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2011-01-03, 05:56 PM
Hey, I'm going to start an adventure I wrote for some friends on Thursday, and I could use some maps, as I'm terrible at drawing dungeons. Anyone know a good place to find a decent sized dungeon? Here's some specifics:

Dungeon's encounters are designed to take the party from level 8 to level 10.
There are roughly 14 encounters planned for this dungeon, ranging from APL-1 to APL+2.
The Dungeon is the home of a black dragon (who is currently out and about), so it needs to be large enough to fit such a creature (Large size+, preferably).
The Dungeon's denizens are mostly plant-type creatures, with the bosses being three humanoid witches, a green hag, a satyr, and a young black dragon.

Thanks in advanced! If I need to add any more information, please ask.

2011-01-03, 08:59 PM
Well, if you want a random dungeon generator, I like this one (http://www.myth-weavers.com/generate_dungeon.php?). Beyond that, I don't know of any place with pre-done dungeon maps. I always make my own, but I'm not that great at it myself, so I don't have any tips (other than just do it! Start drawing, making sure your rooms are big enough, and don't worry too much about the quality.)

2011-01-03, 09:30 PM

This one might be the same thing that Savannah posted. The same site there has premade maps.