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2010-12-19, 11:19 PM
Anyone aside from me familiar with it?
Anyone aside from me who thinks it will make a great RPG?

2010-12-20, 05:12 AM
You mean the program were 6 knuckleheads* have various challenges over the world? (please note its one of my favourite shows!)

I'm familar with that (its called Last man Standing in the UK)

I don't exactly what it could be used for in a RPG. Perhaps, a great king assembles the best of his land. And then sends them out to fight the know dangers of the world. That bit makes some sense.

but then the show is @last man standing - which in DnD - would be Last PC Standing and my PCs need no encouragement to get PvP started.

You could have a adventure groups, all given the same task - so the PCs are competing against a DIFFERENT group or three. This could turn it into the wacky races DnD, when everytime you get close the other group pops up and tries to mess with you. And cause its a game the group couldn't just turn around and kill em.

Well you have more than my 3p now.

So yeah - last man standing eh?

2010-12-20, 11:13 PM
Umm...no my link-fu failed me. Lemme try again: Last Man Standing (http://www.lms-killbook.com/). Ok if that works, you'll see what im talking about.