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2010-12-28, 04:46 PM

so i'm checking cleric builds and realize that most of them are about self-buffing and then charging into melee as an unstopable force of destruction, that's awesome!

but I have always seen the Cleric as a heavy support character whose "job" so to speak, was making the party as a whole the unstoppable force of destruction... Yeah, I know it's rather limiting and maybe unfun at some point but there's something cool about being the one making things happen in the background (I had a similar experience as a Battlefield control wizard, I turned the tide of more than a few encounters, but never took the spotlight out of the heavy hitters... too much)

So I am looking for a way to consistently mass buff my entre party in one shot, The first thing that comes to mind would be War Weaver and Spellguard of SilveryMoon... problem would be those are arcane oriented (though it can be adapted easily) and i'm looking for a more divine approach, I have pretty much all source books except the 3rd party ones, ToB, and Dragon/Dungeon material.

My current build is a mix of Cloistered Cleric, Church Inquisitor and Divine Oracle... mind you this is still on development state so it can change in an instant, I'm trying to get some food for thought here.

Thanx again guys!

2010-12-28, 04:57 PM
If you dig the DMM Persist sort of thing, Mass Lesser Vigor, Recitation and Righteous Wrath of the Faithful can make you a decent buffing platform, even before your first combat turn comes around. You might toss in the Mass versions of Shield of Faith, Conviction, Aid, etc. to keep in the spirit of the project.

Depending on your reading of Initiate of Milil (CoV), a Bard dip might provide some silly Inspire Courage options. The Divine Prankster prestige class (RoS) can be used similarly, for gnome divine casters.

EDIT: I remember a bunch of builds in Doc Roc's War Weaver Handbook springboarding off the Favored Soul class. You might want to give that a look.

Thrice Dead Cat
2010-12-28, 05:21 PM
Give this a read. There should also be a list of most spells for you to use as well. (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=5881.0) I may dig up my own personal list to account for Spellguard shenanigans.

2010-12-28, 05:24 PM
If the feat allotment allows, I will eventually go into DMM territory-man this is gonna be tough-so the suggestion has been put on my notes.

Now,let's see if we can dig up something that will allow me to get the party all buffed up as some sort of class feature, I'll go check my books again.

Keep it coming guys!

2010-12-29, 05:16 PM
ok, this got into some bit of a standstill

no further Ideas?
So far I am thinking of ways to get together: War Weaver[refluffed to divine casting]+Persist DMM cheese+Ability Enhancer for some crazy boosts to stats

I will look into the Dewomerkeeper since I heard this little sucker was really good

I don't want this thread to die yet...T_T

Mushroom Ninja
2010-12-29, 07:19 PM
I built a party-buffer cleric once. DMM: Chain with a level of hierophant for divine reach meant that there were all sorts of really cool touch buffs that I could hit the whole party with. Probably my favorite use ever was getting fortunate fate on the whole party.