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2006-05-16, 02:35 PM
The Herbalist Store is open for business, I grow everything myself, here is what we have in stock:

Herbs 1sp per ounce bag-fresh herbs on request
Dill-dried seeds and leaves
Chervil-dried seeds and leaves
Chives-fresh leaves
Mustard-brown and white varieties
Coriander-dried seeds
Fennel-dried seeds
Lavender-dried flower stalks
Bay-dried leaves
Lovage-dried leaves, seeds and root
Horehound-dried seeds and leaves
Mints-dried spearmint and peppermint
Catnip and Catmint-dried leaves
Basil-many varieties available
Parsley-extra curly and plain dried leaves
Rosemary-dried leaves
Sage-dried leaves
Thyme-many varieties available

Finished Products 1 gp each
Herbal Oils
Herbal Vinegars
Tea leaves
Lavender Bags (for going under your pillow)
Skin creams and lotions
Scented Soaps

Herbal Medicinal Products 1 gp each
Acne treatment
Cold and Fever treatment
Cough syrups
Digestion aids
Earache treatment
Hangover help
Nausea treatment
Sore Throat treatment
Headache treatment

And a special benefit, personalized weather forecasts, just send me name of the city you live in and state or in some cases, country.

***No weapons allowed in my store without prior written permission from me!***

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-05-16, 02:40 PM
Trog's bartender pops in.

"Do you have any fresh herbs? We somehow forgot to order fresh mint and if someone orders a mojito I'm screwed!"

2006-05-16, 02:42 PM
Certainly, how much do you want to purchase, I have several ounces in stock, fresh cut this morning.

Archonic Energy
2006-05-16, 02:43 PM
Lurr walks in and asks... erm do you sell "human horn"

2006-05-16, 02:45 PM
ummm, is that a plant or a person, if it is a plant I can look into ordering/finding it, if it was once attached to a person or creature then I don't deal in that type of thing.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-05-16, 02:50 PM
"I'll take half a pound; just put it on Trog's tab, or for that matter, come over to the Tavern and start your own!" *takes the fresh mint and hustles back to the bar*

2006-05-17, 05:13 AM
Anyone else? Just post your requests on this thread. :-)

Saithis Bladewing
2006-05-17, 05:14 AM
I could use some Tarragon, I've got some magic soup a-cookin'...

2006-05-17, 05:15 AM
just 1sp per ounce. :-) Glad you stopped by.

2006-05-17, 05:17 AM
Any hemlock, or anything paticularly deadly to Mind Flayers? cause I got one in particular who's just asking for a stabbity

Saithis Bladewing
2006-05-17, 05:18 AM
I'll take two ounces.

*Slips a pair of silvery coins to you.*

2006-05-17, 05:20 AM
Thanks, come back soon. Have a nice day.

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-05-17, 06:25 AM
I would like to donate 50 gp towards develping a herb to "help" those people close to death pass quietly, and quickly into the next realm.

....before anyone asks i only want it for humane medical reasons only....

not really, but meh

2006-05-17, 06:32 AM
There are such herbs, I choose carefully whom I sell them to.

2006-05-17, 06:36 AM
once again: any hemlock, or anything paticularly deadly to Mind Flayers and/or Drow? cause I got two in particular who're just asking for a stabbity

2006-05-17, 06:44 AM
Nothing like that is available for casual stabbity deaths. I am NG.

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-05-17, 06:48 AM
I visit dying people every day. You could save a lot of people a lot of pain and suffering if you could brew me up a potion...

2006-05-17, 09:53 AM
I see an opening, and, naturally, I take it.

Listen, you could have a lot of good business if you were willing to accomodate certain nonexistent friends of mine...and lots of very bad business if you weren't. Understand?

I then walk out, completely ignoring any further attempts to convince me otherwise.

Oh, and, in case you were wondering, I used to be NG, too. But being a black dragon becomes rather...enjoyable...after you get used to it. If you want to try it out, I hear Raven-gm is taking orders. ;)

2006-05-17, 01:22 PM
I walk in merrily and say. "One or one ounce of everything, you should go metric."

