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2014-02-18, 05:27 PM
Is Darrius going to stay in the game?

Swami Monsoon
2014-02-18, 07:03 PM
I'm not sure how to read that last post. Are you dissatisfied with how I've been playing my character? Do I need to be healing more in combat (even though that means mainly chasing my teammates around the battlefield, using standard actions to apply touch spells)? I'll be the first to admit that the character is not especially optimized. If you think the character (or even my continued participation in the campaign) needs to be reassessed, now is the time, as we are at a the start of a new chapter...

Maybe I'm totally off base here, and I've bought too much into the 3.5 conventional wisdom that combat healing is for suckers and the best way to save your comrades is to make monsters deader faster. Tom is not exactly a DPS powerhouse, so perhaps I should pick up Spectral Hand next level and stay in the back line during fights...

2014-02-19, 12:10 AM
Honey, I am soooo sorry for what must have been seen as an attack on how you play your character as a player. There is no way on Oerth's green world that is my deal. I apologize. Lazer will still be a healer, but not as before, and he'll need to team up with a fellow healer to share the load for other butt-kicking fun instead of just going to and fro healing. And yeah, this looks like a group that is very mobile. Not a tank there, not really, except perhaps Agnipati.

I don't know your spell setup, and I only have an idea of your abilities (a lot of cold, and loving the boosts). You rock, and I don't want you to feel threatened. Tickled just came from another of Rus' game because player-vs-player (not PC vs PC). From what I've seen, I would really love to find out more about Tom. Definitely a strange mix. Who cares about OP? But I'd say fly something past the DM if you want 'retraining' or whatever. I'm taking NPC-to-PC, but you are a written character. Ask him.

I don't know what's planned for Darrius. I'm sure the DM will just take over him again so I don't have to hurt my brain.

2014-02-19, 05:30 AM
S'okay, s'okay. No one worry about who does what. The entire dynamic of the party has just changed, and you have yet to see how. That said, once you are in play you best chat amongst yourselves and figure out how to survive the Isle of Dread as a team.

Lazer has since tanked into medium armor proficiency and he can now wear metal armor; he is still the healbot by far, though. Healing domain (+50% to all 'cure' spells) and d8-based channel energy. I'm thinking do the opposite of a standard setup. Put the priest on front line, not second; and have others second-line. Nothing stops him from reaching back to heal .... we'll see how things pan out. It's not for damage-dealing so much as party defense. Then again, he might just want to flit around.

2014-02-20, 12:07 AM
Lazer has since tanked into medium armor proficiency and he can now wear metal armor; he is still the healbot by far, though. Healing domain (+50% to all 'cure' spells) and d8-based channel energy. I'm thinking do the opposite of a standard setup. Put the priest on front line, not second; and have others second-line. Nothing stops him from reaching back to heal .... we'll see how things pan out. It's not for damage-dealing so much as party defense. Then again, he might just want to flit around.
Huh. I guess I have him so ingrained as the healer flying back and forth to heal. Ya, when I really think about it, he is actually a high-healing paladin of sorts. He had a vague idea what he was some time ago, anyways. Celiss helped him. At first, it seemed he was a half-celestial because of the wings. But the lack of needing to sleep or eat is a big clue ... REAL outsider, not NATIVE outsider. I never bothered to pick up on that back when I first jumped into Celiss' skin (short-lived as that was).

Now, as the doctor has progressed in level, it makes sense. I'll have to figure out if the doc understands what happened, but I'm sure with a new level and such dramatic change there is absolutely no way he will have many questions.

So, boss ... I can approach this two ways, and both since they are two sources. I know, but I need to know what Lazer has figured out.
1) Knowledge (planes): [roll0]
2) The almost sure-fire method. Knowledge Domain: Auto-result of DC 26.

EDIT: Here's to good ol'-fashioned book larnin'. :smallcool:

2014-02-20, 01:27 AM
And yet, for all of that, you still don't know everything. I sent you what you know. It will be up to other characters (not due-diligence players looking things up) to figure what's what.

Swami Monsoon
2014-02-20, 01:03 PM
Here's another link to the character for those that are interested:


He's pretty much jack of all trades, master of none. He can heal a bit, buff and control, do some damage... but he's not the best at any role. He is easily my favorite GitP character ever, but he's built for concept and flavor more than optimization.

He actually has a very large healing pool now with the added Dragon Shaman abilities, he just does not have the tools available to some of the primary healing classes (Cleric, Healer) to use it efficiently in combat.

I'll have the sheet updated by tomorrow...

2014-02-20, 09:24 PM
Great! I won't touch the sheet, then. So, here are some character images ....

Obviously, they are conceptual, not exact (except in Amella's case):
Amella Venkalie and Skald (from what you last remembered). I'll E-mail fun stuff later.
This is definitely just symbolic, not really him at all. But wtih armor and wings it fits.http://submarine.sandwich.net/art/PotentialCharacters/HalfCelestialDwarf.jpg
Actually, this captures him spot on minus the evil-looking skull of his eel-hide armor. The spear is perfect, since he carries the Spear of Fertility.http://images.starpulse.com/Photos/Previews/Apocalypto-movie-04.jpg


2014-02-21, 04:53 PM
[roll0] Eshalyn init

2014-02-21, 07:30 PM
Lazer's initiative [roll0]

EDIT: +9 initiative modifer? WOW! Yup. You definitely go before me.

2014-02-21, 10:02 PM
Skald's Initiative: [roll0]

+2 if this is Favored Terrain: Jungle

2014-02-21, 11:22 PM
It is a mix of coastline and jungle, and you get your bonus. So your initiative is 21.

I forgot to mention, the hell-spawned lizard dinosaur is 60' away.

Swami Monsoon
2014-02-22, 12:01 AM
Initiative [roll0]

2014-02-22, 12:12 AM
Before we can progress too far ... Swami, I need to know what changes you'd make from 5th to 7th. Skill points? spells, 7th-level feat, etc. ...

EDIT: View, but don't edit your sheet. I have it up right now.

Swami Monsoon
2014-02-22, 01:08 PM
Gah, saw your post too late...

I've already edited the sheet:


2014-02-22, 06:07 PM
That's alright. I actually wasn't on that long because I was tired. I'll be going over your sheet this evening.

2014-02-23, 03:41 PM
Where am I in relation to the Rex? and Where is everyone else, roughly?

2014-02-23, 09:19 PM
First of all, to better clarify (or correct), Amella is chomped on in the T-Rex' mouth, not actually swallowed.

Because you all started to somewhat congregate near each other, when she bolted, she bolted in an angle only slightly away from you. However, a T-Rex is a tall, gargantuan creature. It takes up a 20' x 20' square, with a whopping 20' reach. This means that closing on it to attack in melee is very difficult unless it already used an AOO. If we talked about 3D combat and directly overhead (because it's easiest to figure), that means that 20' high + 20' reach = 40' level. So, you'd need to be 45' in the air to be just out of reach. Of course, if this thing isn't limited by some odd gravity, then its massive strength and decent speed means this thing might actually get a surprising jump.

I am going to say that the beach is littered at various intervals with innocent passengers. Avner, who woke before everyone else, is riding to and fro on Thunderstrike, and at the current time is approximately 90' from the "core."

You are part of the "core," which without a map and the lack of desire to build one, means that you are adjacent to each other in a group, and at a distance of 10' to the closest part of the t-rex.

The most tactical things to consider for Skald, personally:
* Aerial is his best advantage. They might be new, but I've already described the danger of this monster ... and you are seeing it in action. Anything else you do should be secondary to that.
* It has no missile capability. Keep aerial shooting, though it may well be that arrows on this thing will be like tiny needles.
* With Amella currently in its mouth, it can't bite anyone else, so now is the time to take wing or do other things that provoke AOOs and get you out of reach of jaws that will snap you in half.

There is probably nothing you can do for Amella directly. You know there is no way on Vogan's clear rivers that you can pull her from its mouth ... and already there is an active spray of blood from her torn (and yet barely living, and very much screaming) body.

