View Full Version : HELP! Shardminds?

2010-12-20, 05:02 PM
So I read through the Player's Handbook III for the first time (I don't know why I even bother, as I don't play 4e...), and I came across the Shardmind race. I liked it, and I have decided to make a homebrew monstrous version for 3.5. The problem comes in when I realized that I have only the little bit of information in the book (namely, they are the Shards of a gate that keeps the Far Realms out of the Astral Sea, some of the more fanatic groups are performing a self-genocide to rebuild the gates, and others want to integrate themselves into Material communities).

I know there is an Ecology of the Shardmind article, but you have to pay for that, so forget that. Was any other fluff on them published?

EDIT: Is it safe to assume that more fluff doesn't exist, yet?