2006-05-17, 01:26 PM
Yeah I'd like a job, do you need a resume or referrences?

2006-05-17, 01:38 PM
Reijas strolls into the store, badge displayed promentently.

Wxdruid, I am Officer Reijas, and I am here to let you know that the GUFIPOICE are here to protect and serve! We have heard of a growing threat from a new Mafia in town. If you are threatened, please don't hesitate to report it to us, so that we might be able to arrest the foul perpitrators!

2006-05-17, 02:24 PM
T, the Necromancer strolls in: "Do you carry plants grown in crypts or graveyards? I am looking for some black petals."

2006-05-17, 05:57 PM
Kyle- for one of everything on the list it will be 26sp and 16gp

Rastil-yes, I need character references

Reijas-Thank you! I'll let you know if I have any problems.

T, The Necromancer-yes, I have a limited supply of black petals, they are hard to come by so they will cost 5sp per ounce.

Vartesiat Bladesilver-If I need any specialty plants, I'll let you know. I grow most of my own stock

2006-05-17, 08:21 PM
i will buy some pesticide, please! bladesilver dies.

2006-05-17, 09:44 PM
I only carry all natural pesticide. Here are some geranium leaves, 1sp please...

2006-05-18, 03:12 AM
*comes dancing in. Or rather his feet are dancing and the rest of him looks rather annoyed and, seeing as it's attached, is forced to come along for the ride.*

Good thing you're on the sunny side of the street or I'd have never made it here.

*Pauses. Blinks several times. Shuffling sounds are heard from his feet on the wooden floor.*

I'm here to settle my previous tab... *pays wxdruid the required amount* and to place my next order for... oh... I don't know... deliver it and suprise me. We'll make a drink out of it no matter what it is, I'd bet.

And, uh... *points down to MC Hammer-dancing legs* have you got anything that will fix this?

2006-05-18, 03:15 AM
I'm sorry, but there is a shop in town that gets rid of magical enchantments, The Gold Cauldron. Thank you for payment, I'll find some interesting herbs to deliver in a couple of days.

2006-05-18, 01:08 PM
*pays the money and takes the stuff and leaves.*

2006-05-18, 01:19 PM
What kind of character references? Like my stats?

2006-05-18, 09:13 PM
"a couple ounces of catnip and mint please." slides over 6 silver

2006-05-18, 11:36 PM
Here you are, enjoy

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-05-19, 12:20 PM
*trots in and looks around with an odd look in his eyes* umm....do have anything that is particularly tasty?

2006-05-19, 05:47 PM
Masked LLama, I have tea leaves and other herbs.

Rastil, I need to know your alignment and references from other people in town that will tell me you are a good upstanding citizen. :-)

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-05-19, 06:20 PM
*flops down 4 gold and 2 copper* how much tasty plant life will that buy?

2006-05-19, 06:30 PM
Here are some teas for you to try

Lemon verbena and lime cordial
Herbal Earl Grey tea
Spicy Geranium tea
and Catmint tea

take the 4gp and push the copper back to Masked LLama

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-05-20, 11:20 AM
thanks *starts munching on the catmint tea leaves with a pleasant expression on my face* mmmmmm.....you can taste the mint. Not so much the cat? Maybe its subtle.

2006-05-21, 05:44 PM
uhhh, Masked LLama, there is no cat mixed into the leaves.... They are tea leaves, you can eat them straight but they are meant to be made into tea. :-)

2006-05-21, 05:54 PM
*Amiria enters the store*

Good evening. Do you have Cottar cabbage ?

2006-05-21, 06:03 PM
Amiria, I am sorry I don't have any at this time, I can order seeds and grow it fresh for you.

2006-05-21, 06:42 PM
Ok, they are kind of cabbage that grows in temperate to cool climates in swampy areas. When burned the fumes have some positive effects.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-05-21, 06:45 PM
*looks puzzled at the druid for a minute* hmmm...i'll have to try that, but its really good as it is.

*turns to amira and offers her some leaves* would you like to try some and is this cabbage tasty?