Again, everyone else with a name (other than Avner) is adjacent.

2014-02-24, 04:05 PM
Running (flying) is an acceptable strategy, right?

2014-02-24, 05:03 PM
Absolutely. And it is the strategy that prideful players usually want nothing to do with. (Ahh, the DM wouldn't have us meet this thing if he didn't feel we could kill it easily enough, right?)

Or, you could stay, and take your chances.

As usual for my red and scaly hide, the dice fall as they will ... as do the persons represented by them.

2014-02-24, 05:44 PM
Colors are getting out-of-hand for me. So, re-doing the chart found at the beginning, but starting here...

{table=head]Character/ Color |Player |Gender Race |Class/ PrC |Role/ Specialty

Amella Venkalie | NPC | Female Human | Bard 7// Rogue (Pirate) 7 | Sailing Expert and Morale

Eshalyn D'Hista | MikelaC1 | Female Nessian Noble | Sorcerer 7 | Arcane Specialist

"Lazer," "Doc," "Rabbi" (full name unnecessary) | PSinger | Male Angel (unknown type) | Priest 7 | Aerial Support, Primary Healer, Defensive Tank

Shouting Tree | NPC | Male Human (variant) | Beastmaster 7// Scout 7 | Animal Senses, Skirmisher, and Companion-Owner of Ix-Caban, a female black jaguar

Skald | TickleMeTemplar | Male Fey Human | Ranger (Weapon Champion, Scout) 5// Storm Druid 7 | Animal Hunter, Primary Archer, Aerial Superiority, Nature Powers

Tom Underhill | SwamiMonsoon | Male Tiefling (Div-Spawn) | Oracle of Winter 7// Silver Dragon Shaman 7 | Force Multiplier, Battlefield Control, Cold Powers, Secondary Healer

Avner Meravanchi | NPC | Male Human | Aristocrat// Jerk | Coward, Braggart, Entitled, and Rake; Likes his Horse, Thunderstrike and seems to be a competent rider[/table]

Eshalyn changed to MieklaC's favored Blue, because Tom had Purple already. Shouting Tree changed to Sienna in deference to Skald now taking DarkGreen. Avner is ... to be a royal pain in the ass ... RoyalBlue.

2014-02-26, 11:51 PM
You know how draconian I tend to be, but its important you know two things:
1) Amella is no longer in its mouth. After being blasted by the electricity and rock it loosed its grip on Amella to roar in pain. Amella is on the ground. I think you know this, but I wanted to be sure ... the healing aura is a great boon.

2) Most importantly, this isn't a sword-strike. This is a massive bite with ridiculous damage, a high critical, and a grab that you have little chance of combating. The tactic is great, but, I am willing to retro something here as a gimme (just like I did for Amella being thrown clear) ....

Cast defensively! (And roll the Concentration check.)

Otherwise, it looks bad for Mr. Underhill, who might end up Indabelly after an AOO.

Swami Monsoon
2014-02-27, 12:26 AM
So I am in its AoO range. I was not sure without a map to look at...
So... DC 19. Yuck.


Damn it. And I'm pretty much locked down. Can't cast reliably, can't leave this spot unless it moves away...

2014-02-28, 11:15 AM
How do you only have +6 mod to Concentration if you're a level 7 caster? That should be a minimum of +7, and then add on .... CHA or WIS? So, assume a +4 for that, you would have a minimum of +11, wouldn't you?

2014-02-28, 03:16 PM
He's right. I don't know why you said +6. If you look at your skills (remember, Concentration isn't just a skill, but it's put with skills for simplicity), you have a +13 total modifier.

Which would have just made it. :smallsigh: I'm not going to try to retro it now, but you were "assessing the threat," you will not lose the spell, and the next spell or ability you cast (whatever it is) will gain a bonus to DC.

+7 for caster level, +6 for CHA = +13
The horse doesn't seem like any magical beast you can think of off the top of your head, but there are too many types to rule it out. It might also be some sort of summoned steed with special powers.As you (Lazer) already know, Avner is a young, entitled lord of the house of Meravanchi. He is a coward when push comes to shove, won't stand up to his father, and is a bully. However, he is known to be one of the best riders in the nobility of Sasserine. His many dalliances and insults have built up many enemies, and his actions as a libertine had him facing duels that were usually paid off by his father. The few he did face, however, were full of noise and wind until he overcame his opponent with bombast and got first strike.

It is rumored that his father sent him away to Farshore to keep his disappointing son far from Sasserine, and perhaps to learn to become a real man.

For all this, Avner has been given the best training in personal warfare as befits one of his station, which specifically include mounted warfare.

Thunderstriker comes from a long line of top racers, polo horses, and warhorses. He is (was) the most prized horse of Sasserine. Avner went to Baklunish lands as a child with his father's company, and came back with the horse, and some say some of the desert people's heathen ways.

His temperament, riding skill, use of intimidation, and the like bring forth your historical studies (combined with nobility, above) to make the following assessments: He is not just a skilled aristocrat-horseman. He is a cavalier, one born and bred for mounted combat.
That was definitely a cavalier's challenge that he gave the monster; it doesn't affect the monster, but makes him more foolhardy.
You can't identify why Thunderstriker moves so quickly, but by their movement you assess that horse and rider possess Mobility, in addition to an obvious skill at Mounted Combat and Ride-by Attack.
He seems to wield the scimitar almost as an extension of his arm, more fluid than powerful. This is a style usually only possessed by Baklunish dervishes.
Despite the attack, their was a tactical posture he maintained as he rushed by, and you believe that was Combat Expertise.
The manner in which he lives, breathes, boasts, and runs amok about town and causing mischief tells you that if he is a cavalier, than the only order that suits him would be the one called the Order of the Cockatrice (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/cavalier/orders/paizo---cavalier-orders/order-of-the-cockatrice).
You were able to see something that was partially hidden by his green-tabard: a breastplate made of a green, faceted, crystalline substance. You've heard of a starmetal that looks like that green, but you can't put your hand on it. Regardless, he moves as if the breastplate were lightest mithral, and his focus on speed and agility with his mount indicates that he might be more of an emissary than a classic cavalier.
His ability to find just the right amount of slash with his blade and his defensive ability, not to mention his entire lifestyle, makes it seem like he is the classic, trouble-making noble or professional ne'er-do-well known as a swashbuckler. You can't make out exactly how that fits in with the scimitar, but if he does have some dervish training, perhaps there is some way that fits in.That scimitar is adamantine. Hands down. No doubt about it.
Pompous windbags like he always try to up-sell their abilities, of course, but it is hard to tell where the real skills end and the BS begins. Regardless, he has enough skill supportedly to mean he is actually more capable than he had let on previously, which is a unique form of following his edict in not bragging about his accomplishes ... because doing so would gain him little .... especially in helping anyone on the ship that fought and died to protect the passengers ..... and his own neck.

2014-03-11, 09:53 PM
What's our total range from the Rex?

2014-03-12, 12:05 AM
Skald is at a height of 75', and 30' from the closest width of it (Rexie's mouth).

2014-03-18, 06:16 PM
Sorry, gang. I had the computer. I went to Georgia for the weekend. The hotel didn't have Wi-fi. I was in bed with Nyquil all weekend and up thru now.

Swami Monsoon
2014-03-31, 10:23 PM
Wow, it's alive. Didn't think the forums were coming back this time...

2014-04-01, 04:16 PM
Thank the gods!

2014-04-02, 10:15 AM
Thank the gods? Really?

Listen, honey, we went 3,000 miles; we lost a ridiculous number of seasoned adventurers, and most recently some passengers; we shipwrecked on this island, on the other side of where we need to go in this monster-infested wilderness; and, oh, yes ... we barely awake from the experience and the gods sick a T-Rex on us.

I can tell you what I think of the gods :roy:

2014-04-07, 08:03 PM
IRL and depression, gang, sorry. Give me a bit.

2014-04-07, 09:19 PM
IRL and depression, gang, sorry. Give me a bit.

I know we aren't supposed to talk about it...but dang. You're down to firbolg status, I lost my titan status as well. I don't know what it was about the forum re-org, but I went from having over 11,000 posts to just over 7K. You got dinged even worse.

2014-04-09, 08:05 PM
Yeah. Worse, I've been ettin the past few days. :smallconfused:

Despite depression, I was ettin' much more today.

Say it with me, "GROAAANNNN ..."

Looking at the IC, I am waiting for the sparks to fly. Avner's a selfish little bastard, but Eliezer (sorry, Paul, that's why his nickname is "Lazer," not ....Zickle the Pickle) is something different. Regardless, we have LG vs. a player (regardless of character's AL) who always tends towards CG.

They might find they like working together because they're both reasonable, but I think we are going to see some fun Spock-vs-McCoy moments here.

The sunglass eye-con (get it? huh? get it? huh? huh?) on the post are my welding goggles, just in case.

2014-04-09, 08:08 PM
Don't give up your day job.

2014-04-09, 08:23 PM
Actually, I am giving up my "day job" as an AFLAC rep. It's not getting me anywhere.

I am playing hermit to save up gas money for an audition at the end of the month. The gas money is to be able to attend rehearsals, but I will only accept a part if given the title role. That's not ego, per se (well, a little), but it's a function of money invested vs. compensation (unpaid).

2014-05-03, 09:05 PM
Sorry, folks. I have spent the entire last week chasing down everything I needed for the job I started today. I am now a limousine chauffeur in Philadelphia, and can breathe (and play) easier, though I will be busy with that and a show that I'm now in. Game on!

2014-05-21, 01:26 PM
I want to apologize for the lag. IRL has had me turned around, and I am just situating into my role as both a limo chaffeur and a working actor.

2014-05-22, 10:14 AM
Eshalyn seems completely at ease about the massive corpse...after all, in way, a dinosaur is a long distant kin to her (both being reptilian)

Swami Monsoon
2014-05-23, 06:38 PM
I think the main problem is that that much meat is going to attract scavengers...

2014-06-17, 12:24 AM
Sooo .... *poke*

2014-06-20, 01:54 PM
I will let Shouting Tree complete his actions, but if this game has deteriorated to the point where its only myself and PSinger, then I will be withdrawing.

2014-06-20, 02:47 PM
Talked with Tickled, and he should be good.

2014-06-23, 05:22 PM
YAYYY! Glad to see you back, Swami!

2014-07-07, 06:04 PM
Im sorry but the pace of this game has left me disinterested and I think I am going to drop.

2014-07-08, 01:13 AM
No, I understand. Savage Tide has been sinking for awhile. My hours just don't allow for much. I've got a limo job and act, and Paul's killing himself interning. Tickle ... Swami ... shall we end it, or be willing to take it slow?

2014-07-08, 11:24 AM
I'm good with whatever the group decides. I was enjoying the game, but if everyone says its time to lay it to rest, I won't protest

Swami Monsoon
2014-07-08, 11:52 AM
I am good either way.

I've really enjoyed this game, and playing with you all has been a pleasure.
PbP is such a cruel mistress...

2014-07-08, 01:07 PM
We continue ...

2014-07-08, 11:15 PM
For my part, sorry about the slowdown, but I also want to continue.

S'okay, Mikela ... at least we get to play in your Zodiac game.

2014-07-09, 09:10 AM
Skald, since you are now in the jungle and not at sea, do you pray for different spells?

2014-09-06, 06:55 PM
I'll give another day for any RP or specifics ...

2014-09-30, 02:25 AM
Sorry, gang. Time got away from me again. Had a brutal, but lucrative, weekend.

2014-10-01, 02:32 AM
I am the eternal night watchman. Otherwise, nothing special. Keep fires burning at all four points of the camp to keep out bugs; we're only fooling ourselves if there's any question of "giving ourselves away." If eyes are on us in the darkness, let us have light. Most here need it, and it makes everyone feel better.

2014-10-01, 05:54 AM
Also, would it kill you to DM-voodoo-magic in some indoor plumbing? My dude's tired of deucing in the woods!

2014-10-01, 01:03 PM
Rezah, definitely ... but Skald is a druid. Liberal use of create water could also be like a bedet. But for Skald to mention such contrivances ...? He should be in the forefront with Shouting Tree to smirk at pantywaists like Avner who demand the comforts of civilization.

Of course, the allure of that civilized world has tempted savage and Amish alike.

2014-10-07, 11:09 PM
No sooner did I take Eliezer's action per request, his wayward pilot returns home.

2014-10-09, 02:02 AM
Sorry, buddy .... I know it might sting, but ya' gotta' use an attack roll 'timed' with the action. Besides, the terror bird might be dispatched before your next turn.

2014-10-10, 02:49 PM
Please remember to define in spoilers any special abilities you are invoking at the time. Sometimes I'll miss what you meant, or misinterpret it, from the fluff. Without guidance, the fluff always takes precedence per my interpretation, rather than player's intention.

2014-10-10, 05:23 PM
At least he dropped two birds. With one coming out into camp now, the party should wipe this last one out.

2014-10-14, 10:30 PM
Fear not, puny mortals, YOUR TYPO Fae archer returns!

2014-10-17, 07:01 AM
I see our Fae archer is lacking puissance in the second person possessive pronoun category.

See? You shoot arrows. I throw barbs. :cool:
.................................................. ........

EDIT: Rus was talking about a new crit system PF introduced. It's probably fair to explain it to everyone as well.

The Crit/ Fumble/ Demoralized system Rus mentioned is pretty cool, though. Not confirming a threatened crit is pretty crappy, and the standard 1-in-20 fumble chance means that anyone with a higher rate of attacks - and likely a better combatant - is likely to fumble more often. The crits and fumbles can be really brutal, but make much more sense, and allow for that kill. The part I really liked was the fact that rarely does someone fight as well at 0 hit points as they do at full. I'm willing to put Lazer in the briar patch of trying it out. I like the grittiness. We have already suffered such an amazing amount of death in this campaign, this may turn the tide in our favor. Sure, it works against us (goose for the gander proberb?) as well, and it will, but hopefull in the long run it will be better.

2014-10-17, 03:28 PM
This isn't a huge deal or anything...but I always felt it was kinda awkward for a character to say "I can do this feat X times a day because of Y!" I feel like the gods aren't wagging a finger at a level 2 cleric saying "ah ah ah, you're only level 2 (an OOC numbers mechanic) so you can only channel twice today!" I feel it's more along the lines of the character lacking the physical/emotional/intellectual fortitude to repeat the action too many times without just plain failing at it. A young spellcaster can only micromanage so many spells, and as they gain practical use and experience (yes, XP) they practice and get better at learning/remember more/harder spells, etc. I personally feel that sort of behind the scenes, character sheet based numbers stuff used in in-character dialogue to be a bit distracting from the story telling.

2014-10-17, 04:05 PM
The system PSinger is referring to is the crit-generator tool called Laying Waste (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/gamemastering/tools/layingwaste). To see how it works, click on the little help button on the generator. Don't feel like the system is burdensome or anything .... use of it is all on me. Obviously, I am the one who clicks on the effect.

IF an enemy scores a threat against you ... though a lesser effect might greatly affect a battle, I will still roll those; as before, though, anything which looks like it will immediately or near immediately take your character out of battle, then as always I will post the saves or ability rolls you need. The hits, of course, can be devastating. On the other hand, no longer does a Large character with high strength necessarily wipe you out with a crit based on flat damage. In the characters' case, truly heroic and legendary ends to a monster can occur. Since in my gestalts, everything has maximum hit points, it helps to bring the enemies down instead of a long, wearing out process.

Fumbles. Always had them, but now it is easier to ignore as you get higher in level. If enemies fumble, it can be a crucial way to bring down a very tough enemy with a bad roll.

Demoralization. Let's face it, this has been a thing that has bothered me for a long time. Though hit points were originally meant to be a "gosh, he's getting tired," there should still be an effect in battle where you are slowed down and not as effective. When you are wounded after a battle is another crucial time to show that having been given the beat down recently has had its effect on your focus and energy (skill and ability checks). The same mechanic to ignore this demoralization comes into play as being stoic against Intimidate - so it is ultimately fear-based. The paladin, heedless of all danger, manages to fight to the very last with the greatest of skill. Now, where the rubber meets the road, and it is important for your battles .... enemies. Remember, max hit points for everything, and we've already seen how brutal the world can be. So, being able to knock down the BBEGs attacks and damage when he's tearing into you can be crucial. It is also a system that may help guide when such creatures flee away from the party (unless the text or other things state they fight until dead), though that still is based on a much lower percentage of hit points and common sense. As before, though, it can be ignored and is effectively a Fear effect, so immunities and bonuses against fear apply.

2014-10-18, 06:17 AM
Cast Light on several pebbles. (As far as I know there's not a limit on simultaneous instances of the spell.)
Actually ... here's the writeup on the light (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/l/light) spell. The primary thing to take away from that is "You can only have one light spell active at any one time. If you cast this spell while another casting is still in effect, the previous casting is dispelled."

This nugget of info, by the way, was used by an unscrupulous PC in the other game to both mischievous and even deleterious effect. You are given a light on a sword and the caster stays behind. For fun, while underground, you cast the spell on a rock. A hundred yards away, the non-light spell casting party (the wizard and cleric didn't have it prepared, since they depended on the CN oracle) is plunged into darkness. Enter the denizen of that cavern, which the party barely managed to vanquish. The party managed to stumble back to the base camp.

There was a pummeling.

And it was glorious.

2014-10-21, 02:40 PM
Ummm .... anyone at all?

PSinger? You've updated on this very computer for other games .... did you read, the thing turned brown, and you forgot?

Tickle, Swami?

2014-10-22, 08:24 AM
DOH! Yup, sorry. I was waiting for .... Godot, I guess. Yeah, I looked at it in passing, didn't respond at the time, then it was out of sight/out of mind. Here it comes.

2014-10-23, 11:33 AM
wasn't going for stealth, just rp

2014-10-27, 08:35 PM
Swami ... yup. Cause I is dumn.

Regarding Skald ... Whaaaa...? :smalleek:

This, gentlemen, is the onset of jungle fever. After the battle, a merciful euthanasia for our maddening archer is in order.

2014-10-27, 09:23 PM
I come from the water...

**whispering** and the crowd goes wild, "Skald...Skald...Skald..." yeaaaah

2014-11-13, 09:20 PM
Hey sorry guys, I've been checking my subscriptions for updates and hadn't seen any for Savage tide in about 2 weeks...Today I just noticed that somehow I had become unsubscribed to the Savage Tide 2 thread, which explains why I hadn't seen any updates...my bad :annoyed:

2014-11-13, 11:49 PM
Is everything good now?

2014-11-14, 04:01 AM
yessir 10char

2014-11-14, 05:05 AM
yessir 10char
Ummmm .... I'll take that as a yes.

2014-11-14, 05:01 PM
Minimum post on this board requires 10 characters, and the word/phrase "yessir" does not meet that quota, thus the often used internet shortcut "10char" was included to meet that minimum character requirement.


2014-11-15, 12:20 AM
Huh. Thanks.

2014-11-17, 12:47 PM
Yeah, usually we post fun "hidden messages" or periods and color the font white.

2014-11-17, 11:05 PM
Meh. Whatever floats your boat.

2014-11-18, 11:44 AM
i c wat u did thar...Or did i?

2014-11-22, 06:53 AM
Tickle and Singer, you know you'll be traversing through an undermountain pass. Make any changes to spell selection (if any) and let me know when you're ready to go.

2014-11-24, 03:20 PM
I've received all spell changes, thank you.

I am building the TGS for next level as you are preparing to go into this next phase.

Is everyone continuing on with their current classes come next level .... priest, ranger/ druid, and oracle/ silver dragon shaman?

Swami Monsoon
2014-11-24, 03:25 PM
Yes, I plan to stay with my current classes.

2014-11-24, 05:24 PM
I want to switch to circus juggler and rodeo clown...

2014-11-24, 06:04 PM
How about an itinerant jongleur (French travelling acrobat) and a murderous"juggler" (an old term for an assassin or killer).

2014-11-24, 10:06 PM
If you can draw up a class template, I will play it.

2014-11-24, 10:35 PM
Acrobatics-focused rogue takes assassin prestige class. Classic, and done. For the performance twist, multi-class bard and rogue. Incredibly simple with Gestalt.

2014-11-25, 01:07 AM
It's too easy it just doesn't sound fun anymore. I think I'ma stick with what I already got....which is lovin'. Lovin's what I got. Remember That.

2014-11-25, 01:12 AM
You should'a been a bard ...

Swami Monsoon
2014-11-25, 12:22 PM
Acrobatics-focused rogue takes assassin prestige class. Classic, and done. For the performance twist, multi-class bard and rogue. Incredibly simple with Gestalt.

So... Sideshow Bob?

2014-12-17, 03:26 AM
Any input, or moving on?

2014-12-30, 08:59 AM
Rabbi Cohen looks to someone who has been overlooked for some time: Tavey Nesk (sp?), the cabin boy.
SOMEone get that lady a drink! Well done. I totally overlooked him. I only get reminded when the sidebar for the modue-specific NPCs mentions how they might be feeling or what they might be doing at a specific time. Totally forgot about him. Now that you mention him, of course ..... :smallamused:

Swami Monsoon
2015-01-27, 11:33 AM
"the top and front of it have concealment"

Does this mean that part of it is still visible?

2015-01-27, 10:15 PM
Yes. These things are Gargantuan.

2015-01-28, 03:24 PM
Swami, since you are in front of the thing you can't aim for the rear, especially since a breath weapon starts and ends with you. Please specify next time whether or not you use cone or line, but in this case it is definitely a line.

2015-02-02, 11:12 AM
Tickled (et. al.)

You did not crit with the bow. You only crit on a 20 with this weapon. It is listed in your weapon block for "Critical."

As far as the new crit system, please see the Laying Waste Critical Generator (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/gamemastering/tools/layingwaste), look at the help screen, and when you "roll a confirmation check" you are actually rolling a simple 1d20 (only, no modifiers) as a severity check and you can roll the d6 multiple based on the weapon. In the case of a higher damage weapon like a bow, that means +3d6 for bonus damage. To that flat 1d20 severity roll, I apply the appropriate modifiers, determine the DC, and determine effect.

Now, if you fumble, you can roll a "fumble save" (just a d20) if you wish to be proactive, and whatever saving throw is required (Fort, Ref, Will) to avoid the effect I draw up I apply those modifiers you normally have. For example, when you fumbled the second shot, the result was "Lost the Target: You take a -4 penalty to all attack rolls until the end of your next turn. Save: Will DC 20 negates."

I rolled the Will save for you, and with an '8' it was a 20 on the button, which saved. If you failed, it wouldn't have mattered. The third shot (the one that just missed being a crit because it was a roll of '19') was high enough of a result that you still would have overcome the -4 attack roll penalty, the monster would still be dead, and combat would still be over.


Read the Help section of this tool.

If Crit, roll a 1d20 and a +2d6 (for x2 weapons) or +3d6 (for x3 weapons).

If a fumble, roll a 1d20.

If you don't roll these, then as normal by the time I get to them I roll them for you to keep the game going.

If a crit is scored against you, as with any danger I roll most of your saves. However, if it looks like an immediate dropper or combat ender for you, then I will inform you as I would any other danger. That gives you the chance to roll the die that seals or saves your fate.

2015-02-02, 11:16 AM
I think I pulled up the wrong character sheet, since my other one was an 18/20 crit range and I had all games/sheets open at the same time. That's my bad.

