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Saint GoH
2010-12-27, 01:25 AM
After a rousing success with the Left for Dead 2 campaign I recently ran (thank you to all who gave me idea's for the Special Infected!) I was once again asked by my players to turn a video game into a D&D campaign. Siiiiiiigh. Apparently they don't understand all the work that goes into it. At any rate...

The one they chose was significantly easier, as its already D&D based. Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir was the most requested, and so I have been working diligently at recreating a computer game in Pen an Paper fashion (you should see my desk, literally surrounded by source books and scraps of paper and char sheets :smallbiggrin:) practically all day.

For the most part, it has been easy, and I have even adapted the storyline to fit in one of the Elder Evils I have been dying to try. However I ran into issues concerning the Overland map. For those unfamiliar with the map, you have a single character leading your party across the map, and you can find certain items, locations, goodies based on skill checks you make periodically. This is all well and good, however unlike the rest of the game these skill checks are not shown in the Combat/Dialogue window, so I have no idea what the DC's are.

So I ask you, Playground, if you were to make periodic checks (and I mean a LOT of checks) how would you do it? I frankly don't feel like asking players to roll dice every few seconds, but I still want them to find the special things on the map. I had thought of using just their base ranks in a skill to determine their findings, but then how will I know what value will be "best" to find locations?

2010-12-27, 01:45 AM
Skip the map and do normal random encounters?

Okay, more seriously: it depends on the item, the skill check, and the reason behind the skill check. If it's just a spot check to see something lying on the ground in the bushes, it's based on the size of the thing. For high-level items, either scale up the DC or just don't put them in until they are high enough level to use it without breaking the game. (Reason: "I guess someone dropped it since you were there last." Naturally, they will consider it a plot hook, but you can work with that, right?)

You could also adjust things so that they make fewer such checks, but get better items or get a bunch of them at once... or just have them take 10 in the absence of some kind of tip-off that there is something to find.

2010-12-27, 03:49 AM
so they want you to turn the crappy DnD videogame into a DnD game?


2010-12-27, 04:36 AM
so they want you to turn the crappy DnD videogame into a DnD game?



No seriously. Shouldnt it just be a matter of a normal game but everything Themed is in the description.

But as for perception checks, you should just look at each of their listen/spot, then add 10 and as a seperate number add 5.

you figure out their averages, the 10+spot/listen is their normal perception check. he has a 15, she has a 9, she has a 11. Thus if you figure out the intended perception check of any one thing (thats thrue a wall, but its yelling so its X DC; Thats tiny, and hidden so its Y DC). So you know ahead of time that a PC will mostly likely See this object and that object but not that object if they walk into a room. you will just test it against the party's score once. If they miss it once they only find it if they decide their character is looking (Spot/listen check).

So even before you play you will know which characters are perceptive enough to notice what, and hell you can even prepare post-its if you get stuck at the DMV today and have time to kill.

The Spot +5 is for like...if they are distracted. Arguing with each other or fighting. Heck you could probably make an Excell sheet for this. Have the preset Spot/listen, and then the distracted spot/listen (only 4 variables) and then make a list that will highlight the name of an object if a player's check equals or exceeds it.

(this was based off a recomendation from the DMG. its basicallly the characters constantly taking 10 on their checks.