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2011-01-02, 12:20 AM
My friend is beginning a play by post campaign for myself and a few of our friends and I am having the most severe case of writers block during my character creation that I have ever had. It is going to be a level 4 campaign RP heavy. All WotC material is acceptable and he is also allowing us to have a +1 la race/template for free in our builds. So ECL 5 basically. I know for a fact that I want to do a "Dark" Whisper Gnome for my race/template. But I don't really want to do the standard rogue, beguiler, swordsage that everyone raves so much about with it. I want it to be a very...strange character. Sorta pops in and out of shadows and leaves people standing around thinking WTF. I don't care about damage or anything like that. I just want to be able to put together a really cool almost vexing character. Who is a mystery to PC and NpC alike in the campaign. Does anyone have two cents they would like to throw in as a good 4 level build to accomplish this stealthy weirdo? I am open to a mass of suggestions of any sort.

2011-01-02, 01:31 AM
you could make him really eclectic.
take a level in four different classes.

2011-01-02, 01:39 AM
If you want to teleport around at that level, the best way is probably Totemist. Don't grab Girallon Arms and nobody will have any clue what your class is.

2011-01-02, 05:44 AM
Factotum might be an option. By 5th level you can sneak attack (cunning strike), cast arcane spells (arcane dilettante), heal (opportunistic piety), and turn undead (also opportunistic piety). All this combined with your massive amount of skill points (with maxed out bluff) will leave some wondering what you are until you tell them or they see your character sheet. Throw in the feat Wild Cohort to give you an animal companion to really make your group thinks that you took one level in a few classes.

Binder might also give you some options.

Shadow Walker (gives you Dim Door) Whisper Gnome Rogue 1/ Shadowcaster 3 with the feats Magic in the Blood, Silencing Strike, Craven, (2 flaws), Still Mystery or a Metashadow feat (Shadowcaster bonus), and Weapon Finesse (or something else at 3rd level) would give you some interesting options. Throw on the Unseelie Fey template for even more options including the creepy feeling (Winter Chill, Bat-like wings, no eyes but has Blindsight 30ft).

2011-01-02, 06:38 AM
If you want to confuse the PCs, then honestly, I believe your build has nothing to do with it. It's a matter of personality, obscuring your motives/beliefs/etc, speaking in riddles or even choosing odd clothes to wear. You can do that with any race/class combo under the sun.

Now, if you want to confuse the players, it's another matter. You can play a gish, as others have stated, like a Factotum or Duskblade, and react differently to each situation. Or maybe you want to be silly about it: You can play a druid with a hawk animal companion and act like/pretend you are a sorcerer with a hawk familiar. Then you hit level 5 and suddenly, you wildshape! :smalltongue:

But seriously, since it's RP heavy, I suggest you go for the first option. :)

2011-01-02, 07:52 AM
But I don't really want to do the standard rogue, beguiler, swordsage that everyone raves so much about with it. I want it to be a very...strange character. Sorta pops in and out of shadows and leaves people standing around thinking WTF.

Swordsage is still one of the best ways to "pop in and out of shadows"- with Shadow Jaunt at 3rd level.

Warlock with Flee the Scene can Dimension Door (short distances) at will, at 6th level, if they take Flee the Scene as their first lesser invocation.

If you're allowed to import Realms-specific material into other settings, the Shadow Walker template from Unapproachable East is pretty good- LA +1: gets various abilities with increasing Hit Dice- including Dimension Door 1/day at level 3, more at higher levels.

2011-01-02, 07:58 AM
Uh, dont use combat or powers as a basis to your thought. Use mundane.

Character depth is more about how the character gained his skills as a unique and off-tilt background-- like "my mentor was a martial arts master, but he was mentoring me in medicine", ect.

Don't be direct, don't be generic, be realistic.

2011-01-02, 08:03 AM
True- but the "pops in and out of shadows" was a bit of an attention-grabber.

"weird personality" is one way of capturing the offbeat nature of the character.
"weird powers" is another.

Binders, like shadowcasters, are another class a little on the "weird side".

2011-01-02, 09:27 AM
Easiest way is in fact Swordsage with a heavy focus on Shadow Hand. Once you get higher level, you'll want to go into Teflammer Shadowlord, but that's a fair way off yet.

2011-01-02, 10:30 AM
So far I am leaning towards either the totemist route or the factotum route. Swordsage is definitely great for the build. Don't get me wrong there. It has just been done SO many times. I have though about maybe doing 1 swordsage/2 Totemist/ 1 swordsage for the build to grab a couple of maneuvers/stances as well as a few soulmelds to boot. Perhaps doing it half and half will give me the versatility to actually be somewhat effective in game and then the "weird" factor of growing displacer beast tentacles out of my butt.