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2010-12-13, 09:10 AM
My 4E group is in a campaign that is intended to go from 1-25. The point of the quest was to find an artifact that grants Ultimate Cosmic Power. The idea was us to find it at LVL 11, which we did, and then decide what to do with it.

My Evil Gnome Artificer was the only PC to make it from LVL 1 to 11. (We've had players drop in and out, the DM is brutal, and he allows players to create new characters if they want to.) As the only Arcane, he was the only one who could actually do the rituals to destroy or rebuild it. I was told in order to rebuild it (and gain the Power for myself), "everyone in your party would have to die." If I wanted to destroy it, "all but one of your companions would have to die." Finally, we could scatter the pieces thoughout time and space to keep them separate.

IC, it would have been appropriate for Tokanok (the Artificer) to take the Power, especially since I had said I was going to take him to the Demi-God Epic Destiny. OOC, I did not want to tell the other players they had to reroll new characters. Finally, I took advantage of the DM's wording, hired new (very low-level) NPC's for my "party" and did the ritual.

Now Tokanok is the God of Inventors and I am retiring him.

My new character is a Shardmind Psion. I make a joke that he would be a thought of Tokanok made manifest. I meant it as a joke, but some of the other players thought it would be funny. So my idea is to say that the thought was Tokanok's hesitation to kill his first party since they had been so useful. (The Psion is Good.) Under normal circumstances, the thought would have been lost, but since Tokanok ascended, the thoughts of his worshipers kept the thought around, and over the thousands of years between Tokanok taking Power and when the campaign starts back up, the thought would take physical form.

The physical form would be a garden gnome. Except instead of being made of concrete and painted, he would be made of steel-gray crystal.

tl;dr: I want to make my Shardmind the thought of my Artificer who ascended to godhood, but make him look like a cheesy garden gnome. (He would still be considered Medium size. The "garden gnome" is joking fluff.

2010-12-13, 09:17 AM
There is nothing cheesy about this at all good poster, that is an excellent example of meta-group versamillitude. Anytime you can bring joy to your group and keep a sense of campaign history alive, you are doing yourself and your group a great service.
You sir are a gentleman and a scholar and you win an internet

2010-12-13, 09:24 AM
Funny thing: when I first got the PHB3, I just hated everything about the Shardmind as a PC race. They just seemed all kinds of silly to me (as did the Wilden, BTW). However, in one of my PbP games a player (PolkaBear, if you must know :smallsmile:) inquired to play a Shardmind Psion as well. I wasn't too crazy about that idea, as you can imagine. However, he pretty much refluffed him as a one-of-a-kind creature made by accident, and suddenly, it all seemed much, much cooler. I really like that character now!

Tl;dr: re-fluff away, that away lies coolness :smallcool: