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da red fox
2010-12-23, 03:00 PM
So me and a friend are going to have a 1v1 duel in Pathfinder, his arcane archer (not sure of the specific build) vs my straight wizard, both level 20. i'm fairly new to pathfinder, and since we aren't getting any prep/buff rounds, it would help immensely to have a high initiative. so basically what i'm asking for is help in increasing my characters initiative, core book only. also, advice on spells and tactics wouldn't be unhelpful either :P

2010-12-23, 03:07 PM
improved initiative feat, high dex

also this might help: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/extras/community-creations/treatmonks-lab/test

2010-12-23, 03:11 PM
Yeah, if you're not using anything outside of the core books, the tricks for initiative are pretty slim.

If you're using traits from the advanced player's handbook, you can basically get an extra +4 init out of them, as my players have shown me, much to my chagrin. (At least half the party rolls above 20 each initiative roll)

da red fox
2010-12-23, 03:12 PM
thanks, i'll make sure to read that, but i'm already aware of the feat, and i was looking for stuff more like the warning dagger trick in 3.5, i'm not sure if that still works in PF. theres probably not a whole lot of ways to OP init, but like i said, i'm new to PF and thought there might be some.

2010-12-23, 03:17 PM
Improved init, diviner, high dex. Level 20 diviners count as rolling a 20 for initiative.

So at 20 you will get a 34 + dex bonus. You can skip improved initiative and still get a 30 + dex every time. Going last isn't going to happen.

Don't forget to prepare quicken wind walls in order to laugh at his AA self. Also gloves of arrow snatching can help, and since you know what he is going you can get deflect arrows feat for 2 feats. Make it extremely hard for him to actually get a shot that counts. Note that with the new version of improved precise shot he ignores ALL miss chances less than full cover, so it isn't going to cut it with several of your protection spells.

Also consider disintegrating his bow. He probably will have just the one...

da red fox
2010-12-23, 03:55 PM
thanks bobvosh, i'm definitely gonna try disintegrating his bow, but i have 2 questions.

1. Would disintegrate work on a magical object?
2. Does the object have a fortitude save? or would the character holding the bow make the save using his modifier?

2010-12-23, 03:56 PM
That isn't a very fair fight anyway. The Archer doesn't even get the most powerful spells thanks to his massive loss of CL, and as stated above, can be totally defeated with any spell capable of taking away or destroying his weapon.

da red fox
2010-12-23, 04:16 PM
yes i know, but my friend doesn't, and has tried to convince me many times that wizards aren't all that powerful. he challenged me, so who am i to decline? :smallamused:

2010-12-23, 05:10 PM
yes i know, but my friend doesn't, and has tried to convince me many times that wizards aren't all that powerful. he challenged me, so who am i to decline? :smallamused:

Bob beat me to the Diviner.

Wonder if their is a way to quicken a disintegration spell to wipe out his bow? I'm pretty sure the bow can be disintegrated, however I'm fairly sure that it will have a save and it will fall to the characters Fort save. So boosting your DC's to ridicules levels is in order.

Now normaly I would not condone this type of thing, and I don't think wizzies are all that and a bucket of chips. However your buddy asked for it, and showed you his cards first. So well, your kinda obligated to smack him down.