2006-05-21, 06:50 PM
Raw tea leaves ? No thanks. And the taste of Cottar cabbage ? Well, it isn't eaten by humanoids, I don't no if it suits the palate of llamas. But you can try it yourself when have arrived and are grown from their seeds.

2006-05-21, 07:00 PM
"Hi, nice to meet some old friends here"

"My museum is mostly finished - at least the first level. And I am anxious about how... oh well, that's another matter. Let's get to the point."

"I thought about a garden in front of the Museum, where rare trees, bushes, and flowers are grown... and, first, well, I need the seeds or saplings to plant them there, and, second, I am looking for a person who has some skills in gardening."

"Whatever, this seemed to me to be the right place to look for this."

"A display of foreign flora would be a great contribution to my place of public learning."

"Don't feed the Llama..."

2006-05-21, 07:02 PM
do you sell bonzai trees? i find the relaxing.

2006-05-21, 07:03 PM
Hi Neos, do you remember the Cottar cabbage ? My bro never had the chance to test its effieciency, although he has this special magic bowl for it since ages.

A garden for the museum sounds nice. Is the construction still on schedule ?

2006-05-21, 07:11 PM
Neos Dionysos, I can certainly help plan your gardens and provide some nice plants, actual plants will be more expensive though

Julienne Teraa, I have a limited supply of bonsai, you would have to come over to my house, I don't stock them here because they require specialized care

2006-05-21, 07:18 PM
"When should I come over?"

2006-05-21, 07:23 PM
anytime in the morning or evening.

just PM me when you want to talk :-)

2006-05-21, 07:51 PM
*to Amiria*

"I remember... but never had the opportunity to use them... are they only effective with that bowl your brother owns?"

"And, no the usual problems seem to cause the usual delays... the ground floor may be open for public next week... may be..."

*to wxdruid*

"Great... I have in my mind an alley leading to the main building, shaded by trees and lined with the statues of the Emperor and his predecessors... and to the left and the right, a garden, where those sculptures and other artworks which are made from a material mostly resistant to the weather stand beneath the shade of exotic trees."

"But I'm just too occupied with everything else concerning the museum's construction, and, well, money is also... ahem... less than I need."

"But maybe, nonetheless, I would be honoured if you visited my place, and planted some trees or shrubbery there."

"And, oh, almost forgot to mention. You are especially welcome at my opening party... the date is yet uncertain, but I will tell you when the stars are ready."

2006-05-21, 07:58 PM
I can certainly work on some gardens for you and encourage some plant growth, I will need to find some trees that I can transplant.

2006-05-22, 03:27 PM
A somewhat tipsy Julienne walks into the store, lays down 20gold, then leaves.

2006-05-22, 03:36 PM
hey herbalist! can i get a dime bag of luhix?

its from the bovd

2006-05-22, 03:38 PM
hey herbalist! can i get a dime bag of luhix?

its from the bovd

der kenderjäger, may I ask what luhix is? I do not currently carry such a thing.

2006-05-22, 03:46 PM
a rare plant that grows only in the swamps of the abyss. it has an incredible high.

good thing you don't have it cuz i'm actually an undercover federal agent

Ryshan Ynrith
2006-05-22, 03:49 PM
"Federal, huh? May I see your badge?"

2006-05-22, 03:51 PM
Ummmm, I don't sell illegal substances

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-05-26, 10:40 PM
Do you grow coffe beans? I would love to have some coffe. :)Haven't had my daily dose.

2006-05-26, 11:06 PM
Thanks for stopping by, I do have a few varieties in stock, do you have a preference?

2006-05-27, 12:45 AM
A figure in purple walks in, hood up and face hidden... or at least, until the gloved hands pull the cowl down. Disproportionate to the rest of the five foot huminiod body is that of a large gerbil head, cute being the only word to describe it.

"Greetings, herbalist." The gerbloid bows slightly. "I am wondering after a couple things... you see, summer has arrived, and I will start shedding soon. It is an uncomfortable time. I wonder first if you have something to help that. Secondly, I overheard you grow... coffee beans. Do you also do tea? If so, I wouldn't mind some of the more odd types. Silver Needle for the rare white tea, Catnip for black tea, and several packets of Black Dragon for a nice oolong."

