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2010-12-22, 04:39 PM
EDIT: I notice that an awful lot of people are visiting but not commenting. I realized that it is probably because the title is misleading. I need help with this, I haven't actually done any conversions.

I have this idea... I wanted to use tanks in my game but D&D doesn't have any! Awhile back, however, my friend from Boy Scouts gave me a miniature and card for some armoured car that he never uses in the game called Axis & Allies. So! I call upon you, the playground goers, if any of you play both of these games, I would appreciatte it very much if you would help me convert this armoured car into D&D 3.5.

Autoblinda AB41
Vehicle - Armoured Car
Speed: 4 (I personally think this should be 20 feet per move action)
Defense: 2/2
Short 0-1: (picture of person) 8 and (picture of tank) 4
Medium 2-4: (picture of person) 8 and (picture of tank) 3
Long 5-8: (picture of person) 7 and (picture of tank) 2

High Gear 2: If this unit makes its entire move along a road, it gets +2 speed.
Strike and Fade 2: In your assault phase, this unit can move at speed 2 (I think this should be 10 feet) after attacking.
Awareness: This unit can make defensive-fire attacks against Soldiers that enter it hex. (I'm pretty sure this is a feat...)

Flavour text: This amoured car featured machine guns in the front and rear, as well as driving positions for both directions.

Rob Roy
2010-12-23, 12:25 AM
Just use the vehicle rules in d20 Modern and convert it to 3.5.

2010-12-26, 08:32 PM
Just use the vehicle rules in d20 Modern and convert it to 3.5.

...I shall deny your logic for now only because I do not know those rules. I also don't want to use those rules because, even though this game will have a science-y feel, I want the game to seem abit old timey. However, if all else fails, thank you, I had not thought of that.

2010-12-27, 08:02 PM
I came up with something, but the site is filtering out a word in my second paragraph, and I don't know which one it is, that one dealt with attacks. Sorry I can't show my reasoning for it, but here's what I got.

Ok, according to wikipedia, the AB 41 goes at about 78 km/h on a road. so the 6 point move in the game equates to that. 255905.51 ft in an hour, divide that by 60 to bring it to minutes, and 10 to bring it to a factor of 6 seconds as a round takes in DnD, and we get the road movement at... 426.51. That equates to 85 squares in a move along a road, given that that is 150% of the off road speed, we get a movement of 56 squares off road. It might seem like a lot, but remember these things were meant to transport troops quickly, and safely. I kind of doubt those are fighting speeds, treating those as a run, we get a single move action as 21 squares on road, and 14 off road, which seems reasonable to me. For Strike and Fade, I would say the difference between an on road and off road single move would be appropriate, as that is a value of "2." So after firing, the AB 41 can move 7 squares. Awareness is probably like that feat that lets you perform an Attack of Opportunity when someone tries to grapple you, even if they have improved grapple. I'm going to go ahead and speculate here that you'd be able to get on top of the vehicle to prevent it from firing at you, to which it gets an AoO if you try it.

Autoblinda AB 41
Large Vehicle (Use construct traits mainly, sans Darkvision)
70ft move
20 AC, 10 x 15
+10 Attack(Anti-Infantry, 4d6, x2, or 3d6 at long range)
+10 Attack(Anti-Vehicle, 8d6 Short, 6d6 Medium, 4d6 Long, x2, Anti-armor
Full Attack: receives iteratives?
DR 10/Anti-Armor or Adamantium

High Gear: The AB 41 increases it's move speed by 35ft if it travels entirely along a road.

Strike and Fade: After a full attack action, the AB 41 may move at 35ft as a free action.

Awareness: Should an opponent try to enter the AB 41's space, the AB 41 receives an attack of opportunity with the Anti-Infantry cannon.

Definitely needs work, but it might provide inspiration.

2011-01-11, 07:52 PM
Why thank you! The move does seem abit much... but it does make sense.