The dangers of multi-tasking/paging

2015-02-02, 11:19 AM
Or, you were looking at the rapier ... or Rezah's scimitar.

2015-02-02, 11:32 AM
that's what I meant, I had both character sheets and all game pages open and I was clicking between all of them. Probably looked Rezah's page with the scimitar instead of the Skald's page with the bow, since I was just checking for crit range

2015-02-03, 06:29 PM
Congrats, battle's done. Back to IC thread ... what do you do?

2015-02-08, 06:17 PM
Sorry. Been a busy weekend.

2015-03-03, 03:05 AM
Paul, edit your post. Lazer knows that Amella's Perception doesn't nearly come close to Shouting Tree's. Also, her Pirate archetype as a rogue means she doesn't have Trapfinding, but Shouting Tree has that ability, including being able to search and disable magical traps.

2015-03-03, 08:03 PM
Glorious gibbons, I can't believe I did that. Editing now.

2015-03-20, 11:40 PM
Yes, I'm sorry, that was poorly (or rather un-)explained. Everyone take an action that hasn't done so.

Swami Monsoon
2015-03-28, 11:03 PM
Am I close enough to the people in melee to worry about AoO's while casting? If so, would a 5' step give me enough separation?

2015-03-29, 12:50 AM
You are actually about 10' behind Lazer. However, his 20' radius aura (40' diameter) suppresses the effects of spells if 3rd level or lower in that area.

2015-04-08, 11:30 AM
Is there any spot Skald can move in 1 turn to project a 30' cone and not hit allies? Also, how far away are the mummies down the hall? Are they within 30'?

2015-04-08, 12:43 PM
There's pretty much nowhere you can go if you want to attack the two mummies adjacent to Lazer/Shouting Tree (and behind them Tom and Ix-Caban). You would have to fly past the two mummies in melee, which opens you up to two AOOs since the ceiling is only 10' high in this ossuary. You would clear them by 10' (to be safe for you) and then let the cone of ... whatever .... head downwards of the remaining hall (which is about 20'). That would definitely get the mummy that is hidden by the sleet storm. Even if you are at this spot (still in range of Lazer's aura), as soon as you cast the cone towards the far mummy, no spells of any level would be suppressed after 5' from you.

2015-04-10, 06:51 PM
As you can see from PSinger's ... spritely ... signature, I'll be running Lazer for the next week.

2015-04-10, 07:04 PM
If I'm above Tom, would my cone hit him? I know on an actual map/grid/graph paper there are some creative ways to draw cones/lines so as to hit (or not hit) adjacent squares.

2015-04-10, 07:09 PM
Actually, you should be okay.

Swami Monsoon
2015-04-14, 06:21 PM
I'm trying to visualize this... do I have a safe breath weapon shot (assuming a line) at one or more of the bad guys?

2015-04-14, 11:18 PM
Yes. Yes, you do.

2015-04-16, 09:34 PM
Check your PM boxes for your character sheets. You will notice I've shifted them over to the new format (albeit Legacy, vice Old). Unfortunately, for right now there is no way to share permissions.

2015-04-17, 01:53 PM
Shouldn't that CLW fizzl since Lazer is blocking all spells CL3 and down?

2015-04-17, 02:06 PM
A 4th-level spell will have to have been substituted, which means the mummy actually got blasted. Good catch.

EDIT: I updated the post. I noticed/ forgot that with his Healing (Restorative Sub-) Domain, all healing spells act as if empowered (+50%).

2015-04-22, 01:33 AM
Does Lazer know more about mummy rot, other than it's some type of wasting touch not unlike that of dire weasel were-mummies? (I hear that's a thing.)

2015-04-22, 06:20 PM
It's a disease, and right now Shouting Tree needs some normal healing in addition to some restoration ... and curing the disease.

2015-04-23, 12:11 AM
Yeeaaahhhh, I figured you already included a "passive reaction" to what I did or did not know. I imagine you did the same for everyone else as well, which means we don't have a clue. Sooo ... Swami? seeing as you obviously don't know the book writeup, shall we do what we know won't work because we don't know yet that it doesn't?

Ugh. Meta. :smallsigh:

2015-04-23, 12:38 PM
Correct. Everyone's heard of mummy rot. No one ... not even the great healer - from - the - heavens ... has a clue.

Swami Monsoon
2015-04-23, 04:55 PM
It's been a long time since I've looked at "Mummy" in the Monster Manual, but I remember Mummy Rot as being especially nasty.

In game, my character only has basic healing, not cures, restoration, etc. I'd volunteer to help heal hit points, but presumably I don't know what's really wrong...

2015-04-24, 09:12 PM
Right now, we know he's suffering a disease, but I remember one of your auras being "free healing" if someone is butt-whupped below a fraction of their hit points. I think that's what lost was referring to when he co-opted. That, or your lay-on-hands like thing, but that costs you some.

2015-04-29, 10:58 PM


2015-05-12, 06:49 PM
I'm on travel until Monday.

2015-06-10, 11:56 PM
Sorry, Swami (the other two know from roomie or other thread), but I'm wiped after three days of grueling, back-to-back-to-back auditions. I'll post later today.

2015-07-09, 02:42 AM
Sorry for the delay guys; I enjoyed an ID4 break.

Swami Monsoon
2015-07-10, 12:22 AM
Before my action... do I know which abilities (breath weapon, spells like Frostfall, etc.) will actually penetrate the water's surface? Or is that something I need to find out by trial and error in character?

2015-07-10, 09:29 PM
Trial and error, if for no other reason than I don't want to go point by point on your character sheet. The failure of the illusion was not fiat, but in a failed INT check.

Sorry for such a long delay, guys. I have been taking my own ID4 vacation week.

2015-07-22, 01:57 PM
That's a crit!!!

So max damage is 7.

Bonus damage for a x2 weapon is [roll0]

Severity roll is [roll1] plus excess of AC needed (which was helped by the flank).

2015-07-22, 08:19 PM
Now that I have seen these crabs, is Skald familiar enough with them to Wild Shape into one?

2015-07-22, 09:19 PM
No. Crabs are vermin, not animals (or tiny elementals).

2015-07-29, 10:13 PM
Sorry, guys. IRL family stuff ... a lot of family visits overlapping and various life-draining fun-filled activities.

2015-09-04, 01:41 PM
Sorry I've been AWOL, guys. left work early Tuesday running a fever of 103.5 with all the fun symptoms that comes with that and have been in bed since then. Feeling much better today so I thought I'd come let everyone know I'm still in the game!

2015-09-04, 05:01 PM
I've been busy, too, as you know from both games. Still, it's nice to hear that just-in-case voice in the wilderness.

Besides, you should have gone to Dr. Cohen to have him remove that disease.

2015-09-13, 06:54 PM
I'm running a little long on posting, but Rosh Hashanah.

L'shanah Tovah!

I hope to post within the next 12-16 hours.

Swami Monsoon
2015-09-13, 07:05 PM
Happy New Year!

2015-09-15, 06:46 AM
Thank you! L'shanah Tovah!

Swami Monsoon
2015-09-29, 10:37 PM
What kind of action is activating the fire shield ability on Winterspear... free, move or standard?

2015-09-30, 05:02 AM
SA = Standard Action
FA = Free Action
IA = Immediate Action
SwA = Swift Action
MA = Move(-equivalent) Action
SA = Standard Action
FAA = Full-Attack Action
FRA = Full-Round Action

As such, all of Winterspear's special abilities take a standard action (SA) to activate, as with many other trigger/ activation items.

2015-10-23, 06:28 PM
So, I have been stupid busy closing out one play, and now I have been cast in a professional show that begins rehearsals on Monday. I have had the time to update games, but two reasons I haven't for this game:

1) I have been giving TickleMeTemplar a chance to update. I did get some life from him on FB at one point, but he hasn't answered another ping I sent out. I would still love to see him play, but at this point I am going to assume that Skald is a full-on NPC unless I hear back from TMT.

