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2010-12-21, 12:53 PM
In a campaign I'm about to be in, I will need to characters. We only have three players and a DM, so we are running two parties on different sides of a conflict that will eventally join together. Survivability will be big, so I'm trying to make something along these lines.

A matador-type build, based on dodging attacks and striking vulnerabilities via Attack of Oppurtunity. Cape optional.

And a McGyver build. Improvised weapons whenever possible with maybe some way to disarm opponents.

We are starting at level 9.
All books and Dragon are allowed within reason. (so nothing gamebreaking)
I know there are many forumers out there with much mre experience and knowledge than mem so I could use some help. Even if you only know just a feat that would help me out, please let me know.

2010-12-21, 02:21 PM
Matador build:
Monk 2/Psychic Warrior 5/Shou Disciple 5/Exotic Weapon Master 1/Psychic Warrior 7
Feats: 1) Monastic Training (Psychic Warrior), 1) Dodge (Monk), 2) Mobility (Monk), 3) Combat Reflexes (PsyWar), 3) Tashalatora, 4) Exotic Weapon Proficiency (spiked Chain) (PsyWar), 6) Opportunistic Tactician (DR340 p87), 7) Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike) (PsyWar), 9) Elusive Target, 9) Power Attack (ShouD), 11 Cleave (ShouD),

This character is a bit MAD, but not terribly so. Wis is your high stat, but you want all of your physical stats to be good. If you've got the PB, then 14/14/14/8/16/8 is probably your best bet. Your primary trick is to charge/flurry with the spiked chain (it's a 2 handed weapon, so power attack is your friend). By level 10 thanks to a 16 BAB, Tashalatora, Shoud Disciple and Exotic Weapons Master, your flurry attack with the spiked chain is 14/14/14/14/9/4/-1. Thanks to Shou Disciple, you can also wear light armor and still flurry/get your wis bonus to AC once you hit level 8.
The 'matador' portion of the build comes from Opportunistic Tactician - after you make an AoO, you get to take a 5' step. You've got combat reflexes as well, so preferably you hit your enemy thanks to the spiked chain's reach, take a 5' step back, and then when they continue to advance you hit them again. If you can manage the 13 int for Combat expertise, then taking Improved Trip at level 9 in place of Elusive Target is probably a good choice.

McGuyver build:
Factotum 20. Then use Inspiration points to make your improvised weapon attacks.
Feats: Font of Inspiration. That's it, just take it over and over. Be human and take 2 flaws so you can take it 4 times at 1st level. Seriously, this makes for a ridiculously awesome character.

If you want something other than lots and lots of inspiration, a 2 level dip of the Chameleon PrC (requires that you take Able learner at 1st level) will make you exceptionally versatile.

2010-12-21, 04:17 PM
PHB2 has the Combat Panache and Combat cloak Expert feats which seem perfect for a matador