View Full Version : What happened to the Creature Catalog???

2011-01-05, 08:27 PM
It seems that the Creature Catalog (http://www.enworld.org/cc/converted/index.php) is down. It brings me straight to the EN World website instead. I'm hoping this is just some random event, perhaps my computer's internet connection isn't working properly, but no matter what link I use, the website doesn't come up. Anyone else having these problems?

Claudius Maximus
2011-01-05, 08:34 PM
Don't know what that is, but it goes to the forums for me too.

Just confirming it's not just you.

2011-01-05, 08:38 PM
That link has index.php at the end of it, so it seems to be to a main page, not any specific page. Was the link you used different before?

2011-01-05, 08:40 PM
No, the link (along with five others that no longer work either) used to bring me to the website just fine. There were over a hundred entries of converted 2e to 3.Xe monsters there. :smallfrown:

EDIT: Neither of these are working for me.



2011-01-05, 08:52 PM
As far as I can tell, when the ENWorld servers were changed, something went horribly wrong with the Creature Catalog. I'm no tech expert, though, so I could be wrong.

Hopefully it won't be down for too long, as the Creature Catalog is pretty high up there on my list of favored sources of Open Game Content to use for my homebrew PDF works.

EDIT: But the Creature Catalog subforum is chugging along with conversions as if nothing happened. Huh.

2011-01-05, 08:54 PM
It's one of my favorite creature sites, too. I'm glad to hear this isn't supposed to be permanent. I guess I slightly overreacted.


EDIT: But the Creature Catalog subforum is chugging along with conversions as if nothing happened. Huh.

Um... that's weird. You'd think they'd be the first to notice. :smallconfused:

2011-01-05, 11:13 PM
Well, the Creature Catalog's back, so it looks like someone took notice.

EDIT: As an aside, I've never actually released anything using Creature Catalog material as I find their OGL a lot more enigmatic than that in the Tome of Horrors. Has anyone ever actually done so, and if so, how did you word your use of their Open Game Content? If not, do you think it would be similar to the way the Tome of Horrors Open Game License works?

2011-01-06, 03:47 AM
That had me scared for a minute. Glad it's back up.