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2011-01-03, 09:40 AM
So, our gaming group has decided that its a new year, time for a new system... and I'm shuffling into the GM seat. I gave them a list of game systems we could try out... the majority went with Champions (6th Edition Hero System).

We are going to spend the first two sessions just on character creation, probably (I need a math degree for this system, I swear)

But what I need from the brilliant minds of this community... are ideas for Supervillains. We're talking good, campy supervillains of the 80s-90-s and early 2000s....

The first arc is going to be a clan of mystical assassins with the power of duplication, led by a old sorcerer seeking a scroll that would unleash [insert something from asian mythology that I have yet looked up]


What are some other ideas for villains or factions? Ive got tons of them... I just want to see where else I can go. :smallbiggrin:

Necrus Philius
2011-01-03, 04:49 PM
Team Perv-hurt. A group of scantily clad vigilantes (male or female) Who perform sting operations on trains/buses to catch perverts in action and perform acts of violence upon them. The severity is up to you.

The Heavy Metallurgist. This bad guy sneaks into rock shows and installs his specialty amps/tunes guitar specifically to literally blow their minds. This can range from head explosions, to loss of mental faculties for full mind control ala zombies.

The necronympho. An undead pornstar who's super seduction leaves her prey with debilitating diseases. Catchphrase: I put the Ho back in necronympho.

HMO Bro. This is a Bro who failed med school but still qualified to provide healthcare under an HMO. His mixture of botched surgery, overzealous implants and corona have turned him into a monster of untold brotascity. He has a posse of lesser bros of whom he had attempted to do penile implants for, but because of said corona turned them into lesser versions of himself. This villain has no outstanding goals aside from malpractice and a large corporation protecting him. The reason to fight him is to protect those covered under the HMO.

The limp wrister. This man with limp/weak wrists was tormented as a child because everyone assumed he was gay because of his limp wrist disorder. At the tender age of 6 he vowed revenge developing his own form of Kung fu that delivers powerful slaps and scratches to defeat his tormentors. His goal is to bring about an end of homosexuality so no one would associate limp wrists with homos. His outfit can be anything as long as the shoes match perfectly.

The Chauvinistic Pig. This pig was born and raised on a farm in Alabama. One day he got into a new experimental batch of genetically altered not meant for consumption. This feed mutated him into developing a super genius mind that recalled all of it's past experiences. Since it was only 6 months old it wasn't much but it did remember the farmer once complaining about those damn women always bossing him around. Thus the Pig decided it was time to put Women back in their proper place.

The Femi-nazi: Self explanatory I hope.

SS Butler: Hitler's Butler comes to the future using untested time travel technology to gain revenge for his master's death. Think James bond with a german accent who hates anything circumcised.

The greased Scotsman: Nothing can outrun him. Nothing can hold onto him. Wanted for public nudity.

The Foreigner. A genetically modified arab who travels around the US replacing all the sperm banks collections with his own. Thus when used creating terror anchor baby bombs who'll go off at his command.