The pink nose off of the gerbil head twitters cutely, and the six large whiskers twitch. The eyes of the gerbloid flash over to Death. "How's business, Final Flush? It has been some time since you and I danced."

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-05-27, 12:53 AM
May i please inquire as to which type of coffe you have?
to Gengy: It has been a while, how is the horde coming along?

2006-05-27, 01:28 AM
"CAMP Horde is coming along nicely, thank you. Counselors will arrive timely and provide the town with a nice influx. Business will prosper." Gengy grins a gerblish grin, and turns back to the herbalist. "Everyone's business. The tea, mistress?"

2006-05-27, 11:02 PM
Gengy, I certainly have the types you are requesting, it will be 1 gp per package of tea, just tell me how much of each

(Death, I don't normally drink coffee so you will have to tell me what types of coffee you want :-) )

2006-05-27, 11:37 PM
"Really? Even for the Silver Needle? Well then, I shall be taking five packets of each, for now. Yes. That should hold me for the week. I may send a camper down to fetch more if I need it." The gerbloid pulls out a pouch from under his cloak and counts out fifteen gold peices.

"...And my shedding problem, madam herbalist?"

2006-05-28, 11:27 AM
For shedding I would recommend a good hairbrush and brush your hair out daily. Check for fleas, ticks, mites, etc. and take a bath once a day, if you have any freeloaders then I have something for them, just come back and tell my which type you have.

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-05-28, 11:30 AM
Well in answer to the type of coffe (i don't drink much either...) do you happen to have the golden brown suprise coffe beans?

2006-05-28, 12:13 PM
The golden brown surprise, ummm let me see, I have some dark, some light and some specialized decaf

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-05-28, 12:22 PM
;)The ones that are as black as death if i may.

Thank ye very much m'lady *passes money*

2006-05-28, 12:22 PM
I'd like several hangover treatments please

2006-05-28, 05:04 PM
Thanks for stopping by Death, have a great day

Kobold Who, here are 3l hangover treatments, that will be 3gp. Thanks for stopping by

2006-05-28, 11:36 PM
I would like another supply of mint leaves and catnip. Also, I'd like to say that my bonsai tree is doing well.

2006-05-29, 08:32 PM
Julienne, I am glad that your bonsai is doing well. :-) How many packets of mint and catnip do you want?

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-05-30, 07:04 AM
I will, thank you for the beans.

*Death exists*

2006-05-30, 10:30 AM
Gengy sighs, picks up his tea, and with a half bow to the herbalist, flips his hood back over his head.

He then trods the way that Death just took.

[edit: Happy now? v See Below v]

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-05-30, 10:44 AM
(Actually i prefer floating, but that just me)

2006-05-30, 12:47 PM
Thanks for coming by, please drop by for a visit if you need anything else

2006-05-31, 06:20 PM
*enter neos:*

"I would like to express my thanks for the beautiful garden you created for my museum... it will be open to public in a few days. Great work, better than my mind could ever imagine. Name your price, anything I can't pay (for my money is quite spent on the museum's construction) will be remembered as services I owe to you..."

*stands there, absently-minded, thinking about something*

"Oh, that reminds me of... I found several unknown foreign herbs and plants on my last journey. Maybe you'd like to have some seeds?"


2006-05-31, 09:42 PM
I don't suppose you have any catnip, do you? cause you know, I have cat DNA and I just LOVE the stuff.

2006-05-31, 10:49 PM
Neos Dionysos, the gardens were fun to create, have fun with them. *no charge, I did it as a service project for the museum, and yes I would be interested in some rare plants. :-)

Firedude, how much catnip do you want?

2006-05-31, 10:53 PM
A gaunt boy walks in.

Good evening miss... I wanted to know if you had any wolfsbane...

2006-05-31, 10:55 PM
I currently do not carry any in my store because it is hazardous to some of the town's residents, do you have a particular reason for needing it?

2006-06-01, 04:17 PM
I'll take 2 POUNDS! I might be coming back.

