View Full Version : WoW RP storyline - some help needed

2010-12-19, 04:53 PM
I've been asked to run a World of Warcraft RP storyline. Not the tabletop RPG, a storyline played out right in the medium of the PC game, on the live servers.

The background is that a few of my friends were bored and I suggested this as a rather fun way of spicing things up. One of them jumped on it, but complained that she was really bad at GMing and could I please do that? I do enjoy DMing on occasion, so sure, I could do that.

I need some help.

Basically, after Christmas I will host a storyline in-game in WoW. I've only gotten one confirmed player yet, and I don't really know what character she'll be using. I hope to get maybe one more player before I start, since single player games are kind of boring but I also want to keep the player number low.

I have to talk more with them about what kind of game they'd like, what kind of characters they'll run and so on, but I wanted to check here as well. Has anyone done this themselves? I could use some advice, since it will probably have to be pretty much entirely story tied and in great parts non-violent (or, well, at least not with regular battles; I'm certainly NOT using the in-game battle system). Personally, I'm thinking some kind of court intrigue, or possibly a murder investigation or something similar.

I'm likely to come back here and ask for more opinions as the thing develops, but right now, I'd like to know: is there any addon that allows for custom items and/or buffs to be created? I think I heard about one a long time ago, but that might be the voices in my head telling me things.