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2010-12-12, 04:25 PM
So, I already posted a thread about my BBEG and his various thugs and generals. This thread is for the backing cast for the players, the other good guys of the realm. Forgive me if this is long, I'm trying to make pretty fleshed-out characters.

A former peasant has acquired a hideous necromantic artifact, and has set about raising a necromantic army. Part of this artifact's effect has turned him into a high-level Favored Soul. He's gathered a group of supporters, liches and a pack of vampires. If he is not stopped, he will have an enormous army. The PCs were called upon by a town to help them, villagers were disappearing and returning as zombies. They arrived to find the town full of zombies and vampire spawn. They fought a real vampire as well, who escaped. They are now going to be called upon by the king, who will tell them that other villages have been suffering the same fate, and will be sent to investigate.

The King Leon of the...Kingdom.

An elderly man, and a popular king. "Popular" in the way most kings are - few have any reason to dislike him, therefore they like him. He prefers diplomacy to war, but views negotiations with an undead-raising psychopath as useless. He can provide the players with equipment - he likes to keep track of any powerful (I.E. high-level) person in his kingdom, and thus knows many spellcasters who can make items and cast spells for the PCs.

He has some traits of the stereotypical kindly old man. He's forgetful, prone to making jokes that no one but him laughs at. He was an adventurer before he was king, and is on occasion overwhelmed with nostalgia when he looks at the PCs - young and strong, full of bravery.

Of course, this image will be totally blown away if a time comes where an army must be used against the undead. The King was no weekend adventurer - he's a high level fighter, and even with his strength diminished in his old age, he's far stronger than a normal human, and has made many allies in his time as an adventurer and as king. I look forward to the stunned look on the PCs faces when they find the wizened old man wearing full plate, wielding a magical sword, astride an ancient Gold Dragon.

King Leon is sometimes called King Lion, a nickname supposedly earned by his fierce prowess in combat and bravery. While he has both of those traits, few know that the name is somewhat literal - King Leon is an Aasimar with Leonal blood. The Leonal blood gives him an ability similar to Lycanthropy to turn into a Dire Lion. In game terms, this is exactly like natural Lycanthropy except that he cannot infect people with his bite.

The Court Wizard

This is the go-to information guy. He's a diviner/loremaster, and knows many things even before he casts information-gathering spells. His job is more obvious, although he's kind of annoying - he views being mysterious as part of the court wizard job description. If captured, he's easily convinced to help the BBEG. He's an armchair mage, one who left the comfort of wizardry school for the comfort of a desk job.

The Other Wizard

This wizard was the king's adventuring companion for many years. They haven't spoken in over two decades, the king stole his girlfriend. As you might expect from a man who ditched his friend of years over a girl, he's obnoxious and hot-headed. He's more helpful (and more powerful) than the court wizard, but this is because he's too blunt to be mysterious.

The king will send them to talk to him, without, of course, mentioning that they haven't spoken in years and that the OW hates his guts. Basically, the PCs are going to have to convince a old, angry, incredibly powerful wizard that he should let them in and help them.

The Other Wizard is not going to betray the PCs, but he will probably give off that vibe. Even if his attitude is helpful, he seems unfriendly, laying on verbal abuse even as he casts spells and makes items for the PCs. His tower is also full of laboratories with evidence of experiments which, while not evil, do seem to be high on the creepy scale.

And then there's the matter of the Deathless living on the highest floor. Deathless are not common enough for anyone to be able to differentiate them from undead by anything other than behavior, and seeing as the entire campaign is killing undead, this might be suspicious if discovered, unless the PCs decide to hear him out.

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What exactly do you need help with here it seems like you have several good ideas going already.