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2010-12-13, 10:55 PM
Post your homebrewed 4E equipment here! Discuss balance, flavor, etc.


Hooked hammer:
Hooked hammer

Superior double melee weapon.
Cost: 15 gp
Damage: 1d8/1d4
Range: -
Weight: 7 lb.

The hooked hammer is a weapon derived from a gnomish tool with a hammer (dealing 1d8 damage) on one end and a long, curved pick (dealing 1d4 damage) on the other. Gnomes are proficient with the hooked hammer.

Properties: Small, (secondary end:) High Crit, Off-hand

Special: Optionally when scoring a critical hit with the hammer end, instead of dealing max [W] damage you may roll [W] as normal and deal 1d4 (2d4 at Epic) damage to any one enemy within the range of the melee weapon power that scored the critical hit. That enemy is knocked prone.

Group: Hammer (primary end), Pick (secondary end)
Thought of this specifically when I was thinking "how can I make the port of the gnome hooked hammer nice and flavorful?" for a campaign I'm running over Google Docs and IRC. It's supposed to be a gnome cleric's weapon; I think it's balanced when compared to other cleric weapons, but I'm not sure if it matches up to other double weapons.

2010-12-14, 11:54 AM
I thought, at first, that it was too weak but thinking about it now this is only because it's a cleric using it (so they can't take advantage of both ends effectively).

Comparing it against other weapons in the hands of a ranger or another two weapon fighter it's only a bit weak.

I'd say up the pick damage to 1d6, otherwise it's good.

2010-12-14, 11:59 AM
I, personally, don't really make home brewed equipment (except artifact level items which are very overpowered). That said, I do have fairly creative players.

Linked Shield Bracers Level 9
These bracers provide some defensive assistance in the field but really shine when linked together.
Arm Slot
AC & Reflex +1
Linked Shield - Encounter Power - Immediate Interrupt
When hit by an attack which targets AC or Reflex you may add +2 to your AC or Reflex defense. If the new total beats the attack roll, the triggering attack misses.