View Full Version : help for Modern Mage + New Baddies

2010-12-14, 10:53 AM
hi all i have an idea for a modern day mage for the D20 Modern setting, this would probably be an advanced or prestige class.

i need help statting it + comming up with new baddies
how ever not playing a mage in D20 Modern i'm at a bit of a loss but basicly here goes.

Elemental-Mancer (could also be used in D&D)

Basicly the Elemental Mancer takes a very "Red Cloak" style view on elementals using elements to create monsters

i have some ideas for monsters but don't know how to build them
Excremental (yes a turd demon) (as seen in dogma)
a Marajuana Plant Monster (as seen in scary movie)
Any other sort of creature which can be a Golem / Elemental being made by metal would be cool.
Cell Phone Fiend ( a demonic animated cell phone might be good with some levels of ninja or tough hero, we all know cell phones can take a beating)

i know i'm missing stuff here its in my brain rattling around just can't get it out.

also i have another idea for a base class possibly an advanced class maybe PrC


one day i heard this "your never more than 10ft away from a spider at any time" so i thought "with modern technology, how far away are we from cables" the awnser is typically less than 1ft at 90% of the time.

the cable-mancer controls cables around him to make things like fists, shields, can use them to grapple things etc.... for example

your standing in a kitchen and you say something to the BBEG who is a cable mancer, cables burst from the walls and strangle you and grapple your limbs.

or "police have tracked down the cablemancer but have had thier asses kicked, so the party shows up, the cable mancer rips out cables from the ground used for traffic lights and car engines to form a cable based rug he stands on, the cables crawl and claw at the ground pulling themselves along with thier master ontop.

they can also be used as tensers floating disk, web and other stuff like all the bigsby's hand spells...

i hope that sums it up for you, if people could help me i would be very greatful.