View Full Version : Gestalt Character Help [d20r/3.5]

2010-12-28, 12:45 AM
Alright, folks, here's what's up:

I'm playing a d20r (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=98722)/3.5 character, an agile sort of ninja guy, and need suggestions on where to take the build.

He's a 5th/5th whisper gnome d20r Rogue (http://wiki.faxcelestis.net/index.php?title=D20r:Rogue)//d20r Fencer (http://wiki.faxcelestis.net/index.php?title=D20r:Fencer), which means high Dex and high Int. I took Martial Study/Stance and Shadow Blade to get Dex to damage and Child of Shadow. With the Fencer's tactical strike I can flat-foot an opponent with a standard attack.

It's late, so I'm probably leaving out some relevant details, but any suggestions would be most welcome.