2) IRL was pressing on me, but in truth I have been lazy. Both of you have noticed by now, I think, that about twice a year or so I go through a period wherein I have to decompress with games ... not end them, just take a short break. I have spent time socializing with friends and watching videos at home, so I have had time, but motivation has been down. That's finally turning around, but I wanted to let you know.

There is no way in the current that someone would just up and join, but if the two of you want another player there is a point in the future wherein that might happen. It just doesn't make any sense right this minute. I'll have to think on that. If either of you have any ideas, let me know your input. In the meantime, we'll continue gaming with two people.

2015-10-25, 12:58 AM
I apologize for my absence. Much like our beloved storyteller, I have been in a bit of a funk recently and basically not touched my computer for the better part of two weeks. I am back if you will still have me.

2015-10-25, 01:17 AM
He called me "beloved!" :redface:

Game on .... in time.

2015-11-11, 09:07 AM
A soft dinging sound is heard above the head of Rabbi Eliezer Whuraili Cohen ben Mordechai of Clan Ironoath of Oriadeth. Congratulations on reaching 8th level!

2015-11-11, 06:29 PM
The angel does a celestial bench press! Whoo-hoo!

2015-11-22, 01:46 PM
Annnd .... you're no smarter with that press, but you are hardier and smarter. I finally got around to updating your sheet.

Sorry, gang .... it's opening weekend for my first professional stage show. :smallsmile:

2015-11-26, 05:18 PM
I just noticed a new spell to whammy-buff on our party for later! :smallcool::smallcool:

2015-12-07, 10:14 PM
Not only has the high-gear performances worn me down some, but I had time to work on things the past few days. However, I was a mischievous Hanukkah elf that really put in hours for things for the cast and crew and I'm only now past that.

2015-12-20, 02:25 AM
It's still Skald's turn ... *poke*

Swami Monsoon
2015-12-26, 06:14 PM
Traveling for the holidays... only have mobile devices and no access to character sheet. If you need to move things along I would attack the enemy in front of me and choose the bonus to hit and AC.

2015-12-26, 06:14 PM
Gotcha. Thanks.

Swami Monsoon
2016-01-03, 02:07 PM
The +15 included flanking and fervor (total of +4).

2016-01-03, 02:49 PM
Yeah, I figured ....

2016-01-05, 03:43 PM
NOOOOO!!! Not a fumble right out of the gate. :sigh: Well, hopefully I save so that last attack (might) find a home.

Fumble saves
Fort [roll0]
Ref [roll1]
Will [roll2]

EDIT: Seeing how Laying Waste criticals require saves vs DC 20 ... here's hoping it's a Dizzy effect or the rare type that requires a Will save, not the other two. Ugh.

2016-01-05, 07:44 PM
Sorry for going MIA for the month of December, guys. Between work and holidays (and the crazed rush at work BECAUSE of the holidays), I was basically never at my computer.

2016-01-05, 07:53 PM
Yah, December was pretty busy.

2016-01-27, 10:28 AM
PSinger, let me know if the good doctor does anything particular for Skald, and make a Heal check with a +2 bonus for your trained assistant's Aid.

2016-01-28, 02:37 AM
Doc's Heal check (incl. +2 from Tom's Aid) [roll0]

EDIT: Wow. Wow. A natural '1' ... which shouldn't matter on skill checks, but I imagine with poor equipment, we were facing penalties.

Great, Lazer failed what he desperately needed to be solid at ... and another player's character bites a permanent penalty, possibly.

Tickles ... I am sorry, man.

2016-02-03, 09:56 PM
Just to be clear, where does my new-found cyclopsnessessicity leave me stat-wise? Am i going to be completely hamstrung as a ranger now? When you said it was already added to my sheet, I could not find the block where you added it.

2016-02-11, 01:16 PM
Just to be clear, where does my new-found cyclopsnessessicity leave me stat-wise? Am i going to be completely hamstrung as a ranger now? When you said it was already added to my sheet, I could not find the block where you added it.The description of the scar and its effects are in the first block, "Description," which includes noting the -2 to Perception and -2 to ranged attacks. In addition, you'll notice a "-2" in the far right hand column of the "Ranged" row. Perception's "Misc Mod" is updated, but you had a +2 Perception bonus as a half-fey, which is why the column reads "0" and not "2" or "-2." Your weapons blocks have been updated. However, since it is only visual perception checks, in parentheses next to Perception you will see "2 hearing" which means +2 Perception checks when it comes to hearing.

This hurts as an archer/ranger, but it isn't a killer. You are still a great archer, and it's about overcoming your disability, not feeling destroyed by it. Of course, Skald might just feel destroyed by this, especially since the trauma is new and in-game-RP a permanent -2 is very noticeable.
Looking ahead, I realize there is a catastrophic lack of any information on any TGS (Training Gestalt Sheets). I am still on travel, but in the meanwhile, be thinking of what you want to do for next level ... keep classes? skill points? level-based choices? new spells?

2016-02-11, 10:14 PM
So, being perfectly honest, is he still worth playing? Cause having a character perma-gimped in his #1 stat and role is really ****ty for a player character. A -2 to attack is like losing 4 points in one of the core stats. Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't really have much interest in playing an "RP rich character" that is permanently broken and useless when it's time to roll the dice. That type of character is best reserved for plot-driving NPCs.

**Edit** To clarify: I like RP rich characters, I have no problem with that. I am just not interested in being relegated to an RP-only roll because I am no longer viable in combat. A permanent -2 to the only thing I do seems pretty much like getting chopped at the knees.

**Edit 2** I am still not seeing anything in description besides "Skald is a shifty-looking, hunch-shouldered character with pale skin, a nasal voice, and unsettling eyes. "

2016-02-12, 08:12 PM
First off, yeah he's worth playing. He's still a damn fine archer, man. I think you're a little too hung up on the long math. Yes, his primary mode of combat - ranged - has been affected, but he's still the best range-dealer in the party, still more than Amella. Skald is far, far more than a single statistic. No, a -4 to his "#1 stat" would affect way, more than ranged attack rolls, and he would feel it then. His focus as a combat-character, his archery skills ... they still rock, he still rocks. It's just that as an archer he doesn't rock "as much."

Look at the whole package while you're at it. His overall stats are stellar, and if you really want to break things down? He's actually NOT a focus-combat character, at least not by the numbers. See, he isn't a 7th-level ranger ... he's a 5th-level ranger, with 2 level adjustments for being half-fey. He's seven full levels and 20 WIS of storm druid. THAT ... by the paper ... is his REAL strength. You've gotten to be so bow-heavy in usage, perhaps because as a player doing pbp it's easy to "fire and forget," but if you want to get mired in the math and the breakdown of the game, druid is a Tier 1 class, ranger is something like Tier 3.

Skald is going to be just fine.

2016-02-14, 09:57 AM
*claps hands wildly, chanting excitedly* I DO believe in fairies! I do ... I do ... I do believe in fairies! :smallwink:

2016-02-16, 05:23 AM
Please be patient, guys. All of my other games are at critical junctures ... all at once.

2016-02-21, 03:20 AM
Gents, I sent out TGS' for your characters, asking for your input for when you level up. How we doing on that?

2016-02-21, 04:35 PM
I know you're not including me, right? We did that some time ago.

2016-02-21, 05:29 PM
Yup. I got it.

Swami Monsoon
2016-02-22, 10:57 AM
I'm staying with the same classes.
Do you want us to edit our sheets with new spells, etc.?

2016-02-22, 12:32 PM
I'd rather you just tell me the changes, but if it helps you organize, sure.

2016-02-25, 09:04 PM
TickleMeTemplar ... SwamiMonsoon ... where are we on level-up choices? I haven't heard from you guys (well, not in this game) for many, many days.

Swami Monsoon
2016-02-26, 10:44 AM
I'll update my sheet this weekend.

