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The Rose Dragon
2010-12-13, 11:35 PM
At the beginning of the world, there was no world to begin with. There was broiling chaos, the rivers of endless desire and passion, and actions and events flowed from one to another without care for causality or consequences. Only the oldest of the Fair Ones, whose souls were formed within the rivers of desire, have the slightest memory of this time before time among the mortals.

Then, Ormazd, the Dragon and the King of the Skies, in his infinite power, took the chaos and forged it into form and function. Many nations know the resulting creation by many names, but all can be translated into a single word: "World".

Within the skies of the World, Ormazd shone in his manifold faces. During the day, he was the Sun, shining with a white and golden brilliance in purity and power manifest, while during the night, he was the Moon and the Stars, infinitely beautiful and complex. In his three aspects, he empowered the World and whispered to it the secrets of power and the threefold mysteries. Following the truths carved into the very essence of the World, men and women from all paths of life began to learn the arts of sorcery, and thus the first Sorcerers were born.

When the World was whole and unbroken, there were only three creeds of sorcerers who could write their will upon the World. The mightiest of them were the Sorcerers of the Sun, who took a singular approach to sorcery and were rewarded with the sole mastery of the Mysteries of the Sun. Below them were the Sorcerers of the Moon and Sorcerers of the Stars, who took a more complex approach to magic and thus were limited to Mysteries of the Night. However, Sorcerers of the Moon partook in the countless beautiful shapes of the World, shedding and donning forms as mortals could blink and breathe, while Sorcerers of the Stars looked at the Arcana writ across the night and thus shape the destiny of things to come.

Back then, the might of the Sorcerers was unchecked, and no mortal could hope to match the power of sorcery unleashed. In hubris and madness, Sorcerers weaved magic and almost tore the World apart. In response, Ormazd empowered five thousand men and five thousand women as the Disciples of the Dragon, who fought the sorcerers with magic of their own, lesser in power but blessed with a fraction of Ormazd's perfection. After hundreds of years of battle between the Dragon Disciples and the Sorcerers protecting their kingdoms, the rule of the Sorcerers was over. No longer would the Sorcerers rule over men, but become humanity's humble servants. Sorcery was a gift, but not one to be squandered on selfish desires, Ormazd taught his Disciples, and the World, broken but not shattered, survives to this day.

Now, the descendants of the original Ten Thousand Disciples oversee the successors of the Sorcerers who played their hands at godhood. The Celestial Order is upheld to this day: as Ormazd gives unto his Disciples, so will the Disciples give unto the Sorcerers. However, the World is not a gentle place, as the horrors unleashed a long time ago by the Sorcerers still echo throughout the lands, and while the Dragon Disciples are powerful guardians, the might of a Sorcerer is unmatched. As such, each Sorcerer must walk a fine path in wielding their powers as guided by the wisdom of the Dragon Disciples: stray too low, and they will die in the hands of the harshness of the World; stray too high, and the Disciples will slay them before they once more become the horrors of the ancient days.

And there are other, newer and stranger threats still, looming the edges of the World...

The Rose Dragon
2010-12-13, 11:45 PM
What is this (apart from me ripping off everyone)?

Basically, it's a place where some people (one of which could be you) and I play at creating a campaign setting and fail miserably. It's mainly inspired by Dragon Age and Exalted, but it takes its inspirations from anywhere and everywhere as my mind works in strange ways.

Can you help me in any way?

YES! Yes you can! In fact, please do so! I've got the basics of the cosmology and metaphysics of the world down, but the nitty-gritty details and the earthly factors (such as geography, politics of the nations, languages and such) still elude me. I need better, more accomplished setting creators for all those.

Why would you want to help me?

Good question, and one which I cannot answer. I'm doing this because I'm creatively challenged - I simply cannot stop creating new things and ideas, no matter how terrible they are, and this is a place for me to vent those ideas. You can help me to curb my insanity, for the satisfaction of a job well-done or just because you're bored.

What rules does the setting use?

I don't know. Originally, I thought of using Exalted rules, as it is one of the main inspirations, but as the setting's metaphysics developed, it became quite impossible without some heavy modifications. It would be nice to create its own system, but that's quite a bit away from where I'm standing at the moment.

Are you high?

I'm high on life. I also miss drinking, but I haven't gotten drunk in years.

The Rose Dragon
2010-12-13, 11:46 PM
This post is a placeholder for anything I might want to add later and get people to see.

So, now you can post.

2010-12-14, 10:18 PM
What of the Sorcerors of the Dead? Or the Made Sorcerors? Or the Twisted Sorcerors?

2011-01-04, 07:53 PM
1. I so want to help.
2. You have given us a bunch of Fluff basically. What meta-physics have you laid down.
3. Are the Sorcerors of the Moon, Stars and Sun different classes, ACFs or just different fluff types of Sorceror?

The Rose Dragon
2011-01-05, 11:50 AM
3. Are the Sorcerors of the Moon, Stars and Sun different classes, ACFs or just different fluff types of Sorceror?

Basically, they can access different levels of sorcery. Sorcerers of the moon and sorcerers of the stars can access the Mysteries of the Night, while Sorcerers of the Sun can access a higher level of sorcery, Mysteries of the Sun. To compensate, sorcerers of the moon can shapeshift, while sorcerers of the stars have astrology.

((What is an ACF?))

2011-01-05, 12:44 PM
ACF: Alternate Class Feature.

The Rose Dragon
2011-01-05, 12:46 PM
I'm not sure what that does, so I'll say "no, they are not" for now.

2011-01-05, 12:47 PM
Is this a new system if a new campaign world for a system?
if so which system? you haven't specified.

The Rose Dragon
2011-01-05, 12:48 PM
No system, just a setting for now. Ideally, I would create a new system, but I kind of suck at that.