View Full Version : Obscure Question (Ballistic Damage)

2010-12-31, 04:55 AM
I distinctly recall reading a article/book that addressed ballistic weapons in D&D settings. Mostly it had to do with the fact that a wooden shield will do little to stop a bullet, and it makes point of this by showing a dwarf with a hole in its shield. It also makes mention of adding the Ballistic damage type (in conjunction with piercing,slashing,etc.) Does anyone know where i could re-find this article/section, or anything related?

2010-12-31, 05:39 AM
The DMG has some firearms listed (as a default, firearms have a base critical of 19-20/x3 and better, unlike normal weapons that can have only a base high threat or multiplier) that does mention that a medieval weapon won't stop a bullet, but gives no real rules for it. As in, a guy in full plate and a longsword will beat up a fuy in padded and wielding a gun. Flat out making it ignore armor sounds too much, as a large piece of metal WILL slow down a bullet (bullet proof vests), so my group rule that medieval armor has it's AC reduced in half against firearms. Same thing with natural armor. Only AC from dodge, deflection, and force are unnafected.

To complete, I don't recall the specific book with such example image that you mentioned, sorry.