2016-02-26, 10:45 AM
Alright, thank you.

Swami Monsoon
2016-02-28, 12:16 PM
The sheet has been updated.
I forgot how we were doing HP, so for the moment I went with average rounded up.

2016-02-28, 02:50 PM
Hit points are always max ... for everyone ... and everything.

2016-03-04, 03:13 AM
Swami ... how are we doing? It's been more than half a week.

Swami Monsoon
2016-03-04, 09:38 AM
What else do you need?

2016-03-04, 03:42 PM
I never got the sheet or at least your inputs.

Swami Monsoon
2016-03-04, 06:42 PM
I edited the sheet at Mythweavers:


Maybe your link to it was broken when they went to the new sheet system?

2016-03-04, 07:03 PM
What the heck?!?!

You didn't level up. What I wanted was your level-up plan. You still have quite a ways to go.

Go back, please, and reduce all of his things back to 7th level. Then, based on the TGS I sent you, give me the inputs for everything you wish to change when you DO get to 8th level.

Swami Monsoon
2016-03-04, 10:02 PM
You said that I could edit the sheet if I preferred so that's what I did.

I don't know what a TGS is. If that refers to a private message, I have not received any.

I'm still not clear on why the group is now leveling at different rates.

2016-03-04, 10:19 PM
A) You said that I could edit the sheet if I preferred so that's what I did.

B) I don't know what a TGS is. If that refers to a private message, I have not received any.

C) I'm still not clear on why the group is now leveling at different rates.
A) I see. That, combined with B), makes it clearer, now. No, I was referring to ...

B) ... the TGS is a Training/Gestalt sheet. It is a sheet comprised of two parts. The top portion is a chart showing level-by-level the class and feat choices one made and how that affected hit points, BAB, saves, and skill points. The second part is what will change at the next level - from autonomic things like BAB, saves, class abilities, and the like - and then anything which is chosen, broken down bit-by-bit, such as feats, skill ranks, spell choices, etc.

I had E-mailed you yours nearly a month ago to your branchxxxxxxxgmail account. This was the sheet to which I referred.

C) When the shipwreck occurred and everyone awoke with their signature items and at a minimum of 7th level, that was not resetting everyone to the bottom of 7th. Everyone did not get "flatlined" to 7th, because then that penalizes those who were ahead to begin with. Rather, the person farthest from 7th (on the low side) determined the XP that everyone received. You obviously are referring to PSinger's character. As the very last member of the characters who started this campaign, Eliezer was several thousand XP ahead of nearly everyone else. In your case, he's ~6K ahead of you. The XP variance is actually pretty broad in this group. The lowest is Avner at ~25.5K, and the highest is Lazer at ~35.4K.

Is your gmail account still active? I'm sending you the TGS to that "branch-" mail now.

Swami Monsoon
2016-03-04, 10:32 PM
It is.
I'll revert the sheet and fill that out tomorrow.
I had no special plans for the next level. I'm not changing classes or prestige classing.

2016-03-07, 06:14 PM

We do a lot of stuff on E-mail (which I vastly prefer over PM), and many IRL friends also use FB messages. Normally, this is fine.

It's out of hand. Use the "at-table rule."

If you wouldn't take the time to get me up from a gaming table and go into the other room, or otherwise work with me off-table time for character building or the like, stop worrying about "looking like a newbie." Swallow your pride, stop hiding behind Internet anonymity-of-action, and reduce the number of FB dings my phone makes while I'm trying to sleep.

Ask the question OOC where it belongs, just like you'd ask me at a gaming table.

This note is not just for this game, and is repeated in my signature (and all OOC posts for all games) for all players.

Swami Monsoon
2016-03-07, 11:20 PM
I hope that wasn't in response to anything I've done...

I corrected the sheet and replied to your e-mail with my choices for the next level(s).

2016-03-08, 07:55 AM
Nope. We had the mix-up which was my fault, but that's exactly the place for E-mails.

TickleMeTemplar, need your TGS inputs, please.

2016-03-17, 10:55 PM

Please see my new signature. Let me know if this impacts any of your characters and if you want to do any changes. Do NOT do any changes yourself.

2016-03-25, 06:41 AM
PSinger, I need a watch order for the night, please.

2016-03-27, 09:57 PM
Ummm ... what? Yeah, sure.

Evening watch: Captain Cohen.
Night watch: Dr. Cohen.
Midwatch: Rabbi Eliezer.
Dogwatch: Lazer.
Morning watch: That outsider who can see in the dark with a great Perception modifier that doesn't need sleep. That guy.

2016-04-26, 06:04 PM
I can't wait any longer for the player to give me info regarding spell choices. I'll finally update this evening.

Swami Monsoon
2016-06-01, 11:08 PM
The second ape teleported away with a victim?

In other news, I will be traveling for the next week, so my posting may be spotty.

2016-06-01, 11:33 PM
Yes, but Tom didn't see that. He'll know that after the fact or once he's faced with that issue.

Okay. Three-day rule will still apply.

2016-06-10, 11:49 PM
So, here's another little nugget easily looked over (by DM as well as player). Fog suffuses everywhere. Not like a magical amount, but past the confines of the ruins you really can't see (and couldn't anyway because of the fog being thick enough by that point). The campfire's light is actually amplified a little (like high-beams in a fog) due to reverberation and back-scatter. The best you could do is make the sounds of horses and cavalry in the jungle, or have them ride in and on/ around the camp and ruins so they can be seen.

Swami Monsoon
2016-06-11, 09:09 AM
In that case I'll have them appear at the edge of camp, making it look like they walked out of the woods/ruins.

2016-06-19, 02:10 AM
Swami .... HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it. Well done, sir! :cool:

2016-06-24, 01:00 AM
That was pretty funny.

2016-06-30, 10:30 PM
PSinger hadn't given any insight to you guys (in/out of character), but he intends to have the rabbi load up on divinations of different kinds.

Tickled, do you intend to keep your current spell array, or do you want to trade anything out (or discuss/ suggest something)?

2016-07-04, 06:11 PM

2016-07-07, 09:13 PM
Keep Current spells, sorry

2016-08-18, 02:23 PM
Is TickleMeTemplar a drop in both games?

2016-08-21, 03:07 AM
Looks like it.

2016-09-07, 05:45 AM
This is not something that is going to be gratised/ co-opted/ or otherwise performed by the DM.

It really comes down to the two of you (PSinger and Swami Monsoon) to suss this one out, experiment, whatever.

2016-09-13, 01:09 AM
Rabbi Cohen's Will save [roll0], add another +4 for his protective aura against evil.

Swami Monsoon
2016-09-20, 06:10 PM
I will be traveling this Thursday to Sunday (September 22 - 25), and my availability will be limited during that time.

2016-09-23, 10:11 PM
Perfect spot to break for an extended weekend, what with my second weekend of performances and a double-show day tomorrow!

Swami Monsoon
2016-11-05, 12:15 AM
How close is Tom to the edge of the ledge, and can he see what's below it?

2016-11-05, 12:25 AM
Twenty feet, and you are adjacent to all three demons. There is a space to move right in-between two of them to get to the ledge, but it is not a straight shot and would provoke AOOs from all three.

Swami Monsoon
2016-11-11, 10:39 AM
Am I able to cancel the effects of the invocation at will?

2016-11-11, 01:26 PM
As a standard action.

Swami Monsoon
2016-11-11, 04:45 PM
Does it provoke attacks of opportunity or require concentration?

2016-11-11, 11:48 PM
First, SLAs - except as noted (no V, S, and usually no F/M components being the biggest thing) - are exactly like spells, and invocations are nothing more than SLAs. A spell with a duration is assumed to last as long as that duration normally lasts. Unless there is a "(D)" next to it, which means that as a standard action a spell/ SLA is dismissible as a SA by the caster.

