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2010-12-11, 06:06 PM
The human ran, stood in front of the throne and said:
"General, the demon of fear has invaded. He broke the fortress western wall, stole the souls of about a hundred troops and then dissappeared."
"Order the troops to track him down, but do not engage him. Amass everyone, alert me and we will ambush him."
The throne door fell down, and someone came in. He looked like one of the soldiers, with a mean grin on his face.
The human: "You are not Yendo, are you?"
"No, I killed him a few minutes ago."
The human ran towards the invader, and was casually pushed aside. Even after hitting the wall and breaking it, the force of the push still moved him.
The general: "Yendo was my favourite commandor."
The demon of fear: "I know, that`s why I killed him and assumed his shape. And if you don`t stop me, I`m going to do this to every single one of your precious soldiers. If you try to call for backup, I will hide and kill everyone stealthly. If you fight me, I will leave some alive to tell the tale of how I killed an eternal."
The general ran towards the demon, and the demon put on a green glove and shot a green ray from the glove towards the general. The entire body of the general except from his spine disingrated and immediatly regenerated, barely slowing the general.
The demon smiled, and thought to himself: "This is going to be fun."

In ancient times, there was a big war to determine what will heppen to mortals when they die.
The demon of fear wasn`t part of that war.
He wreaked havoc freely, destroying soldiers of every side, knowing they have no chance against him. He wanted to build himself a reputation, but one day, he decided killing soldiers isn`t enough. One day, he decided to hunt down a general.
One of the warring side believed that mortals should never die, and that every creature in creation should be an immortal. Their generals were called eternals, nearly indestrucable immortals of incredible power.
One day, the demon of fear broke into a fortress and killed an eternal. As a trophy, he made a weapon from the eternal`s corpse. He used the eternal spine as the chain for the nunchaku. The eternal soul still lies in the nunchaku, and to prevent communication with him the demon of fear put dozens of other souls in the nunchaku. Every one who tried to communicate with the nunchaku heard dozens of cries for help.
The chain (=spine) is green, and the rest is black.

Mechanically, the nunchaku of eternity is a +7 nunchaku that gives the wielder immortality. The wielder gains regeneration 10, or 10 is added to his regeneration if he already got regeneration, which factors as long as he touches the nunchaku. The wielder also do not age. Cutten body parts grow back immediatly, even before they hit the floor.

Plot hooks
1. A group of creatures (possibly even the adventureres) seek to free the eternal, not realising that his years of imprisoment has droven him mad, and he is not the nice creature he used to be.
2. A villain seeks to get the nunchaku so he would become immortal.
3. Several settlements are destroyed by rivaling powerfull beings who seek the nunchaku and believe it is around that area.
4. A group of immortals who survived the war believe that if they would preform a certain ritual, they could expand the immortality gained by the nunchaku to an entire plane of existence, or maybe even the entire multiverse.
5. An important lost bit of information was known by the eternal, and the adventureres need to know that bit of information, and need to find a way to communicate with him.