildshape 4/day, Magical Beast Shape, see special
Benefit: You have forged a pact with the forces of an ancient order of dragons' primal power (see Special). When using Wild Shape, you may assume the form of a medium dragon, as per Form of Dragon I. In addition, when using Wild Empathy, you can communicate with reptilian and draconic creatures with whom you share no common language.
Special: Choose Chromatic Dragons or Metallic Dragons. You may only assume the form of one of these groups. If you are Evil, you must select Chromatic, if you are Good, you must select Metallic. If you are Neutral with regards to the Good-Evil axis, you must choose one upon taking this feat, which cannot be changed. You are generally required to have trained under or come to an oath with a dragon of the variant you selected.

Improved Wild Dragon
Emracing more of your patrons' power, the seething might of draconic blood flows through your veins as readily as your own.
Prerequisite: Wild Dragon, Wildshape 6/day
Benefit: Select one specific type of dragon from the category (Metallic or Chromatic chosen for your Wild Dragon feat), such as red or gold dragons. Generally, their alignment must be within one step or your own. When using Wild Shape to assume the form of a dragon of this variety, you can instead take a large form, as the effect of Form of Dragon II.
You gain the benefits of a Sorcerer Bloodline class feature, specifically the Draconic bloodline of the type you slected, with an effective level equal to your druid level. You do not gain the benefit of bonus feats, or bonus spells. As an exception, however, if you possess a domain, you gain the ability to prepare bloodline spells as if they were domain spells in your bonus slots in place of your regular domain spells. If you possess an animal companion, it gains the half-dragon template of the type you selected.

Dragon Might Unfettered!
The dragons now recognise you as their own, such is their engravement into your very soul. Such is the power you weild.
Prerequisite: Improved Wild Dragon, Wild Shape 7/day
Benefit: When assuming the form of the dragon type chosen for your Improved Wild Dragon feat, you instead can take the form of a huge dragon, as per Form of Dragon III. For all other dragon types, you can assume a size up to large, as per Form of Dragon II. In addition, when you take the form of your favoured dragon chosen as your Improved Wild Dragon, you can remain in that form indefinetly. You gain a +2 to charisma-based and sense motive checks when interacting with dragons, which increases to +4 when interacting with dragons of the type you selected for Improved Wild Dragon.

Improved Beast Shape
This ancient, and I mean ancient, sub-discipline of teh druids allows one to take the form of even teh mighty T-Rex!
Prerequisite: Wild Shape 3/day
Benefit: You can assume the form of gargantuan animals when using Wild Shape. This is the same as assuming the form of a huge animal with Beast Shape IV, with the exception that the statistics modifiers are:
+8 Strength, -4 Dexterity, +7 natural armour bonus

I was going to add to the cap ability for teh last one to give certain power trinkets such as a White Dragon's ice shape, but felt teh feats stood on their own.

I'm looking for your thoughts and to draw some interest. I'll retire for the night, but tomorrow I'll try and finally devise the true point of thise thread. The above feats are to test teh waters on what you think the balance should be when it comes to polymorphing effects.

I'll be working on polymorph spells for such classic things as the aligned outsiders (devils, angels, inevitables, etc.), fey, oozes (yes oozes, more utility than anything else), incorporeal effects (an etheral jaunt effect that's made more useful by turning into a ghost, long story on my logistics there), and anything else which seems like a good idea at the time. Meanwhile, try and get your DM to allow some of these feats; I tried to include some fluff about how teh Dragonoath and ascensions to their courts works, but its really late and I have a test in about 180 hours.

2010-12-08, 07:50 PM
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