HOWEVER, interestingly, I just noticed that fog cloud (the actual spell effect of the invocation breath of night) does NOT have a "(D)" next to duration. This means that this is a fire-and-forget spell by a caster. With a hefty duration of 10 min/level, this means that it lasts over an hour. Because it is not mentally dismissable by you, it means that this invocation ... lasts over an hour, will you or no.

Swami Monsoon
2016-11-14, 10:45 PM
The Dragon Shaman Touch of Vitality is a standard action. Does it provoke AoO's, and if so, what would be its 'level' for casting defensively?

2016-11-14, 11:05 PM
It does not provoke AOOs because it is a supernatural ability.

2016-12-12, 12:19 AM
Swami, I was on the phone with Paul. He is having Lazer delay.

Go ahead and give your action.

Swami Monsoon
2016-12-12, 12:33 AM
What exactly does the blood lake look like? Is hot, boiling and/or emitting fumes, or does it appear inert? (With Water Walk it might be a safe(r) space.)

2016-12-12, 12:49 AM
It is not bubbling or doing any odd thing like that. "Inert," if it please you call it that.

2017-01-14, 03:26 PM
If I were at a table right now, I probably would have just thrown my d20 after that concentration check. I should have trusted in my armor once I got out of flanking.

2017-01-14, 05:14 PM
Wow. That is brutal. Sorry.

2017-01-18, 02:59 PM
Welp, that'll learn me.

2017-02-07, 01:44 AM
The only loss is some XP from the fight with the bar-lgura demons.

This game is officially back on.

Swami Monsoon
2017-02-18, 12:01 AM
If I move out of range and provoke an AoO.. do I risk losing the spell I would cast at the end of my move?

2017-02-18, 05:29 AM
Not at all.

2017-02-19, 07:54 AM
I know it seems silly, but I have to ask this question to be sure ... you didn't say it, but are you going to withhold the blessing from Amella since she appears to be under some type of control by the naga?

2017-02-19, 09:29 AM
Yes, absolutely ... just me, Tom, and Skald.

2017-06-02, 11:52 PM
Wow. This battle began January 25th ... a little more than four months ago.

Congratulations. That was one of the toughest fights ever in my pbp career as far as challenging/not-obscenely-deadly, and luckily nobody died (amazingly).

2017-06-29, 03:50 AM
Yes, you've finished searching this room. Here's the thing ... this place is so infused with chaos and evil. In fact, if you remember, that is how you found your way here. No, as Rabbi Cohen thinks, he is pretty sure that there is no way this "fane of evil" will be good for recovery of spells for the three of you - it is too evil for Rabbi Cohen, too unnatural and infused with aberrancy for Skald, and far too separate for Tom to hear the whispers of his patron.

No, this is no place to pray if you are not Chaotic Evil.

2017-06-29, 03:28 PM
Well, damn. Okay, Savage Tide posting coming, then ...

2017-06-29, 05:49 PM
Swami, I wont' answer for the NPCs until you answer, so please don't wait for them.

2017-11-14, 09:41 PM
Swami Monsoon, PSinger ... are we good to continue?

Swami Monsoon
2017-11-14, 09:45 PM
Yes, I'm ready to continue.

2017-11-23, 06:16 PM
First update in months is up, but of course, both of you aren't available until Monday. Still ... progress.

Of course, by progress, I mean paring off 2 NPCs (because Ix-Caban and Shouting Tree are a package deal) and dealing with the blood sacrifice as before.

2017-12-13, 09:12 AM
A 24 total! Great roll, Swami!

Swami Monsoon
2018-01-02, 12:22 PM
Can my summoned elemental (from the Oracle ability/Summon Monster IV) obey simple commands like turning a crank?

2018-01-05, 05:52 PM
Looking at the spell description, no. You have no means of communication unless it is speaks your languages, so getting it to attack an opponent is the best you can do. By the spell description, and assuming just you.

2018-01-11, 10:43 PM
Swami, I think you misunderstood something ...

The winch is located 10' above the floor, between the two demonic ape statues.
IF you bring forth your Servant of Winter, it won't have any way of reaching winch. Do you want to change your action and do something else, instead?

Swami Monsoon
2018-01-12, 10:18 AM
I wasn't going to have it operate the winch (it isn't clear if it could at all) but instead cover as much of the floor as possible, trying to trigger traps.

I was going to try Mage Hand on the winch later, although it probably won't generate enough force to turn the crank.

2018-01-12, 04:24 PM
Ahhh, okay. I am going to rehearsal now, so I probably will be tired this evening and might not get to this game for 1-2 days.

Swami Monsoon
2018-01-19, 11:25 PM
Is the golem small enough to fit through the door/passage we entered from?

2018-01-20, 01:06 AM
Yes, the golem is Medium size.

Swami Monsoon
2018-01-20, 09:17 PM
Sorry. I thought the stairs went down into the big room/ I wanted to move to the bottom of that room just above where the stairs are indicated on the map.

Swami Monsoon
2018-01-27, 12:31 AM
I should be one square further forward on the map, just close enough for Amella to be in aura range (not sure it would have mattered in that last sequence).

Swami Monsoon
2018-01-29, 01:19 PM
Forgot to roll breath recharge:


Swami Monsoon
2018-02-06, 09:35 AM
Do I have any sense what the reach/range of the tentacles is?

2018-02-06, 01:50 PM
You don't know if there is some "super-stretch" or something, but you've seen the tentacles of this Large/tall creature reach 10'.

Swami Monsoon
2018-02-06, 05:36 PM
Would it be able to grab and constrict with an AoO or just do a basic attack?

2018-02-07, 03:27 AM
You have no idea.

EDIT: I just read the IC. I don't know that I'll get to it tonight, but concerning your OOC question. Yes, it would have kept you from taking damage, BUT you would have been 5' out of range in getting the Lemorian golem with your breath.

Swami Monsoon
2018-02-07, 10:35 AM
Don't worry, I'm fine with how it worked out.
Well, I'm fine until that thing comes down the stairs and steamrolls us all...

2018-02-12, 02:38 AM
Swami, since Eliezer ordered a full withdrawal and you only moved one MA worth of movement on your withdrawal, do you wish to move another 30' out of the room and into the hall beyond?

Swami Monsoon
2018-02-12, 09:54 AM
Yes, please.

2018-02-13, 06:18 PM
Thank God, really. I can't tell you how many times when it seems like an OSR moment is upon the group, but everyone wants to be heroic. If someone - like PSinger's character - sets up for the hero save (if at all), everyone stays behind. Now, sometimes the PCs overcome the challenge. But usually what happens in an OSR is that it seems like what made it an OSR is going to be realized ... and then we have a TPK. Because nobody would leave, and worse, some operate under the foolish assumption of "the GM/DM would never..."

You can beat this thing, but really ... it could score a TPK, or at least really wreck the party. Tavey is out of the cage. That is why you came. You might/ might not come back to finish this thing, but this was a rescue mission, not a kill-all-the-things. Let's get Tavey safely out of here. We already lost one party member.

Sorry, big babble to just agree and thank Swami for sense. If you are going to run ... commit to the flight.

Swami Monsoon
2018-02-14, 12:05 AM
Yeah, there's just nothing Tom could do to really hurt that thing or even seriously inconvenience it. I'm not sure what he could have done differently. His positioning caused a couple of people to take a few extra points of damage, but I don't think that made any difference for Amella... that was like her getting hit by a train.

As much as I like Tom as a character, his lack of firepower is getting to be a problem (although the shorthanded party makes it tougher). His support role would be stronger in a bigger group (and he's probably amazingly useful to the ship/crew in all the "off camera" time).

2018-03-07, 06:15 PM
PSinger, I won't bot Eliezer's decision to finish the temple or not. You don't know the outcome of finishing and whether or not it will do anything lasting. The good thing is that you saved Tavey and killed those that captured him (the ape-demons).

Swami Monsoon
2018-03-21, 12:10 AM
After the first loop Tom (and probably others) would have suspected some kind of magical interference in the jungle. Did Detect Magic (or other spells someone might have) get any hits?