View Full Version : Big T & Big T [SoD]

2010-12-12, 09:14 PM
So, I've got two ideas for Big T.

One is "I am Godzilla, Nautre's Wrath" and he basically shows up whenever the Godzilla Threshhold is crossed (by Nature's reckoning) and spends most of his time in the ocean, either sleeping or wandering around down there eating other giant ocean critters. He ends up with the Woodling and Paragon templates, and also randomly gains the Aquatic subtype with the Amphibious trait. This results in a smart, somewhat civilized, creature that still spends most of its time in the ocean hunting aquatic dinosaurs and giant sharks.

The other is the "Destroyer of Realities" style Tarrasque that I'm envisioning as an Elder Evil. Transdimensional, world hopping, angry Tarrasque-ish creature that only exists to consume, just like the normal fluff. But it's got the Pseudonatural creature template, and is supposed to be killing and eating entire worlds.

Naturally, I want to have a huge epic Kaiju battle at some point in my campaign, but I need suggestions for the Elder Evil tarrasque's Sign and such.