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2010-12-09, 08:02 AM
I don't like the current paragon template. It bothers me that they all have the same abilities & bonuses. In an effort to fix this, I devised the following. However, game design has never been a strong suit, in particular, determining CR & LA. For those familiar with the Immortal's Handbook series, I would like to bring this in line with those epic rules. Any and all suggestions, comments, abilities to add, etc are welcome.

PARAGON Hit Points: Max HP per die. If they already have this ability through another source, they instead gain half again their current hit die in bonus hit points
Speed: For every 10 HD, increase base movements by 10 ft
Armor Class: +1 natural armor per 10 HD
Immunities: disease, poison, stunning, sleep, paralysis,
Keen Senses: gain darkvision 120, low-light vision, & a constant True Seeing Effect
Resistances: Acid, Cold, Fire, Electricity & Sonic resistance 5 per 10 HD
Saving Throws: +1 all saves per 10 HD
Ability scores: gain 18 points to distribute amongst all ability scores +1 additional per 10 HD to distribute as desired.
Feats: Gain 1 bonus feat you meet the prerequisites for per 10 HD
Skills: Add Int modifier to all skill checks, +1 all skill checks per 10 HD
Special Attacks: All special forms of attack, such as Two Weapon Rend, or DCs of special abilities, gain a +1 to the DC for every 10 HD
Special Qualities

Gain DR 20/epic. Every 10 HD, can add either 10 ponts to the damage redcution, or choose another descriptor.
Spell resistance 20 + HD +1 per HD
Fast Healing equal to Con modifier, with an additional +1 per 10 HD
If the creature possesses a caster level, manifester level, or initiator level, it is increased by 1 per 10 HD
Special Abilities: Every 10 HD, can choose an ability from the following list. Abilities can be chosen multiple times, stacking each time.

+2 to all attributes.
Gain six bonus feats.
Double natural armor bonus.
Grant the equivalent of any armor or weapon special ability with a +5 adjustment, +1 per additional 10 HD, or less adjustment.
Grant a fly speed equal to twice base land speed with perfect maneuverability, or any other movement type with a speed equal to the land speed.
Gain +1 caster level
May prepare two additional spells per day per spell level known, to a maximum of 9th level.
Gains two additional spells known per spell level it can cast, to a maximum of 9th level.
Gain a single primary natural attack dealing 4d6 points of damage, or two natural primary attacks dealing 2d6 points of damage.
Preternatural Grace: Add Charisma mod to AC, & half of Charisma mod as a resistance bonus to all saves.
Gain immunity to mind-affecting effects or immunity to a single energy or effect of choice
Can choose a single class ability. This ability functions at 1/4 of creatures HD. If taken multiple times, can choose to either improve an existing ability by each time taken, or select a new class ability
CR: +8, +1 per 10 HD
LA: +5, +2 per 10 HD

2010-12-09, 10:17 AM
Gain six bonus feats.

included epic feats or just normal feats? if just normal you should add something like "or gain x epic feats"

2010-12-09, 11:58 AM
I see your point. Reworded it to state you have to meet prerequisites for bonus feats.

2010-12-13, 06:15 PM
I could really use some help with this. Additional options for spellcasters, martial initiators, psychic abilities would be nice. Anything that would help customize the paragon template to be unique to each paragon while maintaining a sense of balance. Need all the help I can get guys.

2010-12-14, 08:17 AM
It looks very similar to Dicefreaks Eternal (http://dicefreaks.superforums.org/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=669) template.
One thing that I would like to have is an ability similar to the feat "Mind over body", using a wisdom or charisma modifier instead of a constitution to determine HP, fortitude saves and skill checks (Eg. Concentration) but I fear it would be overpowered.