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2010-12-26, 08:25 PM
I am in the middle of a owod v:tm game and my character has an affinity for computers, science, and crafts. My character also has higher wits than me (four dots). How my storyteller is dealing with this is he is letting me ask basically anyone for advice.
Which brings us to my question.
under these restrictions

First and foremost, my character has a house made discipline that is unpoetically been named "electromagnetism." This has two major drawbacks.
1) Whenever I use the electricity half of my power, electronics in a radius determined by my successes flicker on and off. This means that computers are probably out of the equation.
2) When using the magnetism half, a botched role can end in metal in the local area be moved in ways i don't like. this may prove rather painful to me.

Second, i am a caitiff so i will have no political help, except from perhaps one or two party members.

i am trying to the best of my ability use my four dots in computer, four dots in science, and three dots in crafts to my advantage (I also have two dots in medicine, if that matters).
i must not be the first person to have dreams of a vampire iron man.
I have already thought of a few ideas:

I have combined compressed air, camelbacks, and a little self surgery to effectively increase my blood pool by three to fifteen, depending on how conspicuous I want to be that night.

(ps funds are not an issue)

I would love to get a good brainstorm going.

2010-12-26, 08:27 PM
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The Glyphstone
2010-12-26, 08:30 PM
Can you tell us what the Electromagnetism discipline powers are?

2010-12-26, 08:57 PM
(I have four dots)

dot 1: Spasm- Touch attack
perception+occult, difficulty seven.
1 success: quick limb spasm
2: limb spasm, if an arm, drops what is holding in that arm.
3: above+loses control of limb for one turn.
4: above+takes one level of lethal damage.
5: above except it lasts two turns.

dot 2: Flicker
1 blood, roll willpower
1 success: one appliance in sight flickers.
2: two in sight or all in sight flicker
3: All appliances in ten yards flicker
4: above except in twenty five yards
5: above except violent flickers, maybe some explode

dot 3: Conduit
Passive: I am a perfect resistor and I don't take damage from electricity, nor do I spasm from it, etc.

dot 4: Magnetism
1 blood, roll willpower.
1 success: I can slightly increase or decrease an items magnetic field.
2: 1 item's magnetic field increases or decreases slowly over time; ends in 5 minutes.
3: Instant violent change in magnetic field, with throw strength 4; lasts 1 turn.
4: Either above (lasting for 3 turns) or massive change for 1 second (make car go across street).
5: Permanent change, with same one ton pull.

dot 5: Lightning storm
there's a ten minute electric storm within fifty yards, with strength basically made up by the storyteller during role. there are some intimidation bonuses, too. (i don't know this very well, I haven't bought it yet).

Side note: My story teller seems to be ignoring actual workings of EM (opposites attract, like repels) and just gives me the choice of saying "i want this attracted to that" AND NOTHING ELSE IN THE ROOM IS EFFECTED.