View Full Version : [Gamma World] Encounter Ideas

2011-01-04, 04:05 PM
I'm running the new 4e Gamma World , and I need a little bit of help making some interesting encounters.

The setting is that my players are all starting in a town that happens to be getting attacked by monsters. They find that they appear to be fleeing from an old mall from Ancient times. The town pools some money to hire adventurers(read: my party) to figure out what is happening at the mall and stop it.

The cause ends up being that an Archivist managed to get into the building and start some mutated robot that is now finding different things in the mall and giving them life; this means that the players are likely to find anything that would be found in a mall to be up and running about.

So far, my idea is that the players find a space marine dreadnought fighting off a bunch of pokemon. The dreadnought manages to drive them off, but his legs and optics are badly damaged, and in his haze he mistakes the players for an inquisitorial retinue. The party will then, under the marine's guidance, fight through the various denizens of the mall to repair him so that he can smash through the barricade and destroy the 'corrupted STC'(read: mutated robot). This is where you come in.

I need any ideas for encounters that you can think of for them to fight; the only requisite is that they have be something you find in a mall. Giant animal calendars, RC helicopters with a chip on their shoulders, sparkly vampires from a book, whatever you can think of.