2006-06-01, 06:46 PM
Firedude, that'll be 32sp for 2lbs. Hope you enjoy it. :-)

2006-06-01, 06:51 PM
It may help in finding Lykan... Just saying, if you have some, let me know!

2006-06-01, 06:52 PM
I'll be on the search for Lykan and I don't think wolfsbane is going to help him any

2006-06-01, 09:05 PM
Here's 4 gp. I do LOVE catnip. *walks away, nose twitching*

2006-06-01, 11:51 PM
Thanks for visiting, Please stop by again. :-)

2007-01-10, 11:16 AM
Fendran slinks in and looks around

The mayor's own shop, is it? Doesn't seem to get much business...

Doesn't look like anyone's in, either. Not even NPCs hm... wonder what she has...

Ugh: goody-two-shoes medicines. Bleah.

Fendran slinks back out.

2007-01-24, 03:39 PM
Magician wanders into the Herbalist shop. "Now this is more like it!" He scratches the kitten in an excited fashion. "While I don't generally bother with medicines, it is always good to know where to find herbs. I think I should pick some up while I have the chance.". He looks around the shop for the shopkeeper.

2007-01-24, 03:41 PM

The kitten adjusts it's position, and starts purring.

2007-01-24, 03:42 PM
Yes, how can I help you?

2007-01-24, 03:46 PM
Chance enters and looks around, waiting for Magician to finish his business, if he has any, so that he can buy some herbs.

He leaves his sword at the door.

2007-01-24, 03:46 PM
Magician smiles "I was hoping for a few qian each of these herbs.". The magician rattles off a dozen herb names in chinese, some rare, some common.

2007-01-24, 03:47 PM
I have all of the common ones and a few of the rare ones, let me package them up for you.

2007-01-24, 03:52 PM
Magician smiles broadly "Many thanks. It is good to not have to rely on magic all the time. And frankly, there are some medicines that I have found to work better than spells."

2007-01-24, 03:53 PM
The kitten gives a satisfied meow, and starts washing it's tail.

2007-01-24, 03:53 PM
I know what you mean and I enjoy growing plants.

2007-01-24, 03:57 PM
Magician smiles "And how much will this be?"

2007-01-24, 03:59 PM
It's 1sp per ounce and I wrapped up quite a few for you, so we'll say 18sp?

2007-01-24, 04:02 PM
Magician reaches into his pouch and consults a slip of paper, then brings out two largish silver coins with square holes stamped through them. "I believe two Li are just over that weight in your silver pieces."

2007-01-24, 04:04 PM
She takes them and feels the weight in her hand, Feels about right. How much change in return? Anything else for you?

2007-01-24, 04:07 PM
Magician shakes his head "You may keep the small coin in gratitude for the shop. That is all I require for this time." He looks at Chance "But I believe this gentleman wishes to see you as well." Magician then steps aside.

2007-01-24, 04:08 PM
Come back anytime.

She looks over at Chance, May I help you?

2007-01-24, 04:12 PM
Magician picks up the kitten with a shrug "Well, Chance, come back to the tavern when you are done here." He walks out.

2007-01-24, 04:32 PM
He adresses Magician first.

Alright, I'll be there before long.

Then to the shopkeeper.

Could I get 10 ounces of Lavender leaves, and 10 ounces of Sage leaves.

2007-01-24, 04:37 PM
She quickly wraps them up for him. That'll be 20sp please.

2007-01-24, 04:38 PM
Chance pulls out 2 gold pieces (That is the right conversion, right?) and hands them to the shopkeeper.


2007-01-24, 04:42 PM
She takes the money and smiles, Thank you for coming by. She hands the packages to Chance.

2007-01-24, 04:45 PM
He stores the package in a pocket in his robes.

You're welcome. If the spell I create with these works, I'll be back.

With that he leaves picking up his sword as he goes.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-24, 06:11 PM
((Erm, 100sp is 1Gp O_O))

2007-01-24, 06:39 PM
((No 10sp is one gold.))

Deus Mortus
2007-01-25, 01:37 PM
((ow, I guess I need to play less WoW :S))