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2010-12-21, 05:00 PM
We're starting a 1-20 Forgotten Realms campaign, and 've decided to play a Conjurer.

Legal books are Core, all Complete, all Races, PHB2, the environment books, and all Forgotten Realms books.

Incantatrix has already been specially banned, as has ToB, MoI, Psionics, and other setting-specific stuff. Other books (like Drow of the Underdark, Heroes of Horror, Lords of Madness) will probably be legal, but the DM isn't positive yet. MIC will probably be mostly usable, although I'm not a huge fan myself for fluff purposes.

My basic goals are to do some fun ray casting, battlefield control, and be a bit of a generalist, as I'll probably be the only arcane caster in the fighter-type heavy party.

Here's the build. Anything I'm not positive on I've marked with a question mark.

Race: Strongheart Halfling
Starting Attributes (28 point buy)
INT 18
CON 14
DEX 16
1 Conjurer1; Spell Focus (Conjuration); Scribe Scroll/Improved Initiative??; Spell Focus (Necromancy or Transmutation??) Immediate Magic ACF (Abrupt Jaunt)
2 Conjurer2
3 Conjurer3; Sculpt Spell
4 MasterSpecialist1; INT +1
5 MasterSpecialist2
6 MasterSpecialist3; Split Ray
7 MasterSpecialist4
8 MasterSpecialist5; INT +1
9 MasterSpecialist6; Empower Spell
10 MasterSpecialist7
11 MasterSpecialist8
12 MasterSpecialist9; Arcane Thesis(Enervation); INT +1
13 MasterSpecialist10
14 Archmage1 (Arcane Reach)
15 Archmage2 (Mastery of Shaping); Arcane Thesis(Orb of ??)
16 Archmage3 (??); INT +1
17 Archmage4 (??)
18 Archmage5 (??); Chain Spell
19 WayfarerGuide1
20 ??; INT +1

I was originally going to do Focused Specialist, perhaps as a Transmuter, but the DM didn't care for that.

Specific Questions
1) Are there any regional feats I should go after? We're starting in the Unapproachable East, but the DM is being pretty open about where our characters are from.

2) If I do take Arcane Thesis a second time, I'll probably go with and Orb spell, but which one? Fire, force, acid? With Enervation as a focus, I figure something that could be effective against undead, constructs, elementals, etc. would be good.

3) Scribe Scroll (for the spells I'll only use once in a while) or Improved Initiative (to lay out the control and debuffs)

4) What to do with that last level? Skip the Wayfarer Guide dip (which is mostly for the extra Will save anyway) and go two levels of Conjurer for the extra metamagic (or perhaps fighter ) feat? Or is there another dip I should try? Or do I just not need all five levels of Archmage?

5) Should I keep Sculpt Spell, or wait for Mastery of Shaping and take something like Metamagic School Focus instead?

6) Any feats or the like I'm missing that just jump out at you?