View Full Version : Need help finding character images :D

2010-12-26, 07:51 AM
Hello everyone! :D

On our session last sunday, my character came into contact with a bunch of children who have now become something like their protegeÚs / trainees. Sort of. Anyways, after talking with the DM about them for a while, it seems that they will go on to become sort-of PCs. They will probably stay at level 1 and be mostly useless, but, I still want to make their Character Sheets. Its also an oportunity to try a new idea I had for a sheet design (my last one in MSWord wasnt too good =/ ) and I think I got stats and background worked out. Im just missing the character images / portraits for the lot of them.

The kids are:

Sten (14 years old): older of the lot, probably a big kid with a smile or something that shows he is rather kind and gentle, even though he is bigger than most kids his age. Farmer's son, so lots of work in the fields have made him strong. Loves his little sister Edith dearly.

Niala (12 years old): Black long haired, thin, and haughty, only daughter to a merchant family, not rich but well-off enough. Tries to look richer than she is though, and older than she is.

Vinn (12 years old): Lean and thin, agile and quick, dad ran off and his mother made ends meet sewing for neighborhood families. Gets into a lot of trouble, so used to running and hiding, and keeping lots of useful trinkets and tools around his person. Probably pickpockets people when given the chance, although no one knows for sure.

Edith (10 years old): Stein's little sister, was grown by her mom as a very polite, serious, model 'future-wife'. As such, is totally devoted to his dad and brother, and has started learning 'wifely' duties as cooking, sewing, etc. Really naive and trusting, tends to be a bit condescending and protective of people, even those much older than her.

Well, there they are, any help is welcome. From pictures to sites where I could look myself to google keywords that may help. It would be ideal if the 4 images were in the same aproximate style, but that may be asking too much. Thanks for reading :D