View Full Version : Easiest Zone of Truth

2010-12-23, 02:18 AM
What's the cheapest way to get Zone of Truth?

Also, would it still be useful without maxing the DC?

Pref. a 1/day item or an easy PrC/base.

2010-12-23, 11:31 AM
There's a Paladin variant in Dragon #349 that swaps detect evil for something called "Gaze of Truth": Discern Lies, usable (1 + Charisma modifier) times per day. DC is Charisma-based. If the save is successful, that creature may not be targeted again for 24 hours.

Master Inquisitor (Eberron p. 82) is easy to get into (at ECL 4) and gets zone of truth as an SLA 1/day.

Candle of Truth isn't all that expensive (2500 GP, DMG). Add Unguent of Timelessness (150 GP) and it will burn for 15 days.

2010-12-23, 02:18 PM
complete divine has a Prestige class that almost all divine casters, including paladins, qualify for easily, that gets zone of truth. forget the name.

2010-12-23, 02:24 PM
Church Inquisitor, but you got it wrong. It requires the ability to cast Zone of Truth.