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2010-12-20, 07:52 PM
After getting into the character and enjoying the RP quite a bit, I've decided it was time to sit down and plan out my crunch a bit. The basis for the character is pretty standard. Elf wizard sub level 1 and 3, domain wizard moving into incantrix.

Now, I am focusing pretty heavily on the master of metamagic aspect and my feats are spoken for though the life of the character so any PrC with feat requirements is probably not going to happen.

Playstyle wise I am going for the generalist metamagic specialist and amd specifically trying not to break the game. I will be avoiding things like celerity/timestop/abuse. Powerful spells are not specifically the problem, I just want to avoid action economy breakage and things like that. I will likely be focusing on Arcane thesis, Split Ray, empowered, chained ray of enfeeblement/enervation (with easy metamagic liberally applied) as well as battlefield control walls/fogs and party buffing goodies like haste.

Currently I am looking at a standard wizard 5 into incantrix 10 and then I need to figure out what to fill those last few levels with that isn't more generic wizard.

My first consideration was:
Wayfarer Guide 16)
Fatespinner 17)
Fatespinner 18)
Fatespinner 19)
Fatespinner 20)

A nice selection of neat utility abilities that does not carry extremely strong overtones of looking at magic in a specific way. I want to avoid that due to RP reasons. Geometer was on the table I suppose since it has some neat abilities, but I am not real fond of the RP connotations the class carries with it.

As I was writing this post the Loremaster occurred to me as well. Chances are decent I could talk our DM into letting me take Skill Focus: Spellcraft instead of a knowledge since it remains in the same flavor for the class. Taking it at such a late level would allow me to grab a bonus feat with my first secret, which would replace the feat I blew getting into the class, and SF:Spellcraft would be useful for Incantrix tricks. As I follow the train of thought for this one, it is looking more appealing basing in the assumption that I can get SF:Spellcraft passed for the prereqs for the class.

Anyone have any suggestions that I may have missed? I have access to most books, and the DM is pretty open to anything that is official material even if it is from a different setting or something.

EDIT: I suppose I could just dip one in loremaster for the feat to grab a +3 to Spellcraft out of the deal without losing anything.

Loremaster 16)
Fatespinner 17)
Fatespinner 18)
Fatespinner 19)
Fatespinner 20)

I like the idea of the wayfarer guide, but it's not exactly critical either. The only thing I really want to focus on is not having to spend feats to get into the PrC (Loremaster would be basically a feat exchange since I could get a bonus feat at 1st level of the class anyways) and not losing caster levels.

2010-12-20, 10:07 PM
You can get a Skill Focus: Knowledge (history, religion or nature) by visiting the Frog God's Fane, a magical location in Complete Scoundrel. If the DM agrees to it existing in his setting, you should be able to locate one without too much trouble at that level, your character presumably has a significant number of Divinations, along with the required knowledge skills.

Aside from those you mentioned, Divine Oracle (Complete Divine) is the only not-very-specific class that comes to mind immediately. It requires Skill Focus: Knowledge (Religion) to enter, which, again... is conveniently covered by the Frog God's Fane.