View Full Version : Scifi urban fantasy ideas.

2010-12-21, 02:41 AM
my players want to play a game of mage the ascension (using some savage worlds rules, which honestly works out quite well with some tweaking), So I asked them what they want to play in. They said that they wanted an Urban fantasy/ urban sci-fi setting, one in which they could go from earth to a scifi-fantasy setting relatively easily. My problem is that I'm drawing a bit of a blank and I wanted to know what your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions were for a campaign.

The players are playing a techy virtual adept (computer guy) and the other is playing a skeptical Son of Ether (mad scientist), if it helps at all.

2010-12-21, 05:58 AM
Just go with a modified Star gate type of idea, that way they can be dumped in pretty much whatever setting they like as they go along :smallbiggrin:

One day dealing with things on earth while the next day they go to another world and fight against alien overlords.

2010-12-21, 06:19 AM
Do they want actual sci-fi, or cyberpunk?