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2010-12-28, 10:46 PM
Hey all, I'm starting in an Eberron campaign in a few weeks. We already have a paladin, a fighter, a ranger and a cleric so with the fifth spot open I have the great urge to make a warforged masked wrestler.

I'm thinking of going unnarmed Swordsage with a focus on the Setting Sun discipline. I've only played 4e before and I'm trying to build my idea without the character being useless on the battlefield.

The hit in WIS hurts me, but I want to play to whatever strengths the race/class combination could have.

Any advice?

2010-12-28, 11:50 PM
Factotum might be another alternative, actually.

Think about it - "Brains over Brawn" give you some of the best athletics in the game, and potentially a Trip modifier that Orc Barbarians would be jealous of. Your Grapple unfortunately doesn't improve, but you may be able to compensate for that with clever use of Arcane Dilettante. Martial Study yourself some Setting Sun, and you're good!

2010-12-29, 12:17 AM
A simple build might look something like Barbarian 2/Swordsage 1. Alternate class features include Bear Totem (Complete Champion) for Improved Grab and Wolf Totem (Unearthed Arcana) for Improved Trip. Feats may resemble Improved Unarmed Strike [1st], Improved Grapple [Flaw], Wolf Beserker (Unapproachable East) [Flaw] and Knock-Down [3rd].

All together you'll be rocking something like...
Trip: +21 (+2 BaB +3 strength +4 improved trip +4 wolf beserker +4 mighty throw +4 step of the wind)
Grapple: +9 (+2 BaB +3 strength +4 improved grapple)

2010-12-29, 02:15 AM
Are you familiar with the Iron Chef Competition (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9465081&postcount=102)?