View Full Version : How do you split a group?

2010-12-09, 12:37 PM
I've got an odd problem I've got two groups of gaming buddies that got combined into one. Unfortunately it's caused certain members of the group to not want to play in said campaign.

The problem is one particular player who is a bit of a prima donna. The one group really finds him annoying and I understand why. Just kicking him out won't work because it would alienate an entire group of players. (Two of his best friends and his fiance.)

So what we want to do is get the one group to split off. The group that is actually playing right now also gets together (with some cross-over) on another night. The group that I want to get back into playing together does not normally go to the other night. How do I tell a group of people that we don't want them there without being a total jerk? (i.e. I don't want to lose friends here.)

My current plan is to play it off as "Monday's at John's isn't going to work out anymore. We'll just play that campaign on Fridays after Luke finishes his campaign."
This can work out but I have a moral compunction about lying so I need to find a way to do it without being untruthful.

Sir Swindle89
2010-12-09, 12:48 PM
Who is it your mother? they don't have to know about every D&D game you're in (granted my mother doesn't know i come into town to play and not stop by but thats beside the point)

If the after Luke's time slot is convienient since people are going to be over there any way i don't see why moving the game time to "open up" your Mondays is a big deal.

Of course the mature thing to do is just tell the offendable party that you want to move the game so you can do a game monday with a different group. If the other group doesn't like her (i assume) then i can't imagine she's too fond of them either.

2010-12-09, 12:52 PM
Just say that you're finding it a lot harder to manage a larger group than you thought it would be. (Which is true, but not for the reasons they'll probably assume). Ask them what they'd think about splitting off to the original setup.