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2011-01-02, 08:23 AM
If you're a fan of any other d20 OGL games out there, you might have heard of a little known brand called Pathfinder. And if you know that game, you might have also heard that there's an awesome site called the Pathfinder Database which has lots of fan-created content. Now you're probably saying "Hey! Is that dude that did the Pathfinder Database doing the same thing for a righteous game like Fantasy Craft!" Ok... maybe I'm getting the word choice wrong, but anyway...

I'm here to formally announce that the Fantasy Craft Database (http://www.fantasycraftdb.com) is live and awaits all your great Fantasy Craft content for publication!

While not specifically endorsed by the Crafty Games folks, in order to be approved for the "Powered by Fantasy Craft" logo, I did have to go through an approval process, so you can consider this site as a reliable source for game content.

All in all, the site is really meant to preserve a lot of the great fan-created content that pops up on the web here and there and never gets a permanent searchable home. I personally am in the business of building and hosting web sites so it only makes sense for me to keep the site running for as long as Fantasy Craft is popular.

I hope the site meets with your approval and interest.