View Full Version : First time Changeling Storyteller. And player!

2010-12-18, 07:24 PM
I'm entirely new to the World of Darkness, as is my entire gaming group except for my Emi-chan3192. However, I'm determined to run a PbP game for the group, since we don't get to meet up for in-person D&D often enough, and I've fallen in love with Changeling: The Lost.

So! Got any advice for a new Storyteller? Advice about the system in general, and how to make it work in a play-by-post?

2010-12-19, 09:22 PM
Whuff. Where to begin? First off, make sure you know the crunch and fluff inside out... the main problem with running any WoD game is that the setting has politics, politics, and more politics, so knowing which NPCs have what pots on the boil, as it were, is essential for creating a good WoD game. That's the first piece of advice.

PbP can be a little troublesome, because timelines can easily get messed up, and a player missing for more than a week can easily kill a game. Make sure everyone can post, and, if not, that everybody else knows, and can adapt. Character developement can be annoying at times, because downtime is the hardest thing to adjudicate.

Good record keeping is essential, both for PbP and WoD. And not just for the normal stuff, like money, stats, et al, but character notes too. Mythweavers and Obsidian Portal are both good places for this, and I'm sure other posters can recommend other places too.

Some more WoD advice that comes to mind is that, in both editons of Changeling (the Dreaming and the Lost), as with all other WoD books except Mage, powers are fairly darned specific. They only apply to certain situations, and you should be aware of this at all times. With Changeling, this is slightly complicated by the specifics of when a power can be used for free. That, and bans.

Yeah, that's all that comes to mind for now, but I'm sure I'll think of more over time.

2010-12-21, 07:08 PM
Thanks! I shouldn't think missing posters will be a problem, since this is my RL group. I can yell at them if they disappear.
I'll make sure to read and reread the books before I get this thing rolling. My girlfriend is pretty good with the setting's fluff, so I'm sure she'll correct the most egregious errors.