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Special: Must have had a level drained or survived an attack (but not killed) by a Wight
Race: Any Medium or Large Humanoid or Giant

HD: D12 (HD from other classes become D12)

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+0| Alternate form Wight, Lunar body, Undead Traits

+1| Alternate form (Hybrid)

+1| Lunar Hide

+2| Lifesense (Feat)

+2| Energy Drain

+3| Turn Resistance (Feat)

+3| Create Spawn: WereWight

+4| Create Spawn: Wight, Lunar Skin[/table]

Skills Points at Each Level: 4+Int mod
Class Skills: The WereWight's class skills are Intimidate , Knowledge (Religion), Listen, Spot, Move Silently, Escape Artist, Diplomacy, Search

Proficiencies: A WereWight gains proficiency with its own natural weapons, but not with armor or shields.

For every level in WereWight, the WereWight's Abilities improve as shown below:

{table]WereWight Level|Ability Improvements
1|+1Cha, +1Str
2|+1Cha, +1Dex
3|+1Cha, +1Str
4|+1Cha, +1Dex
5|+1Cha, +1Str
6|+1Cha, +1Dex
7|+1Cha, +1Str
8|+1Cha, +1Dex

Class Features: The following are the Class Features of the WereWight:

Lunar Body: WereWight gains the (Undead) type and (Shapechanger) subtype. They gain Darkvision60 if they did not already possess it. A WereWight gains a bonus to natural armor equal to its Charisma modifier while in Alternate Form (See Below).

Undead traits: Immune to Sleep effects, Paralysis, Critical hits, Mind-Affecting, Poison, Stunning, Disease, Death, Energy Drain, Ability Drain, Str, Dex, Con Damage, Fort effects, Non-lethal, Fatigue, Exhaustion. No Con, no need to eat breathe or sleep, Negative Heals, Positive Harms.

Alternate Form: At first level, the WereWight gains a Wight Alternate Form. While in Wight form, the WereWight gains a bite attack dealing 1d10+Str mod damage and two claw attacks dealing 1d4+Dex damage. While in Wight form the WereWight has a base land speed of 40ft but cannot wield a weapon or speak

At second level, the WereWight can assume a Medium Hybrid form, between it's Wight form and it's Humanoid Form. While in Hybrid form, the WereWight gains the natural attacks of the Wight form, but the movement speed increases by 10 and can wield a weapon and speak

Assuming an Alternate form, or dismissing it, is a Full-Round Action that provokes an attack of opportunity. At 7 HD this changes to a Standard Action and at 14 HD this changes to a Move Action, at 20 HD this changes to a Swift Action.

A WereWight can assume its Alternate Form 1/day/HD, and can remain transformed indefinitely.

Lunar Hide: Gain DR=WereWight levels /Silver.

Lunar Skin change DR into WereWight levels+ 1/2 other class levels.

Lifesense: Gains Lifesense as a bonus feat.

Energy Drain: Living creatures hit with a natural weapon from a Werewight gain one Negative level. Fortitude save to get rid of a Negative level is 10+WerewightHD+Cha modifier.

Turn Resistance: Gain Turn Resistance as a bonus feat.

Create Spawn: WereWight: A living being who died from Energy Drain, failed at least 2 checks to get rid of negative levels caused by a WereWight or has had more than 3 levels drained becomes a WereWight, upon becoming a WereWight it gains WereWight Monster levels=to their original HD (maximum your HD-1 {if single-classes WereWight} or your WereWight level {if multiclassed}) if this exceeds the maximum level of WereWight monster levels it may take levels in classes it had prior to becoming a WereWight (If none take levels in it's Favoured Class).

Create Spawn: Wight: A living being killed by a WereWights natural weapons or Energy Drain becomes a Wight. Upon becoming a Wight it gains Wight Monster Class (Libris Mortis p.g.40)=to their original HD (Maximum your HD-1). If their HD exceeds the maximum level in the Wight class it may take levels in classes it had prior to becoming a Wight (if none take levels in it's Favoured Class)
Special: You may choose to make a WereWight instead of a Wight if you wish.