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the clumsy bard
2010-12-23, 07:36 PM
Starting a new campaign soon and I have my character concept and now I have my build.

The only problem I am having is that my DM is using a 32 point buy system. I am inexperienced with using this system. (I know the rules and how it works so please don't reference any links)

I am playing a half giant druid level 4

My DM has lowered the level adjustment of the half giant by removing the psionic points the stomp ability and increasing the dexterity penalty to 3 (don't ask its random)

I am aware of the fact that wisdom is important but whats else is important as a druid?

2010-12-23, 07:42 PM
Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Con for hp obviously, but with wildshape coming on physical stats are dump.
Int is useless for a druid
Cha fairly useless.

Alls ya need is wis for casting spells. The rest comes with the class basically.


2010-12-23, 07:44 PM
Druid is one of the few classes that could have 3s in everything and still be somewhat functional. Granted, casting wouldn't work, but you have an animal companion and you could flank and aid another. Later on, wildshape enters the picture and things get interesting.

the clumsy bard
2010-12-23, 07:46 PM
Thanks for the responses!

Thanks Escheton for the link. I have already read through it a few times.

2010-12-23, 07:55 PM
You could of course go for variant druid and get the benefits of wildshape like wings and stuff in normal form. While kicking ass with an iron-wood great-spear and combat feats.

You could take zen archery and sport one big-ass bow. greatbows(and great spears for that matter) sport a decent damage total as a half-giant with the right bracers.

There are many alternative ways to play a druid. So just start thinking outside the box, pitch us an idea and you got the crunch down in no time.