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Rob Roy
2010-12-21, 11:30 PM
I'm working on a campaign setting set entirely in a series of underground tunnels and caverns, and I'm at a loss when trying to find splatbooks on the subject. Does someone have a list of 3.5 OGC books dealing with the Underdark and the elemental plane of earth?

2010-12-21, 11:41 PM
The Underdark, naturally, and Drow of the Underdark, should get you going. I'm not sure about the Plane of Earth besides generic planar splats.

2010-12-21, 11:45 PM
Dunno about OGL. Underdark sources I own include -

3.5 - Drow of the Underdark, Fane of the Drow

3.0 - Underdark

Earlier - Dungeoneer's Survival Guide, Modules D1-D3

2010-12-22, 03:45 AM
This (http://www.tsrinfo.net/archive/d20/underdark.htm) is from Goodman Games (3.5 d20)

This (http://www.tsrinfo.net/archive/3f/spiderqueen.htm) is from WotC (3.0 D&D)

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2010-12-22, 03:54 AM
3.0 - Underdark

Underdark is actually a very early 3.5 book- it has things like DR/adamantine, and came out around the same time as Miniatures Handbook. While Faerun-specific, much of its content is adaptable to other settings with an Underdark, like Greyhawk or Eberron.

2010-12-22, 04:20 AM
There is also an "Underdark (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/Product.aspx?x=dnd/products/dndacc/251210000)" for 4th edition. I think most of it is fluff.

2010-12-22, 10:02 AM
Most. Though there are 4E monster stats in the back of the book.

Lord Rumfish
2018-05-09, 06:09 PM
That may be about it on official sources, but Dungeon Masters Guild hosts a lot of new content for 5th edition. For instance, you can get a write-up about the phaerimm, or character backgrounds based on the Underdark. It could be a good way to spark ideas even if it's not the version of D&D you play.

Koo Rehtorb
2018-05-09, 06:32 PM
It's 2e, but the Illithiad.