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2010-12-31, 06:19 PM
So thinking about how Monks use spirit energy and make their bodies and minds pure, and Meldshapers use their spirit energy and other spirit energy seffused with their body to create amazing spirit abilities I fell in love with the idea of a Monk/Incarnate.

However i was devistated just now when i didnt find some Monk specific PrC with +meldshaper level mechanic. (From what i've seen there has been one in almost every suppliment. YOu can be a Monk/sorcer or a Monk/psion). The closest is that shadow prestige class (which is a ninja that monks can multiclass in basically). Problem is it has its own Meldshaping. I dont like the idea of thinking out a build that will only be able to meld half its chakras at mid-high level.

I loved the idea of a prestige class that essentially replaced some of the Monk's gained Extra abilities (Sacrifice some imp. speed. Purity (of mind of body) abilities, dimension door, imp evasion) for Decent shadowmelding.

I guess what i'm getting at is, I havent had the opportunity to play a meldshaper (and really im just brainstorming for if the opportunity arises), I was wondering.... There are plenty of Acrobatic and unique melds, and plenty of feats that give essentia.

I see all the mechanics there, but i dont think without experience i can grasp how limited or varied the whole Meldshaping mechanic is (as in the degree to which an individual Meld effects your character and combat)

I see me having 3 options. Full Monk with using Essentia feats (and Racial substitution I.E. Skarn) . Full incarnate using Flavorful Melds. or Monk until i get everything i want, then incarnate. Which i dont like cus i'll spend 5-10 levels with no or barely any incarnum, and then start gaining low level abilities

So can a non-incarnum character who -wastes-(emphasis) ALL his feats on incarnum feats gain enough Incarnum to affect his character enough to be worth it. Or does an INcarnate have enough essentia and melding options to adequately feel like a Jumping, High speed Melee kick butt Martial artist.

(Just in case. main point is i've seen stuff that could make me feel monklike and give me melee ability, but i dont know in an actual game if there is enough for me to get that all at once)

Fouredged Sword
2010-12-31, 06:34 PM
Monk would have to mix with a law I, as a DM, would homebrew a feat along the lines of asetic mage, allowing progression of some monk and incarnet features to stack the levels of the two classes for the effects. I think monk unarmed and dodge progression, and incarnet menldshaper progression without the nifty stuff from each class.

Oh, and free multiclassing between the two.

2010-12-31, 06:48 PM
If I were to try that with no homebrew, I would probably go monk 2/incarnate X (totemist would probably also mix nicely). That gives you a nice range of bonus feats, evasion, and some good save boosts, and make your incarnum use still...useful. Unfortunately it loses out on the speed increases, which is one of the best parts of a monk-type character to me.

2010-12-31, 07:28 PM
Monk 2/Totemist X would be a very competent Monk. Add Shape Soulmeld (Mauling Gauntlets) and Sun School for Blink Shirt Hijinks. All those soulmelds that affect Natural Weapons also affect your unarmed strike.

2010-12-31, 10:11 PM
The best non-Incarnum-class use of Incarnum feats is by psionic characters (ab)using Psycarnum Infusion. So ... maybe Monk 2 / Psychic Warrior 18 with Tashalatora and using Psycarnum Infusion constantly? (I liked the Blink Shirt / Sun School idea, too.)

2010-12-31, 10:58 PM
You can get Monk abilities and Meldshaping advancing at the same time, you just need Psionics as well. Monastic Training (Soul Manifester) and Tashalatora will turn Soul Manifester into a ten-level prestige class that advances Meldshaping, Monk Abilities, and Psionics. Monk 1/Totemist 2/Ardent 2/Soul Manifester X is typical, but for your build I'd probably go Monk 1-2/Incarnate 2/Ardent 1-2/Soul Manifester X instead.

2011-01-01, 03:04 AM
My favorite incarnum monk build is Totemist/rogue/umbral disciple. You could fit some monk into that.