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2010-12-22, 01:24 AM
Ok so we are playing pfrpg and a new player wants to play an artificer I'm of the opinion he shouldn't be allowed to revise the class he wants to be as the bias is too high and he may not even realize how unbalanced hes made it, at the same time I (nor he its not like hes done this before) have ever revised a class before so here are the changes I've made keeping in mind the pathfinder conversion guidelines of making it a difficult desicion whether or not to multiclass or prestige, every body should get something at each level and level 20 deserves an awesome cap stone ability

remove craft reserve and retain essence, as PFRPG does not require XP for Item creation

Revisions and additions

Change bonus feats to every 3rd level (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th,15th & 18th)

Quick Crafter; at level 4 it takes 1 day per 1500 gold, at level 8 this becomes 1 day per 2000 gold at level 12 it becomes per 3000 gold

Thrifty Artificer; at level 5 an artificer may create magic items for 1/3 the base cost as opposed to 1/2, at level 10 this becomes 1/4, and at level 15 it is reduced to 1/5

at level 8 an artificer gains Craft Construct as a free bonus feet

Dazzling Speed; at level 16 the artificer uses 1/2 the base cost to determine how many days it takes him to craft a magic Item (this does not apply to artifacts created with Legendary Craftsman or Artisan Of The Gods)

Legendary Craftsman; at level 17 artificer can craft a minor artifact once per month, this process costs the Items caster level X 1,000 gp, multiply this number by 2 to find the effective base price for determining the time it would take to craft which is treated as all other magic items as 1 day per 1000 gp value. The price to craft the item can not be reduced by other class abilities, the time however can.

Artisan Of The Gods at level 20 an artificer can create a unique major artifact, the details must be worked out prior to the creation and the GM will determine the CL based on the affects of the the purposed artifact, but it is never lower than 25. It costs 10,000 X CL in gp for the materials necessary and it takes 1 month to gather the rare and powerful components. It takes one day per thousand gold piece value to craft such an Item. The price of this process can not be reduced nor can the month of gathering by any means, the time however is reduced as normal. At the time of creation the player and GM must agree on the way in which the item may be destroyed. An artificer may craft only a number of these objects equal to 1/2 his non modified intelligence modifier, if he crafts another object beyond this level the artifact works as normal but each day deals 1d8 con damage that may not be healed by any means until either one artifact is destroyed or the artificer dies.

Other additions;
hit die becomes d8 as that is standard for 3/4 BAB in PFRPG
new skill list:Appraise (int), Craft (int), Disable Device(dex), Fly (dex), Knowledge (arcana, dungeoneering,the planes) (int), Linguistics (int), Perception (wis), Profession (int), Spellcraft (int), Use Magic Device (int). (4 + int modifier per level)

2010-12-22, 01:35 AM
Oh and as for infusions, due to a lack of an action point system, they have the standard casting time for the equivalent spell if the time is longer.

2010-12-22, 01:55 AM
Well this is really simple:

Do you want your party to have 5 times as many items as they normally would?

If not, then don't allow this revision.

2010-12-22, 07:04 AM
well your math may be off a bit it would certainly increase the amount, but making magic items is kind of the point of artificer, sense you already pay one half cost to create an item then the your only getting a small discount till level 10 and then you get half off what youd normally pay to create the item, and then a bit less than that later, the rest of the new abilities (aside the artifact creating things) are about increasing the speed at which they are created.

2010-12-22, 08:57 AM
His math isn't off.
This is way outta bounds.
Faster and cheaper, like, way cheaper is broken.

Not having a xp-cost is already a big boost.