View Full Version : [3.5] The quality of some templates

2010-12-31, 12:29 AM
I've been looking at the half-farspawn template in Lords of Madness, as well as the saint template. the latter is broken, as I understand it from people speaking about it, but without access to the book itself how exactly is it so borked?

Also, how is the half-farspawn template? worth it, or not?

2010-12-31, 12:39 AM
Half-farspawns abilities are great, but the 4 LA really hurts. I'd say the LA are better than levels in tier 4 or lower class, though having lower hitdice can really hurt for many things.

As for Saint, well, it gains a handful of SLAs, wis to AC (in any armour), constant magic circle against evil and lesser globe of invulnerability, fast healing, DR, resistances, immunities and lots of other nifty stuff.

Da Beast
2010-12-31, 12:47 AM
Saints get bonuses to Con, Wis, and Cha, low light vision, darkvision, permanent tongues, immunity to cold, acid, electricity and petrification, at will lesser globe of invulnerability and double strength circle of protection against evil, add wisdom to ac, damage reduction, fast healing, resistance to fire and poison, increase the DC of any save they provoke by 2, deal extra damage on all attacks against evil creatures and have a few low level spell likes at will all for +2 LA. This is supposed to be balanced by role playing restrictions, which could mean a lot or nothing depending on the DM.

2010-12-31, 03:09 AM
Saint is not so much "broken", in the strictest sense, as more "totally a good trade for an Exalted character". Nothing shatters the game, but a Saint character will have a healthy boost over their peers, even after the LA+2. Few other templates are worth their LA in any more than niche use.