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2010-12-23, 11:20 AM

I'm making yet another Backup Character (tm) for my 11th level game.

All environment (frostburn :( ) and campaign specific books are banned, everything else is fair game. 3.5.

I have the basics... Spellscale Sorcerer 6/Elemental Savant 5 ... Taking the 1st level of dragonblood sorcerer alternate to get draconic heritage for free.

Feat Stack is as follows:
B- Draconic Heritage (Silver)
1- Draconic Power
3- Flash Frost Spell
6- Energy Substitution (Cold)
9- Energy Admixture (Cold)


What I'm looking for are a good spell selection and purchases (standard wealth by level) for a Spellscale who is utterly fascinated by Cold. Not just the magic, but all aspects of it... the absence of heat. He's basically in love with the idea of it. Obsessed you could say. :)

2010-12-24, 11:41 AM
Without Frostburn you're missing out on most of the flavourful stuff (snow casting and and shivering touch in specific). Try having a look at the environmental effects of cold in the DMG and see if you can find spells that emulate these effects. Or you could go the Sub-Zero route and focus on paralizing, slowing, stunning effects to simulate being frozen in place.